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A&A Coatings
  For over 70 years, A&A Coatings has provided thermal spray coatings and applications to a long list of satisfied customers from wide range of industries. We are known for our reputation of high quality results, fast turnaround & dependable service.
  Website: www.thermalspray.com
A&E Systems Ltd
  A&E Systems Ltd provides innovative solutions to the corrosion problem. From Enviropeel, a thermoplastic anti corrosion control system to the thermal insulation coatings, the Alocit Group has the solution.
  Website: www.ae-sys.com
Abbecan Industries Inc.
  Abbecan Industries Inc. maintains a diverse in-house capability to manufacture quality machined and sheet metal products using digitally controlled conventional machinery.
  Website: abbecan.com
Accelerated Production Systems, Inc.
  The Accelerated? Flowback Systems group is a leader in providing safe, dependable flow-back and well testing services to the oil and gas industry. We can design a well test package to meet all your requirements.
  Website: www.acceleratedproduction.com
Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces
  Diverse range of anti-slip products including stair nosing?s (cladding), ladder covers and safe plates. Made to measure in a variety of grades and colors. Durable, fire resistant, slip resistant, corrosion resistant on galvanized or stainless.
  Website: www.advanceantislip.com
Advanced Industrial Coatings, Inc.
  AIC offers industrial coating application services, providing parts with corrosion and chemical resistance, lubricity, and more. For small fasteners up to large machine parts, AIC offers ISO certified quality coating application services.
  Website: www.aic-coatings.com
Air Equipment and Repair, Inc.
  Air Equipment and Repair, Inc services the painting industry. We have since included new equipment and parts for expanding industries such as Powder Coat, Sandblast, Fiberglass,and Foam from major manufacturers such as Graco, Binks, Clemco, and PMC.
  Website: www.air-equipment.com
AIR Infratech
  AIR Infratech serving the Oil & Gas sector, Industrial, & water treatment Chemical supply needs. QC, consulting/ sourcing , formulation, & laboratory services. Kindly contact us with your query.
  Website: www.airinfratech.com
Air Logistics - Field-Applied Composite Systems
  Manufacturers of composite pipe wrap products for repair and structural reinforcement. Use for field repair of damaged piping, tanks, vessels, and infrastructure components. Many sizes and widths available.
  Website: www.airlog.com
Alliant Metals
  Alliant Metals is a nationwide distributor of stainless with over 30 years experience in the metals industry. Alliant is both prepared and qualified to service your raw material requirements.
  Website: www.alliantmetals.com
Alpha Industries Ltd
  Alpha Industries LTD. is an innovative supplier of abrasion and corrosion resistant products and coatings, manufactured replacement parts, and process equipment. We are currently helping companies to reduce their maintenance and inventory costs.
  Website: www.alphaind.ca/
  AlumiPlate Inc. addresses corrosion issues for a variety of applications, providing electroplating that can protect aluminum, titanium, steel, copper, and other materials.
  Website: www.alumiplate.com/
  AMACO - A leading provider of best practice standard engineering and supply materials since 1998, is the preferred regional distributor and value-adding partner for the world?s most dynamic and innovative establishments.
  Website: www.ammamco.com
Ameron Protective Coatings
  Manufactures high performance coatings to the offshore, marine and industrial maintenance markets.
  Website: www.ameron-intl.com
Armoloy (UK) Ltd
  ARMOLOY TDC coating. For anti gall on threads etc. 82Rc surface hardness providing wear resistance, low friction charectaristics and corrosion resistance.0001"-.0002" thickness means existing tolerances are not generally affected.
  Website: www.armoloy.co.uk
B & H Tank Systems Inc.
  B & H Tank Systems specializes in oilfield equipment rentals. We also offer sandblasting, painting, coating and spray foam insulation (both industrial, commercial and residential applications).
  Website: www.bhtanksystems.com
B&T Construction & Management
  B&T specializes in applying industrial coatings for corrosion control, abrasion resistance, tank and pipe linings, secondary and spill containment. High temp.Chemical Environments Authorized applicator of ArmorThane polyurea/polyurethanes.
