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Algarve Drilling & Training Consultants
  ADTC was established to address the need for highly qualified and experienced personnel for the energy sector. As a leading oilfield consultancy, providing resource solutions, ADTC takes pride in our ability to provide high calibre professionals.
  Website: www.adtc.nl
AnTech Ltd
  AnTech has developed two Bottom Hole Assemblies for drilling with Coiled Tubing COLT for 4-3/4" hole and POLARIS for 6"-8" hole. AnTech's products range from Wellhead Outlets to Memory Tools, Logging Heads to Cable Strippers.
  Website: www.antech.co.uk
Applied Physics Systems
  We specialize in the design and manufacture of EM Dipole Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Systems, Near Bit sensors, Gamma Logging, Directional Sensors, and Magnetometer systems including custom design.
  Website: www.appliedphysics.com
APS Technology Inc.
  APS Technology designs, develops and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom electromechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software designs for the oilfield. Our product families include MWD/LWD, Vibration Management, and Drilling Optimization.
  Website: www.aps-tech.com
Atlantic Directional Inc.
  Highly respected for its technical expertise and experienced field personnel, ADI is founded on the priciples of HONESTY,INTEGRITY & PASSION to provide exceptional levels of service in horizontal and directional drilling.
  Website: www.atlanticdirectional.com
Azor Directional Drilling Services and Solutions
  We're small but aggressive Directional and Horizontal Drilling Services Company with highly skilled and world wide experienced Personnel.
  Website: www.azordirectional.com
Balmoral Global Resourcing
  Specialized Oil & Gas Recruitment Consultancy that provides experienced New Build Teams and Crews on a permanent basis to Established and New Drilling Contractors around the globe. Offering Efficient & Cost Effective Recruitment Solutions.
  Website: www.balmoralglobalresourcing.com
Barbour Corporation
  Shallow Oil & Geothermal Well Drilling, Underbalanced or Conventional Drilling, Soft Formation Specialty Drilling, Workover, Plugging & Abandonment, Geophysical Logging, Downhole Video with gyroscopic for shallow to deep hole applications.
  Website: www.barbourwell.com
Bench Tree
  Bench Tree is the industry leader in innovative MWD solutions for horizontal and directional drilling operators. Our products and services include: surface receivers, displays, downhole telemetry systems, and design and manufacture of OEM products.
  Website: www.benchtree.com
Black Gold Services Pte Ltd
  Black Gold Services Pte. Ltd. is one of the leading providers of Innovative Solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. We provide integrated, end-to-end drilling solutions from project management and drilling engineering to operations supervision/support
  Website: www.blackgoldservices.net
BlueStar Directional
  BlueStar Directional Drilling Services is an elite directional drilling company delivering a full range of drilling, directional MWD, gamma and monitoring services.
  Website: bluestardirectional.com
Boomtown Oil & Gas Company
  Experienced E&P Operator specializing in cost-efficient technology driven oil field innovation. The company's goal is to be a value added partner and friend whether you are a landowner, JV member, financial sponsor, or service provider.
  Website: www.boomtownoil.com/
Boreview Services
  We are a provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) services.
  Website: www.boreview.com
Calmena Energy Services
  An international oilfield services company providing a range of services, including Well Construction Engineering and Planning, Contract Drilling, Directional Drilling, SpecialtyWireline , Frac Fluids Management and Equipment Rentals.
  Website: www.calmena.com
CCD Energy Services
  CCD Energy Services specializes in small to medium horizontal directional drilling projects using both conventional and air hammer methodologies.
  Website: www.ccdenergyservices.com
Channel Energy Services
  Channel Energy Services has expertise in the emerging U.S. shale plays and is fully equipped to provide a full range of Directional Drilling and products and services.
  Website: www.ceshd.com
Chestnut Exploration Inc
  Chestnut Exploration is an independent oil and gas company developing new and existing fields. Our engineers and geologists work with proven reserves and explore new developments. We are a licensed and bonded operator for oil/gas projects.
  Website: www.chestnutep.com/
Childress Directional Drilling
  Childress Directional Drilling has the most modern equipment known to the industry. Modern technology has propelled directional drilling into a new era, and we are here to put that technology to work for you.
  Website: www.childressdrilling.com/
Choice Directional Services Ltd.
  Choice is a young service company providing complete Directional Drilling Services to the Oil and Gas sector. Providing efficient solutions for your Directional and Horizontal projects. Experience defines us. Make us Your Choice!
