How Do Automated Drillers Cabins Work?

Enhancing safety on the rig, automated drillers cabins consolidate drilling controls, automated pipe handling controls, computer hardware and data processing systems into single temperature-controlled room on the rig.

Automated Drillers Cabin
Automated Drillers Cabin
Source: Rigserve International

What was once left to numerous workers on the rig deck has now become automated. With the iron roughneck, which connects and feeds pipe into the wellbore, and MWD and LWD technologies, drilling wells has become more efficient and safer. The automated drillers cabin combines all of the control in one spot. Drillers now sit in specially designed chairs with joysticks to control drilling and pipe manipulation. Touch screens allow for ease of use, and automation of logging and data interpretation makes drilling for wells more efficient.

Automated Drillers Cabin
Automated Drillers CabinSource: Innovative Electronics

Now, advancements in oilfield communications have enabled information collected in the automated drillers cabins to be sent in real-time to offsite locations for remote management.


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