  Website: www.btcoatings.com
Barrier Coating Services, Inc
  Barrier Coating Services, Inc. is a full-service coating operation. We perform all cleaning, surface profiling, and coating services at our facility conveniently located just minutes from Houston?s Energy Corridor.
  Website: barrierservicesinc.com
Berry Plastic Corporation
  Manufacturer of Covalence (formerly Raychem) Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Polyken Pipeline tapes, Powercrete Liquid Epoxies and Anodeflex impresse current continious anodes.
  Website: www.berrycpg.com
BLINEX Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Xylan Coated Fasteners
  Corrosion protection + Filtration + Project Management Fluoropolymer (PTFE) coated Studbolts and Nuts best suited for installations in offshore platforms, petrochemical and chemical plants, installations near the sea and in corrosive environments.
  Website: www.blinexindia.com
  At Bradechem Ltd we offer a wide range of Quality Branded Products, all backed up with full in house Technical Support.
  Website: www.bradechem.com
Bronz-Glow, A World of Corrosion Protection
  HVACR Coating Products and Services. Factory dip and spray coating available as well as field spray coating applications. Single component do-it-yourself coating products are also available. Industrial coating products at homeowner prices.
  Website: www.bronz-glow.com
Buoy's, marine fenders, and security barriers
  Buoys, marine fenders, floating security barrier, composite piles, composite timbers, corrosion coatings and composite piles.
  Website: www.port-security.net
Buoy's, marine fenders, corrosion control
  Suppliers of buoy's, marine fenders, composite piles, composite timbers, underwater corrosion control products and floating security barrier.
  Website: www.marine-fenders.net
Carboline Company
  Carboline Company is dedicated to supplying high performance coatings, linings, and fireproofing products around the world through continuous technological improvements and first class service.
  Website: carboline.com
  Industrial strength veggie plastic for the oil and gas coatings, marine, wastewater, construction and municipal water markets. No other product can compete when it comes to protecting steel, concrete and wood products.
  Website: www.castagra.com
Ceramabond Pty Ltd
  Ceramabond Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing high quality anti-slip products for over 30 years. We are established as one of the leading suppliers of anti-slip products.
  Website: www.ceramabond.com.au
  Paint directly over rust with minimal surface prep. Coating chemically bonds to tight rust or sandblasted metal with no primer necessary. Isolates metal from oxygen and moisture. Unaffected by salt, acid, gasoline, diesel fuel, chemicals, corrosives
  Website: www.magnetpaints.com
Chemco International
  We provide new innovotive coating solutions for a wide range of demanding situations - high pressure, high temperature solvent free glass-flake moisture tolerant systems.
  Website: www.chemcoint.com
Citadel Technologies-Carbon composite pipe wrap
  Citadel Technologies is the manufacturer of Carbon Fiber Composite Wraps for pipe repair. Citadel is the manufacturer of DiamondWrap, BlackDiamond, BlueDiamond and Diamondliner.
  Website: www.cittech.com
Coastline Industrial Coatings
  sealers, direct to metal paints, elastomeric roof coatings, high heats, waterborne coatings, urethanes, primers, epoxies, all formulated with exempt solvents. Coastline to meet all MIL-P spec, RAL, and Federal Standard 595B colors.
  Website: www.coastlinecoatings.com
Custom Controls Company
  Custom Controls Company has been providing Hazardous Location and Explosion Proof air conditioning equipment for industry since the 1960?s.
  Website: www.customcontrolsco.com
Del's Plating Works
  Del's Plating Works has more than thirty years of experience providing high volume metal finishing including electroplating, anodizing, and coating services.
  Website: www.delsplating.com
Delstar Metal Finishing Inc
  Delstar specializes in high quality electropolishing, passivation, chemical cleaning, protective coatings and mechanical polishing services. All of our services can be performed at our Houston, TX facility or on-site at your location anywhere.
  Website: www.delstar.com/
Delta International
  DELTA has grown to be a strong and versatile company with the requisite infrastructure to ably support its activities.We are corrosion protection and Heat Tracing specialists.
