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  Apollo provides a number of high-tech services in and around Singapore including ROV inspections, excavation and high pressure cutting services, calibration services, chemical injection systems, satellite and hand held communications.
  Website: www.apollo.com.sg
Ashtead Technology
  Equipment Rental Specialists - offshore survey, ROV sensors, remote visual inspection, NDT, environmental monitoring, more.
  Website: www.ashtead-technology.com
Asset Integrity & Maintenance
  With a combined team of experienced professionals in specialized services offered within the energy industry. Our clients are mostly companies within the energy business (Upstream) operations.
  Website: www.fortisengineering.net
Atlas Maridan
  Maridan is one of the world leading suppliers of AUV technology and survey services. The company is based on 10 years experience in developing, manufacturing and using AUV for missions ranging from Oil & Gas to Telecomm and archaeology.
  Website: www.maridan.dk
Aztec Bolting Services, Inc.
  Aztec Bolting is an industry leader providing torque, tension, and bolt testing equipment for critical applications. A full service facility, offering sales, rentals,field services, small tool repairs. ISO 17025 Accredited calibration services.
  Website: www.bolting.com
Bowtech Products Ltd
  Bowtech Products specialises We design, manufacture and supply market leading products into the Subsea and Marine, ROV, AUV, Oil and Gas, Defence, Nuclear, Oceanographic and Research, Marine Science industries.
  Website: www.bowtech.co.uk
BVI Machining
  ISO 9001:2008 Certified CNC machine shop located in Houston,TX,State of the art CNC machine shop with climate controlled environment,new machines with up to date technology,large part capabilities,50 plus years combined experience with API knowledge.
  Website: www.bvimachining.com
Cape Oil International Limited
  Cape oil International (COI) is an integrated service provider for the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.capeoil.com
Cortez Subsea
  We offer intervention and inspection and pipeline and installation. We work with a number of collaborative partners combining assets and technical capabilities to provide an integrated service which is safe, efficient and cost-effective.
  Website: www.cortezsubsea.com/
Cygnus Instruments Ltd
  Cygnus Instruments Ltd is the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges employing the Cygnus-Pioneered Multiple Echo technique to give accurate, error-checked metal thickness measurements through coatings.
  Website: www.cygnus-instruments.com
Deep Down Inc
  Deep Down, Inc. is a leading subsea oilfield services company providing subsea solutions for the world's energy and offshore industries.
  Website: www.deepdowninc.com
Deep Trekker
  Deep Trekker, Inc. is your complete headquarters for high-quality, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), also called underwater drones, specifically designed and developed to make underwater observation easy and affordable.
  Website: www.deeptrekker.com
Deepwater Rental and Supply
  With our experience in Automation, (ROV), ROV Tooling, Magnetics for Drilling Operations, Underwater Cameras, Lighting, Intervention Testing, and Specialty Supply, DeepWater can provide solutions for a wide range of operational challenges.
  Website: www.deepwater-rental.com
Dominion Diving
  Canada's Largest ROV Fleet, Deepwater Intervention, Diving (Air & Saturation), Salvage, Subsea Engineering, Marine Construction, Drill Support, Stabilization Mattresses, Subsea Installation/Completion, Abandonment, Ad Hoc Services, Turnkey Ops
  Website: www.dominiondiving.com
Dragonfish Offshore
  Driven by our passion we have formed an alliance with SEATREPID INTERNATIONAL to offer a broad range of engineering services for the Oil and Gas industry including ROV and acoustic equipment rentals.
  Website: www.dragonfishoffshore.com
Ed's Precision Manufacturing LLC
  Ed's Precision Manufacturing, L.L.C. has been in business for over 25 years, and is a manufacturer of custom fasteners as small as 1/16 in diameter, to large job-shop parts up to 30 inches in diameter and 8 feet in length.
  Website: www.edsprecision.com
Forum Energy Technologies
  Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, Forum makes it a point to thoroughly understand your unique operating challenges and providing the equipment you need. Smart Solutions. Powerful Products.
  Website: f-e-t.com
  Harkand offers fully integrated subsea services to the offshore Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy sectors, providing vessels, ROVs, diving, survey services and more.
