How Do European Natural Gas Pipelines Move Gas to Markets?
While natural gas production has increased in the North Sea, most of the natural gas being used in Europe is imported via pipelines from Russia, Centr...
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Classroom Courses
IADC WellSHARP Drilling, Supervisor level
Mar 8 - 11
Wild Well Training Center, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Supervisor level course provides students with the tools for developing practical problem-solving tactics and strategies when confronted with a well control incident; focuses on kick detection, shut-in procedures, calculations, standard well control methods, and completing killsheets. Contact for more details.
Corrosion Technical Series Short Course: Corrosion Control in Aircrafts - VIRTUAL
Mar 16 - 17

In four hours of virtual content delivered over two days, industry experts will share how they approach corrosion control of aircrafts including military, commercial, unmanned area vehicles (UAV), satellites, rockets, and deep space propulsion. The event will highlight current challenges in maintaining operational readiness of these aircrafts and what you can do from a corrosion mitigation and asset management perspective.
Corrosion Technical Series Short Course: Marine Biofouling Management - VIRTUAL
Mar 30 - 31

This virtual Corrosion Technical Series (CTS) Short Course delivers seven hours of content over two days highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of managing biofouling of marine assets. Seven industry thought leaders share their expertise in mitigating biofouling from their unique perspectives in shipping operations, research, environmental regulations, antifouling coatings, hull cleaning, naval architecture, and more.
Corrosion Technical Series Short Course: Corrosion Management in Water and Wastewater - VIRTUAL
Apr 27 - 28

This two-day virtual short course focuses on corrosion detection and mitigation in the water/wastewater industry. The speakers will share problem-solving strategies, case studies and analytical data from the following perspectives: research and development, treatment systems, maintenance troubleshooting, inspection protocols and water technology methods.
Online Pipeline Risk Course
Mar 9 - 10

The Modern Pipeline Risk Assessment Course provides an overview of pipeline threats and consequences as well as the applicability of the different pipeline risk model types (Quantitative and Qualitative) to various risk management decisions.
Online Intermediate Petroleum Measurement Course
Mar 22 - 31

Builds on 1-3 years of Petroleum Measurement knowledge and field experience in measurement. Introduces some basic trouble-shooting techniques on both static tank measurement and dynamic measurement of quality and quantity of petroleum including refined products and more.
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