  Website: www.deltaemirates.com
Denso North America
  Denso North America Inc. is a subsidiary of Winn & Coales International, a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion coatings that include Protal liquid epoxies, Denso petrolatum tapes, primers, bitumen tapes, butyl tapes and hot applied tapes.
  Website: www.densona.com
E/M Coating Services
  E/M Coating Services supply, design and manufacture highly engineered coating solutions to a diverse range of markets. We offer the very highest levels of quality, service and technical support contact us to discuss your requirements.
  Website: www.emcoatingsuk.co.uk
Eagle Specialized Coatings & Protected Environment
  While we do specialize in Industrial protective coatings; we are really in the business of solving problems.
  Website: www.eaglecoatings.net
Endura Coatings
  Endura Coatings provides metal coating products and services for use in the oil & gas industry. An Industrial Licensed Applicator of DuPont Teflon since 1975, Endura's coatings improve resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.
  Website: www.enduracoatings.com
Engineering Solutions to Corrosion
  We supply corrosion inhibitors and rust preventative coatings for marine and offshore corrosion protection. We provide corrosion products, manufacturing and distribution for corrosion prevention.
  Website: www.appliedcorrosion.com
England Fabrication & Oil Field Services, Inc.
  England Fabrication and Oil Field Services is family owned and operated with over 30 years? experience in the oil field industry and 15 years experience in fabrication.
  Website: www.englandoil.com
ERS Marine Division
  ERS Marine Division offers a complete range of marine flooring from lightweight underlayments to acoustic damping technology to the marine industry, providing this service to cruise ships, work boats, offshore and MOD vessels.
  Website: www.ersmarine.com
Esgard Protective Coatings
  The company formulates and markets quality corrosion coatings to the marine, oilfield, industrial, and offshore markets.
  Website: www.esgard.com
FireSafe Innovations LLC
  FireSafe Innovations provides lightweight, fire resistant solutions to the Energy industry using PYROFend. Our products protect your assets (pipelines, rigs) from loss/damage by fire. High structural integrity, no toxic fumes, up to 2000 degrees C.
  Website: www.firesafeinnovations.com
Foam filled marine fenders, buoys and barriers
  Distributors of foam filled marine fenders, buoys, composite piles, composite timber, floating anti terrorism barrier and underwater corrosion control products.
  Website: www.oceanpearl.com
  We are manufacturers and exporters of anticorrosive and antiabrasive linings and coatings against chemical attack.
  Website: www.garay.es
General Magnaplate
  General Magnaplate Corporation is both a pioneer and a world leader in the science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates. Provides coatings that improve the durability of metals used in the oil field.
  Website: www.generalmagnaplate.com
Glassflake International Inc
  35 Year old Anti Corrosion Glassflake Coating manufacturer & applicator for oil & gas off shore facilities with proven long term solutions
  Website: www.glassflake.net
Green River Coatings
  We have been involved in the Industrial Painting industry for about 10 years. We specialize in the oil and gas industry and have the ability to blast and paint anything from pipe to field equipment and vehicles.
  Website: www.greenrivercoatings.com
GTP Gustin Transportation Products
  A division of Gustin Hydraulics, we are a full line dealer of Webasto Engine Coolant Heaters and accessories. Also offering Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds, CIC Rust Protection Products and other misc. waxes and polymers.
  Website: www.gustininc.com/gtp
H&W Global Industries
  H&W Global is an Industrial coating services company specializing in metal pretreatment, stainless steel passivation, anodizing, conversion coatings, powder coating and painting in addition to inspection of industrial coatings.
  Website: www.hwgii.com
Hangzhou Camp-Shinning Co Ltd
  Hangzhou Camp-Shinning CO.,LTD is a special manufacturer modified Bentonite Rheological Additive which is widely applied in coatings, paints, inks, sealants, lubricating Grease, Cosmetics, oil drilling mud and waste water treatment etc.