  Website: www.harkandgroup.com
Helix Energy Solutions Group
  Helix Energy Solutions Group is an international offshore energy company that provides specialty services to the offshore energy industry, with a focus on our growing well intervention and robotics operations.
  Website: www.helixesg.com
Hydraulic Pumps (UK) Ltd
  Hydraulic Pumps (UK) Ltd is the United Kingdoms leading hydraulic engineering company specialising in the repair and replacement of most makes and types of hydraulic pumps and motors.
  Website: www.hydraulicpumps.co.uk
Hytec Hydro-technologie
  Hytec designs and builds equipment (cameras, vehicles, etc.) for remotely controlled intervention in hostile environments.
  Website: www.hytec.fr
i-Tech - a Division of Subsea 7
  i-Tech is the world's premier deepwater ROV operator dedicated to providing remote intervention technology services to the offshore exploration and production industry
  Website: www.interventiontechnology.com
  IKM Subsea is a Norwegian ROV and Trencher manufacturer. We are owned by IKM Group a multidisciplibe sub supplier to the oil and gas industry. We both sell ROVs and Trenchers and operate these with personnel on a rental basis.
  Website: www.ikm.no
Imenco AS- USA
  Our new International Headquarter in Houston has been established. Diving Systems, Helicopter Fuel Systems, Industrial CCT Systems, Ex cameras, Lifting & Handling products , Subsea cameras and tools incl. subsea Lights and Lasers.
  Website: www.imenco.ca
International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE)
  International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) designs and builds remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and robotic manipulators. The robotic systems are used for land, sea, and space training applications.
  Website: www.ise.bc.ca
Jamko Technical Solutions, Inc.
  Jamko Technical Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation with its headquarters in Lyons, New York. Established in 2001, Jamko provides advanced field services, adjunct engineering, and imaging products to various markets around the globe.
  Website: www.jamkocorp.com
JIFMAR Offshore Services
  JIFMAR provides long term IMR service contracts for offshore Oil & Gas Terminal Operators and Owners, providing maintenance above and below water on CALMs and SPMs, floating and subsea hose, cable, moorings and PLEMS
  Website: www.jifmar.fr
Land & Marine
  Land & Marine provides engineering and construction contractor operating internationally in the oil, gas, water, energy and process markets.
  Website: www.landandmarine.com
Lifting and Marine Services Ltd
  A leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality lifting, mooring, and access equipment for use in all marine associated industries and all environments.
  Website: www.liftingandmarine.com
MacartneyUK Ltd
  The MacArtney Group supplies products and engineering solutions to the worldwide Underwater Technology Market. We maintain our continued success by using our experience and our understanding of customers expectation.
  Website: www.macartney.com/
Marinspect Ltd
  Marinspect offers its services as an ROV service provider, underwater intervention consultancy, project manager and ROV personnel provider. We also offer IMCA-guidelined training to ROV personnel and familiarization training for non-ROV personnel.
  Website: www.marinspect.com
  Mariscope offers the construction and rental of ROVs, towed camera systems and small drop cameras. Diving equipment and scientific camera systems are another field of the wide activities of the German company.
  Website: www.mariscope.de
Matrix Composites & Engineering
  Offshore: Capital Drilling Equipment & Offshore Services, SURF Products & Subsea Solutions, Well Construction Products
  Website: www.matrixengineered.com
Meridian Ocean Services
  Meridian Ocean Services (MOS) specializes in subsea inspections utilizing Micro-ROV technologies; providing a cost effective and safer alternative to a diver based inspection.
  Website: www.meridianocean.com
Nelvik Norsk Hydro Ltd.
  Semi-Submersible rigs, Jack-up rigs, ROVs, Land Rigs & services.Barges, AHTS, Construction vessels, Accommodation vessels, FPSO, FSO, Seismic vessels & services, Offshore Consulting and complete project Engineering and management services.
  Website: nelvikhydro.ca
New Zealand Ocean Technology Ltd
  With 30 years in the business, we offer comprehensive Engineering and Commercial Experience in the areas of Undersea Defense and Ocean Science.