  Website: www.choicedirectional.ca
Coastal Petroleum Corporation
  Coastal Petroleum Corporation "CPC" is an independent producer of crude oil and natural gas, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as an oil and gas operator and Turnkey Driller.
  Website: coastalpetroleumcorporation.com
Compass Directional Services Ltd.
  An independently owned directional drilling contractor providing leading edge drilling motor, survey technology and personnel to plan and drill directional, horizontal and short radius wellbores for the energy industry.
  Website: www.compassdirectional.com
Custom Dredge Works
  Custom Dredge Works Inc. is a professional hydraulic dredge manufacturer located in Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A. Custom Dredge Works provides services throughout the United States and internationally to many countries around the world.
  Website: www.customdredgeworks.com
Cypher Logic Inc
  Cypher Logic Inc is a provider of Directional Drilling Services and Underground Telecom Construction.
  Website: www.cypherlogic.com
D&R Directional Services Inc
  D&R Directional Services is a private directional and horizontal drilling company with operations based in Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is to provide focused and experienced solutions to our customers, emphasizing on exceptional service and support.
  Website: www.drdirectional.com
Dakota Directional Drilling
  Dakota is a nationwide company specializing in directional boring services for both commercial and residential customers.
  Website: www.dakotadirectionaldrilling.com/
DataDrill Technology LP
  DataDrill supply a large range of directional and drilling sensors including, singleshot , inclination, inclination/azimuth, multishot, wireline steering , core orientation, MWD systems, drilling dynamics subs and coiled tubing steering systems.
  Website: www.datadrilltech.com
Davis Underground Solutions
  Davis Underground Solutions provides utility installation services across the Southeast. Our services include boring, trenching, utility locating, duct bank construction and troubleshooting conduit systems for commercial, and residential customers.
  Website: www.dugs.biz
  Drill on Target Directional Services (DOT) provides expert horizontal and directional drilling consulting services to Western Canada?s oil and gas secto
  Website: www.dotdrilling.ca
Downhole Drilling Services LLC
  Since 2003, Downhole Drilling Services, LLC has been a driving force in the horizontal/directional drilling industry. The managing partners involved with daily operations of DDS have over 100 combined years of oilfield drilling experience.
  Website: downholedrilling.com
DrawWorks LP
  Drawworks, L.P. has over 50 years of experience in research and design of ?down hole tools?. We are very knowledgeable in valve and seal technology and are in our third generation of improvement for some of our products.
  Website: drawworkslp.com
Drill-Tek MWD Services Ltd.
  Drill-Tek is your full service MWD provider. Our products include rentals and sales of field ready MWD kits and parts and software sales. We combine the latest advances in MWD technology to be at the forefront of current and emerging industry trends.
  Website: www.drilltekmwd.com
DrillRight Technology
  Experienced and well-trained personnel are employed to supervise the operations, sales, and having company owned tools, both MWD instruments and Motors,
  Website: www.drillrighttechnology.com
  DrillScan provides expert services and innovative software to the drilling industry in Directional drilling, Torque & drag & buckling, Drillstring mechanics & Wellbore survey accuracy.
  Website: www.drillscan.com
DTC Energy Group, Inc.
  DTC Energy Group is a leading US oilfield consulting firm with a proven track record of providing the right wellsite manager for each job. We take pride in matching the best talent with our client?s needs and taking care of our people.
  Website: dtcenergygroup.com
  Up stram and Down Stream. Refining. Gasification by Plasma Arc Rector, near zero emmissions. GTL, CTL, Waste to Energy. Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction. O&M. Pulse Power Units for waste water. Haz-mats destruction Reactors.
  Website: www.dutemp.com
Elk Environmental Services
  Elk Environmental also provides producers in the Marcellus & Utica Shale industry with transportation and disposal of waste and industrial cleaning services. Elk also supplies emergency response, environmental remediation, waste management & more.
  Website: www.elkenv.com
  Elnusa is a leader in integrated upstream oil and gas services sector possessing strategic global alliances established with world-class oil and gas companies, in compliance with global standards in work safety and environment.
  Website: www.elnusa.co.id
Energy Specialists Consulting, LLC
  We have integrated experienced consulting engineering services with geology and geophysics expertise to provide uniquely qualified teams for underground storage projects, pipeline design and other hydrocarbon transportation projects.