  Website: www.modifiedbentonite.com
Harrison Electropolishing
  Harrison Electropolishing provides electropolishing, passivation, mechanical polishing and oxygen cleaning services for the oil & gas industry and other sectors. Services can improve surface finish and resistance to corrosion.
  Website: www.harrisonep.com
Hausner Hard-Chrome Inc
  Industrial hard chrome Riser Tension Barrels and Mo Comp Barrels, rods also. Solution providers for over 40 years. Source for ID plating Heavy chrome deposits. Polishing grinding & machining. On site repairs, HVOF and TWAC thermal spray
  Website: www.hausnerinc.com
  HEMPEL, a world leader in paints and protective coatings, operates within several strategic segments. These include marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints.
  Website: www.hempel.com
HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC
  Supports the rehabilitation of pipeline and infrastructure with these innovative products: internal rubber seal system; carbon fiber reinforced polymer wrap; NSF/ANSI 61 certified epoxy coating; 100% solids spray-applied polymer lining system.
  Website: www.hydratechllc.com
ICAT Industries Inc.
  ICAT is a manufacturer of specialty coatings for the oil and gas industry as well as waste water industry, pulp and paper industry.
  Website: www.icatindustries.com
Indumar Products, Inc.
  When it comes to leaking pipelines, time is money. InduMar's problem-solving solutions for industry? keep you up and running quickly and safely.
  Website: www.indumar.com
Industrial Coatings - Painter's Nation, LLC
  Industrial coatings, paints, and sealants for distributon and direct sale to the petro-chemical, oilfield, fleet, equipment and tanking industries as well as independent contractors.
  Website: www.paintersnation.com
Integrated Global Services
  Provides solution for erosion and corrosion problems in mission critical equipment in the power generation oil & gas, petrochemical mining and paper industries. Solutions include weld overlay-, thermal spray- and mechanical services.
  Website: www.integratedglobal.com
International Protective Coatings
  International is the world's largest manufacturer of high performance protective coatings. International Protective Coatings offer an extensive range of high performance coatings for the oil, gas, and other industries.
  Website: www.international-pc.com
Jotun Group
  The Jotun Group is a matrix organisation divided into seven regions responsible for the sale of Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings (Marine, Protective and Powder Coatings).
  Website: www.jotun.com
KEMA Coatings Limited
  Formulator and manufacturer of KEMA-brand light, medium, and severe service coatings and linings for the worldwide energy production, refining and transportation industries.
  Website: www.4pipelines.com
Kothari Corrosion Controllers
  We Serve all kind of Industrial Plants with our Expertise in the field of Corrosion Technology & Manufacturing of complete range of : Acid & Alkali Proof : Tiles, Bricks, Cements, Resins base Mortars, Carbon / Graphite Tiles and its allied Products.
  Website: www.acidproof.com
Leighs Paints
  Leighs Paints manufacture high performance anti corrosion paint and intumescent coatings for use on offshore platforms. All designed to last. Leighs have coating solutions for both new build and maintenance requirements.
  Website: www.leighspaints.com/en/ogc.aspx
Linc Energy
  Rep and distributor specializing in natural gas measurement, damage prevention and safety. Represent Honeywell Mercury Instruments, Itron gas meters and regulators, SENSIT gas detectors, 3M Dynatel, Trenton Wax Tape, Titan Flow Control strainers.
  Website: www.lincenergysystems.com/
Liquid-O-Ring Products
  Oil Center Research International, LLC can offer wireline lubricants, thread compounds, valve lubricants, pipe coatings, etc. The Liquid-O-Ring product line is known for its consistancy and high quality backed by the best customer service,
  Website: oilcenter.com
Marine and Industrial Supply
  Marine and Industrial is a large rigging shop located in Mobile, AL We fabricate wire rope slings to 3-1/2" diameter, sew flat nylon, round polyesther and Slingmax Twin path slings. Crosby, Van Beest, Union wire rope, International paint
  Website: www.marineandindustrial.com
Marquis Construction Services, LLC
  Sandblast & Painting Field Services *Underground FBE (Certified Denso Applicators) *Ground Storage Tanks* Contact:Todd Childers (979) 824-4493 for Bids
  Website: www.marquiscsi.com
  Mascoat's insulation coatings are capable of providing personnel protection, retention of energy, sound damping, and prevention/reduction of condensation in the areas of industrial, marine, commercial and automotive.
