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FEATURED COMPANY: ELA Container Offshore GmbH

ELA Container Offshore

ELA Container Offshore

Offshore Accommodation for Rent and Sale

ELA Container Offshore GmbH was established in 2014 as a response to the special needs of the offshore industry. By developing a system of standardized modules based on DNV 2.7-1 / DNV 2.7-2 / DNV 2.7-3 and CSC approved offshore containers, we can provide bespoke accommodation solutions for all non-hazardous areas onboard all kinds of platforms, barges and supply vessels.
Dedicated to providing the whole offshore industry with temporary accommodation solutions for rent, we own and operate a fleet of accommodation modules, living quarters and a range of offshore cargo carrying units (CCU's).

Next to the wide selection of standard modules, we are happy to design and manufacture custom-built units to meet your requirements. All custom modules can be provided including any approval or certification you may require. This includes ATEX or EX zone 1 and 2 certified modules to allow installation in hazardous areas.

Our system allows you to add a wide variety of rooms onto existing vessels, without the need for major technical modifications to the vessels. Ranging from office areas and conference rooms to living quarters and sanitary facilities and anything in between, our modules can be used to add functionalities quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to these off-the-shelf modules, we can provide more specialist solutions such as ROV control rooms, Electrical Power Units (EPU), Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and water treatment facilities, to name a few.

Our mission: being a reliable and powerful partner for our clients with standardized and customized offshore container solutions. Apart from our high quality products "Made in Germany", we offer worldwide delivery, turnkey assembly and customer service.

Our product range includes:

  • The 20’ ALLROUNDER accommodation containers
    The 20 ft ELA Offshore ALLROUNDER Container is designed for all non-hazardous areas onboard any offshore vessel or structure. Highly suitable for stand-alone use, this module combines a minimal footprint with a wide variety of floorplans, resulting in maximum versatility. By using the ELA Offshore Accessories, these modules can easily be combined to create larger installations, too. Low weight, ISO dimensions and “plug&play” design allow quick installation and immediate use. The ease of use and low costs of mobilization allow these modules to be deployed economically, even on short-term projects. Extremely suitable as stand-alone modules but also excellent as part of larger accommodation complex, the ALLROUNDER range has been a steady performer in the offshore market.
  • The 20’ PREMIUM accommodation container with internal walkway
    The 20 ft ELA Offshore PREMIUM Container is designed for all non-hazardous areas onboard any offshore vessel or structure. Although suitable for stand-alone use, the PREMIUM module is particularly useful in larger installations. The internal corridor allows movement between modules without leaving the complex. As the modules can be stacked without gangways, multi-level installations can be mobilized on any standard 20’/40’ ISO twist lock arrangements quickly and without modifications.
  • The 33’ PREMIUM PLUS accommodation container with internal walkway
    When you are looking for an additional level of comfort, our PREMIUM PLUS range will not disappoint. Designed for long-term deployments on platforms, offshore rigs and/or accommodation barges, these 33’ modules offer everything our standard modules offer, but on a much larger footprint Featuring a central corridor and spacious rooms at either side, these modules can be easily combined to create large accommodation units at very short notice.
  • ELA Offshore Accessories
    The ELA Offshore Accessories are suitable on all kind of offshore units such as platforms, rigs and all types of vessels. They can be used in combination with all other ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers and to allow the creation of complex accommodation structures over multiple levels.
  • ELA Offshore CCUs and Workshops
    The ELA Offshore Cargo Carrying Units are suitable for use on all kinds of offshore units such as platforms, rigs and all types of vessels due to the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079-1, ISO-Norm-R-668 and CSC certifications. Compliant to standard ISO measurements and supplied including certified offshore slings, they are ready for use immediately. The ELA Offshore Cargo Carrying Units are available in 10 ft. and 20 ft. dimensions depending on your requirements.


USA Contact Info:

ELA Container Offshore USA Corp.
2444 Times Blvd, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77005

Email: Houston@ela-offshore.com

Phone: +1-281-838-0905

Business Development Manager

Daniel Melcher
Daniel Melcher
Email: daniel.melcher@ela-offshore.com

ELA Container Offshore GmbH
Zeppelinstrasse 19-21
49733 Haren (Ems)

Email: info@ela-offshore.com

Website: www.ela-offshore.com