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How Do US Natural Gas Pipelines Move Gas to Markets?
A massive transmission and distribution system, the natural gas pipeline network in the United States is comprised of more than 210 pipeline systems s...
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Classroom Courses
Certificate in FPSOs
Oct 20 - Jan 12
Online Learning

Online course. Industry recognised qualification. 12 weeks. Explore the design, technology, commercial aspects, project management and operation and deployment of FPSOs.
Certificate in Petroleum Economics
Oct 28 - Feb 17
Online Learning

Online course. Industry recognised qualification. 12 weeks. The A to Z of upstream, midstream and downstream in the oil and gas industry. An ideal course for both individuals and corporate groups to develop crucial knowledge in petroleum economics.
Certificate in International Oil and Gas Contract Law
Nov 3 - Feb 22
Online Learning

Online course. Industry recognised qualification. 12 weeks. A must study course for managers in oil and gas. Detailed knowledge of the key legal frameworks that underpin the industry is valuable for oil and gas professionals across all parts of the organisation.
Coating Inspector - Level 1 Blended Program
Nov 9 - 10

NACE is now delivering a virtual alternative to CIP 1 that students can take anytime, anywhere. Donít put your learning on hold due to recent disruptions. Learn from home, or wherever you are, with the new CIP 1 Blended Program. Led by the same trusted CIP Certified NACE instructors, only virtually.
Certificate in Subsea Engineering
Nov 18 - Feb 10
Online Learning,

Online course. Industry recognised qualification. 12 weeks. Study subsea equipment, technologies, systems and processes for oil and gas production.
Certificate in Tanker Operations
Nov 29 - Mar 21
Online Learning,

Delivered by digital learning over 16 weeks. An essential course for students to gain insights and practical skills to manage oil cargo operations. Gain a full understanding of oil carriage and delivery.
Basic Corrosion
Dec 13 - 16
New Orleans Airport Hilton Conf Ctr, New Orleans, LA, US

This course covers a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through hands-on experiments, case studies, and open discussion format.
Energy Transition for O&G Professionals
Nov 3 - Jan 12

This program is designed for anyone in the oil and gas industry, especially in upstream O&G. Whether you're curious about how your current skills fit in the clean energy sector or you want to understand what new skills you will need to navigate your career across the energy transition. Geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, drilling, etc.
API 580 Training
Nov 30 - Dec 1
AOC Training Center, Houston, TX, US

Two-day API 580 training to understand Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programming and implementation and to prepare for the API 580 certification exam.
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