  Website: www.mascoat.com
Master Bond, Inc.
  Master Bond manufactures custom formulated adhesives, sealants, coating, potting compounds, and encapsulants for applications in electronic, medical, optical, aerospace, and other hi-tech industries.
  Website: www.masterbond.com
McShane Welding & Metal Products
  McShane Metal Products provides welding heavy steel fabrication, metal finishing, powder coating, tinning and galvanizing services. McShane also designs and manufactures custom metal boxes including milk boxes, home delivery boxes, and lab boxes.
  Website: www.mcshanemetalproducts.com
  MCU's single component moisture cure urethane marine & protive coatings / paints. No dew point restrictions, fast cure at -12?C, apply in 6% to 99% humidity, tolerant to damp substrates, Norsok M 501 approved, much better performance than epoxy.
  Website: www.mcucoatings.com
Met Company, Inc.
  Met Company, Inc. is premier metal fabrication plant in Houston specialized in Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and structural steel construction services.
  Website: www.metcompany.net
Metal Coatings Corp.
  Company is a leading provider of industrial coatings to protect against wear, abrasion, corrosion and sticking. Company provides coating services for components ranging from small fasteners to pieces weighing up to 40,000 lbs.
  Website: www.metcoat.com
Metal Improvement Co
  We are specialists in protecting components from common failures and reducing maintenance costs for key industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, medical and general industrial markets.
  Website: www.metalimprovement.co.uk
MMI Tank & Industrial Services
  MMI Tank & Industrial Services serves a broad range of industrial, power, mining, water and other tank needs
  Website: www.mmitank.com
National Electroless Nickel
  We are a Texas based applicator of autocatalytic nickel and electroplating coatings for anti corrosion and extended wear properties. We also incorporate Phosphate, Xylan?, Epoxy, and other spray coatings necessary for use in the Oil & Gas Industry.
  Website: www.nationalelectrolessnickel.com
Neptune Research Inc.
  Neptune Research is the original manufacturer of Syntho-Glass Pipe reinforcement and containment composite materials. Fix Leaks, Reinforce pipes damaged by corrosion, protect marine pipes and pilings from corrosion and add structural integrity.
  Website: www.neptuneresearch.com
  Norimax is an Integrated Materials Engineering Specialist recognized by the major oil & gas, power and marine operators. We are focusing on the provision of materials protection and corrosion control products and services.
  Website: www.norimax.com.my
NRI - Neptune Research Inc.
  For over 30 years, NRI has led the industry in research & development, engineering design, & manufacturing of pre-impregnated & field saturated composite strengthening systems that restore, protect & reinforce pipes, pipelines & civil structures.
  Website: www.neptuneresearch.com/
Oxifree Metal Protection
  Oxifree manufacture and supply corrosion control technology for use in the Oil and Gas Industry. Oxifree is the latest evolution in ecologically safe corrosion control and provides cost effective protection to a wide variety of metallic structures.
  Website: www.oxifree.com
Pipeline Inspection Company
  Pipeline Inspections website offers information on the technical specifications, pricing, test voltage ranges of our complete line of holiday detection devices as well as our pig tracking equipment
  Website: www.picltd.com
Plasma based anti-wear surface treatments
  Sputtek coatings increase the life of machinery parts. Machine parts have far higher wear and corrosion resistance, pick-up, galling and fretting are eliminated, friction and release forces are minimized in tribological pairs.
  Website: www.sputtek.com
Platform Marine, Inc.
  Platform Marine, Inc. is a dynamic company specializing in pipe & heavy steel fabrication, and rig repair established in 1974. PMI has grown into one of the southwest?s premier fabricators for oilfield, pipeline, rig construction and repairs.
  Website: www.platformmarine.com
Polyglass Endura
  Polyglass/Endura are committed to providing customers with the best high performance paint system available. Endura has created paint systems designed to work in the harshest environments, from off shore oil rigs to gravel trucks and trailers.
