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Drillstar is a manufacturer of Downhole equipment (drilling and fishing) and casing/tubing connections (VAM and API) based in France, with 25 years experience. We manufacture and store standard equipment as displayed in this website, but also special equipment shaped to our customers? individual specifications. With a wide range of high grade steel and special alloys available on site, Drillstar Industries can ensure rapid response to urgent customer requests. The ISO 9001 certification guarantees a high level of quality throughout the production chain. Product quality and conformity to given standards (API, VAM, customer-specific?) are ensured by control inspectors equipped with the appropriate gauges and advanced measurement systems. In addition to our API certifications (5 & 7), we are licensed for VAM premium connections : New VAM, VAM ACE, VAM FJL, VAM TOP, TOP HC and TOP HT. Manufactured products include : - Casing and tubing accessories : pup joints, cross-overs, nipples, flanges... - Drilling downhole equipment : stabilizers, hole openers, underreamers, roller reamers, lifting subs, cross-overs... - Fishing equipment : junk mills, pilot mills, casing cutters, taper taps, die collars, junk baskets, washover shoes...

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Downhole Equipment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 250

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Company Information
Drillstar Industries
av. Joliot-Curie
LONS, 64140
Contact Information
Website: www.drillstar-industries.com
Phone: +33559130109
Fax: +33559621993
Executive Contacts
Marketing Contact:
Raphael Souchal
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