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ALSTOM Schilling Robotics (ASR), founded in 1985, designs and manufactures remotely operated equipment for underwater environments. The company produces the QUEST, a turnkey electric work-class ROV system, and the Remote Systems Engine, a set of modular building blocks for underwater propulsion, actuation, control, and communication. The company is also the world's leading supplier of telerobotic manipulator systems for ROVs and cable trenching machines used in offshore oil, telecommunications, scientific, and military operations. ASR offers four standard manipulator systems (the TITAN 3, CONAN, ORION, and RigMaster) with a wide range of functions, sizes, lift capacities, ranges of motion, control systems, and dexterity. With a standard line of remote systems products and an exceptional customer service program (including a 24-hour customer hotline), we can fill your equipment needs promptly and completely.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Subsea remote systems
Ownership: Public
Number of Employees: 80

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Company Information
ALSTOM Schilling Robotics
201 Cousteau Place
Davis, CA 95616
United States

Other Locations
ALSTOM Schilling Robotics U.K.
Graeme Macfarlane
+44 1224 560 900 (ph)
+44 1224 560 901 (fax)
51 York Street
Aberdeen, AB11 5DP
United Kingdom

Contact Information
Website: www.schilling.com
Phone: 1.530.753.6718
Fax: 1.530.753.8092
Executive Contacts
Executive Contact:
Tyler Schilling
HR Contact:
Lela Herman
Marketing Contact:
Wes Gerriets
Sales Contact:
Jason Stanley
Investor Contact:
Barbara Gardner
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