  Website: www.nzot.co.nz
Oceaneering International
  Advanced applied technology company providing engineered services and hardware. Offerings include: ROVs, mobile offshore production systems, specialty hardware, diving, engineering & project mgm't, subsea intervention & installation, testing, etc.
  Website: www.oceaneering.com
Oceanvision Pte Ltd
  Manufacturer of CCTV for u/w, topside. Marine/survey rental equip for inshore & offshore work. Supply/Service of ROVs, TMS, Control Vans, Winches, LARS, Pipetrackers & acces, umbilicals, Heave Compensators, Sonars, Pipeline Crawlers, Connectors
  Website: www.oceanvision.com.sg
OceanWorks International Inc.
  Providers of subsea remote intervention tooling equipment for ROV's, Atmospheric Diving Systems, and subsea mechanical, structural, hydraulic, electrical and electronic engineering services.
  Website: www.oceanworks.com
PacSeal Hydraulics
  PacSeal Hydraulics is a small responsive engineering and manufacturing company specializing in components for high pressure/high flow rate critical service applications. Our ShearFlo Control Valves and Pressure Regulators are made in the USA.
  Website: www.pacsealhydraulics.com
PEM Offshore Group
  PEM Offshore is a leading independent global provider of safety, risk and integrity management services - Marine and Offshore Consulting, IRM & Surveys, Marine Simulation and Training, Subsea Engineering, verification and documentation.
  Website: www.pemoffshores.com
Petrustech Oil & Gas Ltda ME
  Petrustech offer NDT inspection, Welding, Fabrication, Hydroblasting & Painting services for on or offshore locations, at height, confined space or subsea, rigging & lifting, drops, NR10 compliance, "Ex" electrical surveys and many other services.
  Website: www.petrustech.com.br
  QSTAR ROV TRAINING CENTER Is a World-Wide Training Stablishment Member of the International Marine Contractor Association IMCA, participating in the Remote Systems & ROV Division based in the Europa & Africa Section.
  Website: www.rovs.eu
Rov Specialties
  Subsea ROV components from off the shelf or custom made. PTZ cameras,subsea lighting,laser profilers, pipe profilers and pressure housings
  Website: rovspecialties.com
Saab Seaeye
  Saab Seaeye manufactures electric powered Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems for a wide range of professional applications.
  Website: www.seaeye.com
Saipem America
  Saipem America provides project management, engineering, procurement and a complete range of construction services for conventional offshore, subsea and deepwater developments in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Central & South America region.
  Website: www.saipemamerica.com
Sales, Rental and Repair
  Sales, Rental and Repair of borescopes, videoprobes, fiberscopes, ROV's, Crawlers, Infrared Cameras, NDT Equipment and More.....
  Website: www.maverickinspection.ca
Savante Offshore Services Ltd
  Savante specialises in the application of lasers in underwater problems. Typically involved in post-analysis of damage.
  Website: www.savante.co.uk
Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd
  High tech products for Oceanography, Hydrography, Geophysical, Seismic, U/w construction, Environmental monitoring, Land survey, Commercial Diving equipment, design/new build dive systems, HPWJ pumps, diving accessories/consumables.
  Website: www.sea-landtech.com
  Underwater Connectors for Oil & Gas, ROV/AOV, Defense/Seaport-e, Environmental, Oceanographic industries. ISO Certified, Electrical Dry-Mate, Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate, Electric Wet-Mate, Electrical Underwater Mateable, Optical Underwater Mateable
  Website: www.seaconbrantner.com
SeaTrepid International
  SeaTrepid International, LLC is an underwater engineering organization specializing in applied robotic solutions in support of oil & gas, commercial, public safety, municipal, military and scientific applications.
  Website: www.seatrepid.com
SeaView Systems
  SeaView Systems, Inc. offers the offshore industry sophisticated ROV inspection and survey services including restricted access hydrographic surveys and light intervention services. Simple mobilizaton.
  Website: www.seaviewsystems.com
Sidus Solutions - Hazardous Area & Subsea CCTV
  Sidus subsea and hazardous area inspection systems. We built ROV, BOP, Anchor and Guidewire systems. Our cameras, pan&tilts and lamps, rated 3000 - 6000mtrs. SSI is also the US sales and service agent for Hernis Scan Systems topside camera equipment.
