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FEATURED COMPANY: ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK - A global leader in offshore and remote workplace services.

ARAMARK Remote Workplaces Services is a full-service offshore catering, janitorial, hotel and camp services company with 30+ years of experience. At offshore sites or remote land-based camps, you can rely on us to provide the safest and most comfortable environments, as well as dependable catering and support services. Our ability to partner with clients globally and support their safety and compliance objectives has been an instrumental reason for our success. Our international offshore services have recently been recognized with the Offshore Achievement Award for safety this year. Our services include:

  • Hotel & Catering Services

  • Housekeeping & Cleaning

  • Stores Procurement/Control

  • Bedding/Towels/Soft Furnishing Provision

  • Laundry (Onshore/Offshore)

  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Provision of Uniforms

  • Shop Services

  • Soft Drinks Vending

As you consider a relationship with ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services, be assured that our core values and distinctive competencies will enable us to deliver an unmatched depth of expertise to exceed your expectations.

Partnership-We will be a true partner, willing to make investments in building a successful relationship based on share gains and appropriate level of risks. As a skilled business integrator, we offer the project management expertise and market knowledge to provide comprehensive services, including sourcing of remote workplace sites, project lifecycle management, and construction and design.

Value-Our integration of services and geographic portfolios will help us to optimize cost, efficiency and quality in our relationship with you. Our unique ability to scale geography-both globally and locally-to procure food and services allows us to leverage economies of scale through volume-buying and third-party vendor relationships. Our logistic support services ensure we are able to deliver the people and products to areas in remote locations in harsh environments.

People and Performance-We develop and sustain our leadership position by engaging and supporting our most valuable and differentiated asset; the competence commitment and creativity of our people. Our performance is enhanced due to our quality assurance program that ensures we are proactive and innovative in the way measure and deliver our service.

Environmental Stewardship-We offer the expertise to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and achieve LEED and sustainability goals on every remote workplace. Every day we work to reduce our environmental footprint while helping our clients' reduce there. Green Thread™ is ARAMARK's commitment to weaving sustainable practices into everything we do for our customers.

Safety-Our safety performance in both our offshore and in land-based camps has been nationally and internationally recognized. Our tolerance for unnecessary risk is zero. Promoting and enhancing safety in the workplace is our top priority and we have extensive expertise in compliance with local permits, building safety codes, and environmental compliance.

Community-We are sensitive to the impacts remote workplace services have on communities. We follow through on assurances to the communities in which we operate, strive to understand all cultures, and recognize their value. We provide local people with the capabilities, knowledge, resources and incentives necessary to act as ambassadors for the company and achieve excellence in stakeholder engagements.

Culinary Innovation-As a leader in the foodservice industry, we will create dining solutions for your remote workplace that are cutting-edge, on-trend, nutritious, and high-quality. We will also do an outstanding job catering to special events than may arise.

Remote Workplace Services from ARAMARK Feature:
  • Complete turnkey operation featuring "home away from home" living environments

  • Top quality catering services featuring talented chefs-wherever ARAMARK travels, our quality standards go with us

  • 100% guaranteed delivery of supplies

  • On-call help to assist with any challenges, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Full janitorial services, housekeeping services, including regular linen changes, laundry services, and security services
Company: ARAMARK
Address: 2929 Briarpark Drive Suite 175
Houston, TX 77042
United States
Phone: 281-587-4369
Email: Tate-Ron@aramark.com
Website: www.aramark.com

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services

ARAMARK Remote Workplace Services