  Website: www.polyglasscoatings.com
PolySpec Construction Services, Inc.
  We specialize in high tech, seamless flooring systems for the maritime industry. You can check out our IMO, ABS and Coast Guard certified products and project profiles on our website.
  Website: www.polyspec-cs.com
Primary Chemicals
  We at Primary Chemicals are a chemicals brokerage company located in Houston, TX. We specialize in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, Glycols, Keytones, Alcohols and OilField Production Chemicals
  Website: www.primarychemicals.com
Protective Coatings, Inc.
  Protective Coatings is a manufacturer of large rubber products well suited for the oil, gas, and marine industries. Proco is also a licensed applicator of rubber linings used in tanks, pipe, and vessels for corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  Website: www.proco-fwi.com
Prudential Coatings
  Distributor of corrosion management, and fire retardant products, with latest product launch, Arthanite, that does both. The range of Cortec products distributed, includes coatings, emitting devices and packaging products.
  Website: www.prudentialcoatings.com
PTY Corrosion Protection Products
  Corrosion Protection solutions for pipeline structures, representing only those brands with an established reputation for reliability, environmental safety and long-term application integrity. Denso, STAC, 3m and more.
  Website: www.ptyenterprises.com
Raj Petro Specialities P. Ltd
  Raj Petro provides industrial oils & greases for general applications including hydrasuper hydraulic & machol machinery oils and lubritek greases
  Website: www.rajgrp.com
Ranger Field Services
  Ranger Field Services offers specialized sandblasting, coating, and corrosion control services, as well as precision gas measurement.
  Website: www.rangerfieldservices.com
Rebel Paint Industrial Coatings
  Rebel Paint & Supply is a distributor of high performance epoxy primers, 2K topcoats, clear coats and specialty coatings. We specialize in paint systems for the well service/oilfield sector, & OEM (original equipment manufacturers)
  Website: www.rebelpaint.ca/
Reinhold Industries Ltd.
  We are a leader in custom machining for a broad range of customers and produce our own product line of tubular goods and wellhead flow control equipment.
  Website: www.rilflo.com
ROCOL Lubricants and Site Safety
  ROCOL manufactures a range of innovative greases, oils, anti-corrosion coatings, metalworking fluids, lubricants, aerosol paints, anti-slip floor coatings and panels suitable for industrial, offshore and marine applications.
  Website: www.rocol.com
Royal Coatings, Inc.
  Manufacturers of Epoxy, Paints, Coatings, Solvents for the Offshore, Marine and Industrial Industry.
  Website: www.royalcoatings.net
  The GreaseMaster Technology removes 100% of soft coatings and provides an oil/grease free surface that can be hard coated. It is a highly efficient and cost effective process, environmentally safe and does not require any special equipment.
  Website: www.rusteco.com
Scotgrip (UK) Limited
  Manufacturers & suppliers of Scotgrip HD anti-slip & polyurethane safety products. We offer a wide range of products which improve safety on Stairways, Walkways/Decks, Rig floors, Pipes, Cargo Landing areas, Ramps, Ladders & Gangways.
  Website: www.scotgrip.com
SealXpert Products
  SealXpert Products is an ISO certified company offering a range of proven products for pipeline repair, maintenance and overhaul services.
  Website: sealxpert.com/
Sermatech International
  Sermatech develops and applies engineered protective coatings used by the Oil & Gas industry. Sermatech coatings are designed to resist corrosion, abrasion, and wear on pipes, valves, well-head and sub-sea equipment.
  Website: www.sermatech.com
SilcoTek Corporation
  SilcoTek? offers silicon coating technologies for the process, analytical, oil, gas and semiconductor markets.
  Website: www.silcotek.com
Specialty Polymer Coatings
  SPC is a formulator, manufacture and distributor of 100% solids Liquid Polyurethane and Epoxy coatings. These provide excellent adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance to hulls, decks, pipelines,girthwelds, rigs, pilings and pipe fittings.