  Website: nrgspecialists.com
  ENEXD serves the upstream sector of oil & gas industry by providing a comprehensive range of products & services span across Engineering, Procurement, Drilling operations, and associated Services for Onshore & Offshore undertakings.
  Website: www.enexd.com
Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contractor
  Provide EPC services for onshore and offshore pipelines, gas plants, oil and gas tanks and terminals including cryogenic LNG and LPG storage terminals, process facilities in the oil and gas industry, refineries and power plants
  Website: www.punjlloyd.com
  At Entec we are continually researching new trenchless technologies, tools, processes and methods.
  Website: www.entecinc.com
EPT International
  EPT International is a cutting-edge petroleum-engineering firm that provides consulting services and training courses for the oil and gas industry. We are experts in providing solutions to most major challenges affecting your hydrocarbon assets.
  Website: ept-int.com
  EV's innovative camera technology is designed for remote and challenging environments ? down the wellbore, deep subsea, inside pipelines and within production facilities.
  Website: www.evcam.com
  Exalo is a leading provider of onshore drilling and oilfield services in Central and Eastern Europe.
  Website: www.exalo.pl/en/
Experis Engineering
  Experis Engineering is in search for BOP Specialist, System Engineers,Drilling Supervisor,Drilling Engineer,Completion&W/O Engineers,Pore Pressure Analyst, Petrophysicist,Mud Engineer (land and offshore) If you fit any of these positions,WE WANT YOU!
  Website: experis.com
Finn Ryder Directional Consulting Inc.
  Finn Ryder is an Eastern Canada-based Consulting Firm providing expert directional drilling consulting services. Industry knowledge is tailored to develop customized solutions for clients worldwide.
  Website: www.finnryder.com
Frontier Drilling
  Frontier Drilling sets a high benchmark for other companies in the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. The company is providing drilling services in Utah and Colorado and its safety record is impressive.
  Website: www.frontierdrilling.net
Gasco Drilling LLC
  Gasco Drilling is a premier Montana oil and gas exploration company with over 30 years of service in the patch. With top quality personel plus a real desire for overall customer satisfaction and you have a company that will get the job done for you.
  Website: www.gascodrilling.com
Gator Rigs, LLC
  Gator is a full service product manufacturer/refurbisher in the oil field industry.
  Website: www.gatorrigs.com
Geoplex Wireline & Drilling Technology Services
  Geoplex, a leading provider of Electric Wireline Logging Services, MWD/LWD, Directional Drilling and True North Seeking Gyro Survey in Nigeria and West Africa region.
  Website: www.geoplex.com
  GOPE has been engaged in oil drilling operations such as oil well development and workover as well as oil services. Meanwhile we're active to buy and sell drilling equipments, also for line pipe and refinery to supply material and turnkey projects.
  Website: www.gopeme.org
Greka Drilling
  Greka Drilling is the largest independent provider of unconventional gas drilling services in Asia, specialized in directional drilling. Our mission is to help our clients extract unconventional gas in the most cost-efficient and safe manner.
  Website: www.grekadrilling.com/
Grupo R
  Grupo R is dedicated to the oil, gas and energy sector in M?xico.Its principal activities include: offshore & onshore drilling, operation of gas fields,offshore construction,oil & gas infrastructure,EPC projects and specialized transport
  Website: www.grupor.com.mx
Guardian Oilfield services
  Guardian Oilfield Services is an independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry. We offer expert practical advice and assistance to help ensure, that ongoing operations are efficient and profitable.
  Website: www.guardianoilfieldservices.com
Gyrodata Inc.
  Gyrodata provides high precision wellbore survey and guidance services, such as our X-4?, Gyro-Guide GWD? (Gyro-While-Drilling) systems, in house designed mud motors and proprietary, closed-loop, automated well-Guide RSS? (Rotary Steerable System).
  Website: www.gyrodata.com/
Harbert Directional Drilling
  HDD Installation for pipeline river crossings, beach approaches, mountain crossings and mad-made obstacles
  Website: www.harbertdd.com
Heat Oilfield Rentals
  Our team?s mission at Heat Oilfield Rentals Ltd. is to provide the oil and gas industry with state-of-the-art and innovative production testing equipment.
  Website: www.heatoilfield.com/
High Energy Horizontal Directional Drilling Inc.
  High Energy provides HDD services for the pipeline/utility sector. Our focus is on client care and giving the absolute best value to our customers.
