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Training Provider: Wild Well Control

Wild Well University: An Industry Leader Providing Real-World Training Solution

Wild Well University


Wild Well University: An Industry Leader Providing Real-World Training Solutions

Wild Well Training facilities around the world offer quality industry courses that strive for unparalleled student success in the development of well control technique to elevate job performance, reducing costly downtime and eliminating potential loss of equipment.

With more than 90,000 students taught since its inception, Wild Well Training delivers a practical, hands-on well control experience that produces competency in action, not mere certification for completion.

The Williston training hub features the expert instruction and real-world case histories that have made Wild Well a household name in the oil patch when it comes to well control training.


Wild Well University offers industry recognized certifications in:


By incorporating scenarios that focus on individual roles, our team-based methodology reinforces the actions and reactions necessary in a live rig environment.
Wild Well offers instruction in the following to prepare students for potential field scenarios:

  • Introductory Well Control
  • Drilling - Driller and Supervisor levels
  • Workover
  • Subsea Well Control
  • Well Servicing –Snubbing, Wireline, Coiled Tubing
  • Rig Math Refresher - FREE optional training day available with all Drilling courses.


Wild Well’s training program takes a unique approach to ensure you get the most out of every course you attend. At Wild Well University, the education doesn’t start your first day of class. We provide pre-course learning opportunities to give rig personnel a head start prior to attending class. The Rig Math course is a free optional training day available with Drilling courses and covers basic math, well control concepts and how to apply them, along with an emphasis on completing killsheets.

Students have access to specially designed on-demand training tools and self-review online training resources, available in English and Spanish.


Technological advances in curriculum delivery enhance student retention when used in combination with proven adult training methodologies. Through an immersive learning process, students develop a deeper knowledge using real-time 3D technology for a unique glimpse of the inner workings of critical well control equipment and components.


Each Wild Well University instructor undergoes rigorous training to develop a specialized delivery process to achieve optimal student learning success. To ensure we have the best instructors in the industry, each instructor has an individualized development plan of their own and has required professional development courses to attend to ensure they are keeping up with the latest training techniques. Our process also includes an established instructor mentoring program to share experience and regular instructor audits.