  Website: www.spc-net.com
Sri Coatings
  We deal with specialty Coatings for Offshore, Oil & Gas, Explorations areas where they are exposed and immersed with liquids of Ph upto 14 and using MCU Coatings one can execute projects more effectively in the Splsah Zone, SUb sea and Above Water.
  Website: www.sricoatings.com
Star Metal Fabrication, Inc.
  At Star Metal Fabrication, Inc. we strive to manufacture quality metal equipment to service the oil, gas, construction, chemical, farm, and ranch industries.
  Website: www.starmetalfab.com
Sutton Coating 713-466-4400
  Sutton Coating Services Inc. contracts to prepare surfaces and apply specified coatings for corrosion protection, heat resistance, cosmetic appeal, safety color coding, sealing, linings, and other needs.
  Website: www.suttoncoating.com
T & G Services
  T&G is a Houston based NACE approved Industrial Protective Coating Service Company for the oil and gas market, we can meet any coating spec your company requires. Our management team are all NACE 1,2,3 and staff works 24/7 to meet your needs.
  Website: www.tandgservices.com
Tank Partners
  Strategically headquartered in Seguin, Texas, Tank Partners enjoys great proximity to the Eagle Ford Shale play, permian and New Mexico.Our aim is to supply a guaranteed quality tank backed by efficient delivery and service that is second to none.
  Website: tankpartners.com
Tex-Isle Supply, Inc.
  Tex-Isle Supply has been a leading supplier of quality API oil country tubular goods and API line pipe to the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.texisle.com
The Durabak Company
  Durabak non slip safety coating is a protective marine & industrial coating that offers excellent slip & fall protection. It can be applied to oil rig decks, helicopter pads, ship decks, docks, floors, stairs, where traction is needed.
  Website: www.nonslipcoating.com
The Hiller Companies
  The Hiller Companies design, supply, install and service fire detection and suppressions systems wordwide. In addition, we supply and install IMO SOLAS deck covering systems for both newbuilds and refits. Send RFQ's to estimating@HillerCompanies.com
  Website: www.HillerCompanies.com
Thermion Inc.
  Thermal spray welding performed by Thermion is the most effective way to apply metalized coatings. Our state-of-the-art thermal spray metalizing systems are used worldwide to apply long lasting, cost-effective coatings.
  Website: www.thermioninc.com/
Tiger Manufacturing Company
  ?D.O.T. and Non D.O.T. Steel and Aluminum Trailers and Tanks ?Acid, Bulk/Storage, Cement, Crude Oil, Gel Transport, Water and Vacuum Tanks and Trailers ?Hold ASME U and T Stamps ?National Board Of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors R Stamp
  Website: tigermfgco.com
Total Containment Solutions
  Total Containment Solutions has been engaged with polyurea coating since 1999. We specialize in secondary containment, water & wastewater, and power industries. Safety is our number one priority.
  Website: www.totalcontainmentsolutions.com
Ultimate Linings Ltd
  Ultimate Linings is an industry leader in providing long lasting coating solutions with superior quality, application technology,& technical support. Whether it is an industrial, OEM, or bed liner application?Ultimate Linings has the right material..
  Website: www.ultimatelinings.com
Wearlon Corp Industrial Coatings
  OEM of patented epoxy coatings with superior release, anti-stick, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion for use in maritime operations. Environmenally safe alternative to PTFE, water based, room temperature cure.
  Website: www.wearloncorp.com
Williams Metalfinishing, Inc.
  Williams Metalfinishing specializes in metal polishing, aluminum polishing, stainless steel polishing and titanium polishing projects for the aerospace, architectural, pharmaceutical, motorcycle, furniture, kitchen appliance and wheel industries.
  Website: www.polishers.com
WIWA Wilhelm Wagner GmbH & Co KG (SE.ASIA/PACIFIC)
  We manufacture from the simplest coatings equipment to the most sophisticated two-component technology, transfer pumps for varying viscosities, extrusion pumps, and injection equipment for sanitation and building repairs.
  Website: www.wiwa-seasia.com
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