  Website: www.highenergyinc.ca
HM Plating Company
  H & M Plating Co., Inc has provided processes utilizing electroplated hard chrome, sulfamate nickel, HVOF spray, cylindrical grinding & honing, and media blasting for the oil, petrochemical, marine, hydraulic, and manufacturing industries.
  Website: www.hmplating.com
HY-TECH International,Inc / Directional Drilling
  International Directional Consulting and Engineering.
  Website: hy-tech1.com/hy-tech
Iceland Drilling Company
  Iceland Drilling Ltd is a leading high technical company in the field of high temperature geothermal drilling and has many decades of experience in both high and low temperature drilling.
  Website: www.jardboranir.is
Inwell, Inc.
  INWELL provides a full range of value driven directional drilling services and capabilities engineered to meet your specific drilling requirements.
  Website: www.inwell.com
  IPS, THE directional drilling company, offers fit-for-purpose integrated solutions for the roughest downhole environments through experience and edge technology in order to support our customers from ground engineering to total depth
  Website: www.ips-mexico.com
Jinan Baoshan Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  Quality mud pump spare parts manufactuer--Jinan Baoshan Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd. API Spec 7K-0407
  Website: www.bspumpparts.com
JMF Underground INC
  We support the Gas and Oil Industry with Horizontal Directional Drilling and Hydro-Excavation.
  Website: www.jmfunderground.com
Jobs For Helicopters - Helicopter Contracting
  Need a helicopter? Post it with us and we'll bring you the operators. Post your oil & gas, mining, and exploration jobs requiring a helicopter with us and we'll bring the helicopter operators to you.
  Website: www.jobs4helicopters.com
  We seek leadership in the fabrication of drilling and production platforms, as well as other specialized structures in the oil and gas industry which include provision of full range of design, construction and maintenance services to our clients.
  Website: www.kaztec-eng.com
Kelford Energy, LLC.
  Kelford Energy LLC provides more than a dozen services, ranging from drilling to completions as well as a wide variety of rental products.
  Website: www.kelfordllc.com
KP Directional Drilling Services, LLC
  KP Directional Drilling Services, LLC is a rapidly growing directional drilling company delivering a full range of directional services to the Oil & Gas Industry across the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.
  Website: kpdirectionaldrilling.com
Land & Marine
  Land & Marine provides engineering and construction contractor operating internationally in the oil, gas, water, energy and process markets.
  Website: www.landandmarine.com
Laxmi Udyog Oil Field Equipment
  Udyog has devoted entirely to the innovation and development of Import Substitutes of Drilling Rig Parts and Equipments.
  Website: www.laxmiudyog.com
Libera Group
  Libera is a specialist Well Engineering and Projects Company headquartered in Dubai. The company offers a wide range of Engineering and Project Management services throughout the Drilling Life-cycle.
  Website: www.liberagroup.com
Lobo Offshore Services
  Being a well established recruitment company, we have a good database of highly specialized technical as well as non-technical personnel for Oil & Gas, Offshore/Onshore, Catering & Hospitality services.
  Website: lobooffshoreservices.com
Longevity Coatings
  Longevity Coatings specializes in thermal spray coatings of metal, carbide and ceramics. Provides protective coatings for wellhead equipment
  Website: www.longevitycoatings.com
  LEO TIDWELL EXCAVATING CORPORATION specializes in underground telephone, gas and power substructure placement.
  Website: www.tidwellcompanies.com
Maverick Directional Services
  Maverick Directional Services is a Texas-based directional and horizontal drilling company that provides drilling and measurement services in the domestic United States and Gulf of Mexico.
  Website: www.maverickdirectional.com
Mears Group Inc.
  Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipeline and Utility Services
  Website: www.mears.net
Mesa West Directional
  Located in Durango Colorado and drawing on international experience and knowledge, Mesa West Directional specializes in the delivery of horizontal and directional drilling services and solutions along with Measurement While Drilling services.
  Website: mesawestdirectional.com
Millennium Directional Service Ltd.
  Based in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, with a sales office in Calgary, AB, Millennium Directional Service Ltd. offers Oil & Gas companies a dependable, cost effective solution to meet their drilling program demands.
  Website: www.millenniumdirectional.com/
MNSE Innovations Ltd
  Instant solutions for your needs in the following areas: - Proposal Engineering - Subsea Design - 3D and 2D CAD Modelling - Control System Design and Modelling - Project Engineering - Product Life-Cycle Management
  Website: www.mnse-inv.com
Moorhouse Drilling & Completions
  Information and site for Moorhouse Drilling & Completions, a UK based consultancy company specialising in land work in the UK and Europe.
