How Does LNG Work?
Hydraulic fracturing, a reservoir stimulation process that involves pumping fluid into a well to break-up sand and rock formations, has become a vital...
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Classroom Courses
Applied Reservoir Engineering: Virtual
Jan 2 - Feb 11
Online, US

The Applied Reservoir Engineering Blended Program represents the core of the PetroSkills’ reservoir engineering program and the foundation for all future studies in this subject. This workshop will be delivered virtually.
Basic Reservoir Engineering: Virtual
Jan 2 - Feb 12
Online, US

The Basic Reservoir Engineering Blended Program is designed to help the participants develop a complete understanding of the characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs, from fluid and rock characteristics through reservoir definition, delineation, classification, development, and production. This workshop will be delivered virtually.
Production Operations 1: Virtual
Jan 22 - Mar 5
Online, US

The Production Operations Blended Program represents the core foundation series of PetroSkills’ production engineering curriculum. Participants will become familiar with both proven historical production practices as well as current technological advances to enhance oil and gas production. This workshop will be delivered virtually.
Basic Petroleum Economics: BEC3
Feb 12 - 14
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

Could you answer the following three questions for your next project? What will it cost? What is it worth? Will it earn sufficient profit? Before undertaking any project, these questions should be answered, and this course will provide the fundamentals necessary to enable you to do so.
Oil Production & Processing Facilities: PF-4
Feb 12 - 23
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

The emphasis of this course is on oil production facilities - from the wellhead, to the delivery of a specification crude oil product, to the refinery. Both onshore and offshore facilities are discussed. Produced water treating and water injection systems are also covered.
Expanded Basic Petroleum Economics: BEC
Feb 12 - 16
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

Participants practice cash flow techniques for economic evaluations and investigate frequently encountered situations. Participants are invited to submit their own economic problems (in advance), if appropriate. Each participant will receive Economics of Worldwide Petroleum Production, written specifically for PetroSkills courses.
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers: E-3
Feb 12 - 16
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

This course applies fundamental electrical engineering principles to oil and gas facilities. The course is designed for Facilities Engineers who interface with electrical systems, and provides practical insight and development of new Facilities Electrical Engineers.
Instrumentation & Controls Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers: IC-3
Feb 19 - 23
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

This course applies fundamental instrumentation and control engineering principles to oil and gas facilities design and operation, and is designed to accelerate the development of new Facilities Instrumentation and Control Engineers.
Reservoir Fluid Properties: Preparation for Reservoir Engineering & Simulation Studies: RFP
Feb 19 - 23
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, US

This course goes beyond the usual description of reservoir fluid properties. The underlying purpose is to be able to prepare the most accurate possible set of values of fluid properties for use in other engineering calculations. An understanding of the advantages of the application of both laboratory data and correlations will be provided.
well Log Interpretation: WLI
Feb 19 - 23
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, Uruguay

Familiarity with the purposes and optimum applications of well logs is essential for people forging their careers in the oil business. The instructor uses a novel approach to help participants develop a good grounding in understanding and applying well logging techniques.
Bundled CII Training Seminars
Jan 22 - 26
Springhill Suites/Marriot, Houston, US

Pathfinder and the Construction Industry Institute (CII) offer a 5-day, three-module professional development continuing education session for the project management community. The professional development training sessions will be focused on the following areas: project management orientation, project controls overview, contract administration, and project management communication.
International Gas Value Chain Course
Mar 5 - 9
Online-coursing ,

Examine the core processes and dynamics of the gas value chain Differentiate the roles of various stakeholders in the gas industry Analyse the international commercialisation strategies of natural gas resources
Well Planning I
Mar 12 - 16
Northstar Training, Lafayette, US

Rated as one of the “Best in the Business”, it is an applications course covering the design of a well. The objective is to affect a ''safe'' design for minimum ''expense''. You will learn how to choose the criteria for design, how to logically and efficiently perform the design sequence and how to present the resulting well plan in a usable form.
Gas / LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation
Mar 12 - Jul 12
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This course has been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.
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