  Website: www.sidus-solutions.com
Soil Machine Dynamics Limited
  Subsea equipment - ROVS, pipeline and cable ploughs Deck equipment - Drum and cable engines, draw off, hold back engines Handling equipment - A-frames, winches
  Website: www.smd-uk.com
Specialised Management Services Ltd ( SMS Ltd )
  SMS Ltd is a leading manufacturer of equipment & provider of maintenance/installation services for the oil & gas industry, specialising in hydraulic, pneumatic & electrical control systems. .
  Website: www.smsgrp.com
Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd
  Underwater Hydraulic Specialists Providing sales, rental and project orientated specialised hydraulic engineering solutions to both offshore and onshore industries.
  Website: www.specialistrov.co.uk
Star Hydraulics Ltd
  Supply and Repair of Electro Hydraulic Servo Valves fitted to ROV's and auxillary hydraulic equipment
  Website: www.star-hydraulics.co.uk
Submersible Systems Inc.
  Rov Operations. Specializing in Platform Inspections & Survey. 1000 meter depth capability.
  Website: www.ssirovs.com
Subnet Services ROV Pilot Training
  The Job of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Technician is varied and exciting. The ROV Pilot Technician is a Highly Respected member of any offshore subsea project team.
  Website: www.subnetservices.com/rovcourse
Subsea Americas, LLC (SSA)
  Subsea Americas offers rental ROV tooling equipment. Located in the central GoM allows for responsive service for both standard & specialized rov tooling rental equipment needs. Project management and engineering services are also offered.
  Website: www.subseaamericas.com
Swift Aero Systems
  Swift aero is a solution for every challenge onshore, offshore, air, land or sea. We provide aerial services for customers around the world in a variety of industries.
  Website: www.swift.aero
Synergy Subsea Engineering
  We are capable of carrying out a wide range of subsea activities and provide such specialized underwater services to oil & gas sector: Civil engineering & construction contractors, ship owners & Government department related with marine industries.
  Website: www.synergyuae.com
Tekmar Subsea Equipment
  Subsea Equipment designed by a highly motivated team of specialised engineers. We offer a unique blend of strong fabrication capabilities and efficient, yet flexible management systems backed up by many years of 'hands-on' operational expertise.
  Website: www.tekmar.co.uk
Teledyne RD Instruments
  A part of the Teledyne Marine group, Teledyne RD Instruments continues to be an innovative force in the industry by designing, improving and manufacturing groundbreaking solutions.
  Website: www.rdinstruments.com
TENSA Equipment
  TENSA Equipment is a Western Australian company providing state of the art solutions for offshore lifting, drilling, construction, and operations. We are Heave Compensation & Motion Monitoring Specialists.
  Website: tensaequipment.com.au/
TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd
  TRAC Oil & Gas is a market leading global provider of engineering support services for the inspection and maintenance of offshore and onshore assets.
  Website: www.tracoilandgas.com
  For the last 20 years, our researchers have been pioneering the science of robotics and automation. We develop intelligent software systems and robotics for NASA, the DOD, and the oil and gas industry.
  Website: traclabs.com
Tradewinds PetroTrade
  Tradewinds PetroTrade is your full-service, comprehensive sourcing and procurement services company with international offices around the globe. We look forward to adding value to your company.
  Website: www.tradewindspetrotrade.com
  Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.
  Website: www.trelleborg.com/en/offshore
Underwater Engineering Services Ltd
  Specialists in the supply of Marine and Subsea Support Equipment to the diving, ROV and survey sector of the offshore industry. Services include equipment design and manufacture, equipment refurbishing, umbilical spooling and management system.
  Website: www.uesltd.net
Viper Wire Rope Lubricator
  Viper Wire Rope Lubricator, Single pass high pressure wire rope lubrication. Provides fast and effective lubrication. Eliminates manual lubricant application, improves safety and environment. Non mess Wire Rope Lubricants, Global Distributors
  Website: www.viperwrl.com
Vocast Marine
  Vocast Marine is an indigenous Nigerian Maritime and Marine company with a goal to be the Oil and Gas Support Service Company of choice in the West African Oil and Gas market.
  Website: www.vocastmarine.com
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