  Website: www.mdc.co.uk
Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.
  Mostar is a full directional drilling and measurement while drilling (MWD) company based in Calgary, AB. We put real emphasis on R&D, developing new technologies to increase efficiency and accuracy in directional drilling.
  Website: www.mostardirectional.com
Nevis Energy Services
  Nevis Energy Services Inc. comprises one of the best teams in the industry. Committed to providing superior, value-added technologies to the oil and natural gas industry, Nevis is continually setting new market standards.
  Website: phoenixcan.com
New Tech Global
  Founded in 1998, New Tech Global -- a leading US-based upstream operations consulting firm is a leading expert in project management and consultancy services in the upstream oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.ntglobal.com
Newsco Directional & Horizontal Services
  Based in Calgary Alberta, Newsco has experience in various regions both domestically and internationally. Our goal of customer service and satisfaction has taken us to the status of Canada's largest independant directional drilling company.
  Website: www.newsco.ca
Niels Fugal Sons Co.
  Fugal has been providing pipeline services for over five decades in the western United States. Our expertise includes new pipeline construction, pipeline integrity work, station construction, and directional drilling.
  Website: fugal.com
NIIKB Drilling
  The Ukrainian company provides the whole range of directional drilling services, coring services, workover operation, sidetracking. Very experienced local and international supervising.
  Website: www.niikbbi.com.ua
No Dig Equipment
  No Dig Equipment is a Western Australian company and has been in operation since 1998. We provide Trenchless Technology equipment and solutions. Manufacturer and Suppliers for Microtunneling, Moles, Vacuum Excavation Units, HDD Drills and much more.
  Website: www.nodigequipment.com.au
NOVA Downhole Technology Inc
  NOVA Downhole Technology offers both manned and unmanned positive pulse LWD rental equipment to directional drilling service companies.
  Website: www.novadownholetech.com/
OAG Resources
  OAG is committed to finding quality energy projects and presenting them to the financial community & individuals.
  Website: www.oagresources.com/
Oilwell Solutions
  We are a provider of EM-MWD Gap Subs for use with most EM systems and we can customize our design to fit your needs. We design and manufacture custom HP/HT electrical connectors.
  Website: www.oilwellsolutions.com
  Pacesetter is a technical leader in the directional drilling industry.We work in close partnership with clients to develop a custom strategy for each well.
  Website: www.pacesetterdirectional.com
  Pacesetter is a technical leader in the directional drilling industry. Our inventory of advanced drilling tools includes the newest generation of MWD tools that was custom designed by Pacesetter team members.
  Website: pacesetterdirectional.com
Patriot Mudlogging & Consulting Services
  Oil field Mud Logging Systems to fit your organization?s needs,Mud logging at its best, Patriot offers cutting edge technology in our instruments, a customized logging program, continuity in our geological staff and quality logging services
  Website: www.patriotmudlogging.com/
Payzone Directional Services
  Payzone Directional Services has been providing clients across the United States with highly reliable, low cost MWD and Directional Drilling services since 2006.
  Website: www.payzonedirectional.com
Pense Bros Exploration Drilling
  Pense Bros. is a leading contract drilling company, which specializes in rotary air drilling services throughout North America. We offer a faster, cleaner and more efficient alternative to mud or fluid drilling.
  Website: pensebros.com
Pitbull Casing
  From the smallest to the largest casing strings, Pitbull Casing utilizes a wide range of the latest hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual handling systems to perform the job safely and efficiently.
  Website: www.pitbullcasing.com
Pulse Directional Technologies Inc
  PDT are a leading manufacturer of drilling products and downhole tools for the global oil and gas industry. Our tools enable our customers to compete at the highest levels, providing tools and advanced technologies that increase production.
  Website: www.pulsedirectional.com
RBR Drilling
  RBR Drilling is an independent consulting and advisory company in Drilling Engineering, specializing in conventional drilling and directional drilling in different types of wells ("J", "S", "H", ERD, etc.) with experience in design and well planning.
  Website: www.rbrdrilling.eu
Revolution Directional Services
  Offering patented high tech oilfield directional drilling services World Wide (including Canada, USA, Japan, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan).
  Website: www.revolutiondirectionalservices.com
  Rigmatic Wireless Depth Tracking is a standalone system, which acquires signal from the sensors, manipulates, logs, and displays all vital drilling information on a Host touchscreen PC.
  Website: www.rigmatic.com/
Robertson Oilfield Consulting
  Robertson Oilfield Consulting company started in 2005 by Mr.David Robertson. Consists of Oil and Gas well site consultants with various experiences in the drilling and workover departments. Mainly based in Texas.
  Website: www.RobertsonOilfieldConsulting.com
Robt. Stone [ME] LLC
  Robt. Stone [ME] LLC is a leading EPC and Maintenace Contractor for Pipeline and process Plant in the Oil and Gas sector of the Middle East.
  Website: www.robtstone.ae
Rodren Drilling Ltd.
  Rodren Drilling specializes in the ability to accommodate drilling contracts that require difficult or unusual procedures.
  Website: www.rodrendrilling.com
RoxWell Downhole Tools
  RoxWell is a leading provider of downhole tools in the United States. We own and operate a growing fleet of drilling motors and thru tubing tool assemblies.
  Website: www.roxwelldht.com
Savanna Energy
  Savanna Energy Services Corp. is a premiere contract drilling and well servicing company providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective energy services for the petroleum and natural gas industry throughout western Canada and the United States.
  Website: www.savannaenergy.com
Schlumberger Directional Drilling
  Reduce drilling time and cost. Schlumberger directional drilling services enhance well placement in less time and are available in the widest range of sizes and configurations in the industry.
  Website: www.slb.com
Scientific Drilling International
  HOUSTON-based, and operating around the world, Scientific Drilling is a leading independent provider of Directional Drilling and Wellbore Navigation Services throughout the world.
  Website: www.scientificdrilling.com/
  Seis Strat Services, LLC is working together to provide an Integrated solution to our clients in the providing of engineering and technical professionals, on a contract or permanent basis. 25 years experience in serving the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.seis-strat.com
Sendero FS
  Oilfield Services Company
  Website: www.petroconsultant.vpweb.com
Shield OilTech
  Shield OilTech is a start-up company in the oilfield industry. The focus of the company is to provide consulting on tool designs from concept to obsolescence and licensing with an emphasis on novel drilling and wireline ideas and technologies.
  Website: www.shield-oiltech.com
Signa Engineering Corp.
  Signa is a leading-edge engineering & consulting company. Primary focus is evaluating, designing & executing on/offshore drilling & completion operations, including Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), horizontal & vertical wells, training & software.
  Website: www.signaengineering.com
SJS & Sons, LLC
  SJS & Sons is an underground utilities contractor. We specialize in all aspects of installing gas, water, and electrical conduit underground. We also offer excavating and dump truck services.
  Website: www.sjsandsons.com
SMS Precision Tech
  Houston based manufacturer of drill-pipe screens, machined MWD parts, running gear, and wireline equipment.
  Website: www.smsprecisiontech.com/
Solomon Energy Services
  Blowout Preventer (BOP) Testing is a key oilfield service that Solomon Energy Services provides in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana and even the Middle East.
  Website: www.saverigtime.com
Southeast Directional Drilling, LLC
  We have a combined field experience of over one hundred years in pipe-lining and directional drilling.
  Website: www.southeastdrilling.com
Southern Cross Directional Drilling
  Southern Cross Directional Drilling is an Australian owned company, based on the Sunshine Coast. The business provides trench-less pipe laying services for water, gas and communications Queensland wide.
  Website: southerncrossdrilling.com.au
Sperry-Sun Drilling
  Sperry-Sun's extensive experience in planning and supervising the most complex directional well meets your most challenging directional drilling needs.
  Website: www.sperry-sun.com
Standard Directional Services Ltd
  Standard Directional is known for our great reputation for reliability, performance, and cost effective service with numerous oil and gas companies in North America and international markets.
  Website: www.standarddirectional.com
Stryker Directional
  Providing Directional and Horizontal drilling services, gyro surveying and core orientation. We have a large selection of Motors and MWD with or without Gamma. We specialize in Land Horizontal Drilling in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
  Website: strykerdirectional.com
Tadbir Petro Energy
  Our Management team with the skill and knowledge to lead and communicate with the entrepreneurs, programmers, engineers, and scientists that comprise industry , make TPE one of the most successful contractors in oil and gas industry.
  Website: tadbirpe.com
Taurant Projects Ltd. (India)
  We introduce ourselves as an upcoming Engineering Construction company having its base setup in New Delhi, India. - Oil And Gas Sector - Cross country pipeline - Civil & Structural work etc. For further details visit http://www.taurant.net
  Website: www.taurant.net
TERRA Directional Services
  Terra Directional provides full service horizontal drilling project management. Terra Directional Services is committed to providing dedicated service and support to each customer according to their individual requirements
  Website: www.terradirectional.com
Terrapin Energy Services
  Terrapin Energy Services offers Directional Drilling Services across America. We use Skilled DD's, Knowledgeable MWD Engineers, High Performance Drilling Motors, and EM MWD equipment for continuous D&I surveys, and gamma logging applications.
  Website: www.terrapinenergyservices.com
The Crossing Company
  The Crossing Company specializes in cold weather, medium to large horizontal directional drilling projects and hoirizontal wells.
  Website: www.thecrossingcompany.com
The Gearhart Companies
  The Gearhart Companies provides directional drilling tools and services to the industry. Reliability, Quality and Innovation are our main focus when serving your needs.
  Website: gearhartcompanies.com
TianHe Oil Group
  Tianhe Oil Group is an integrated corporation engaged in petroleum equipment design, manufacture, sale, rental, and maintenance, oil engineering services and oilfield exploration and development.
  Website: www.tianheoil.com
Titan Downhole Tools
  Titan Downhole Tools is the one stop shop for all of your drilling motor needs. Through our network of suppliers and our personal inventory we have access to hundreds of motors ranging in size from 2 7/8 up to 9 5/8.
  Website: www.tdt-usa.com
Total Directional Services
  Total Directional pursues the highest quality directional drilling services in the industry through performance management and customer service. We relentlessly pursue the reduction of total costs by focussing on increasing our TOTAL performance.
  Website: www.totaldirectional.com
Transpac Managers, Inc.
  Transpac Managers is the innovator and leader of insuring downhole tools since 1991. Our program covers the scheduled tools while they are below the rotary if they become lost, stuck or damage while downhole.
  Website: www.transpacmgrs.com
TrenchLess Engineering Services P Ltd
  We are Large Directional Drilling Contractors Capacity of installing upto 42" Dia & lengths upto 2000 meters Fleet of 6 Drilling Rig Spread: 30 Tons to 300 Tons Pull Capacity Directional Boring: 12" to 80" and Lengths upto 200 meters
  Website: www.trenchless.in
Triton Technology Corporation
  Triton Technology specializes in the design, testing, and manufacturing of reliable surface and downhole systems.
  Website: www.tritontechnologycorp.com
Uniterm Nigeria Limited
  Uniterm Nigeria Limited has been providing catering services since its establishment in Nigeria in 2004. Since then we have expanded to include the provision of drill bits and drilling rigs. UNL is part of the Hobark International Limited Group
  Website: www.unitermintl.com/
Valiant Energy Serviced Ltd
  Valiant Energy is a Calgary, Alberta based directional drilling solutions provider for Western Canada. We provide fast and reliable drilling services to clients with the use of modern equipment and up-to-date drilling practices.
  Website: www.valiantenergy.ca
Varel International
  Varel International manufactures drill bits for the global oil & gas drilling community as well as for the blasthole mining, industrial, construction and water well drilling communities.
  Website: www.varelintl.com
WALS Energy Services
  WALS Energy is an Oilfield Services Company serving contracts with Major Oil Companies in the Sultanate of Oman.
  Website: www.wals-energy.com
Well Engineering Services
  SPD offer specialist and flexible well engineering and management services, expert consultancy and recruitment to the global oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.spdltd.com/
Western Petroleum Management Ltd.
  "Construction to Production" providing consulting and project management services to the energy sector.
  Website: www.westpetro.com
Witten Engineering, Inc.
  Witten Engineering, Inc. is a full service firm that specializes in project engineering and management in the areas of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering.
  Website: www.wittenengineering.com/
World's Largest Geological Wellsite Consultancy
  RPS Energy assists companies in the development of their natural energy resources from initial licensing to optimum production. To learn more about our full range of services visit us at www.rpsgroup.com
  Website: www.rpsgroup.com/energy
  Manufacturer of land rig, skid-mounted drilling rig, truck mounted drilling rig, workover rig, as well as rig components including mud pump, drawworks, hook, swivel, rotary table, camps, crown block, mast, substructure, BOP.
  Website: www.zpec.com
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