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Allied Team Global Resources Ltd
  Allied Team Global Resources main activities are centered on Engineering and Procurement services, Construction, Mechanical, Maintenance works, Electrical and Instrumentation.
  Website: www.atgrltd.com
Bri-Chem US
  Bri-Chem Supply Corp. is in the business of warehousing and delivering products used for drilling, cementing, completing and producing oil and gas wells.
  Website: www.strykerchem.com
6R Supply Inc.
  6R Supply provides biobased, biodegradable fluids, fuels and lubricants. Including B100 BioDiesel, rock drill fluid and plunger packing grease, for work in environmentally sensitive areas, offering superior lubricity and decreased spill risk.
  Website: www.6rsupply.com
Albemarle Corporation
  Suppliers of WELLBROM, WELLGUARD, and WELLFORM chemicals to oilfield service companies.
  Website: www.albemarle.com
Alfa Laval Vortex
  With comprehensive knowledge and proven technologies for the drilling process and beyond, Alfa Laval ensures optimal performance throughout your drilling processes. -
  Website: www.alfalaval.com
Aqua-Clear Inc
  Aqua-Clear is dedicated to the highest quality products and customer service in the oil and natural gas drilling and production industries.
  Website: www.aquaclear-inc.com
ARC Fluid Technologies, LLC
  "Delivering Tomorrow's Fluid Technologies Today" Employ ARC's powerful aphron, formate and micro-solution fluid technologies during drilling, completion, workover, cementing and stimulation operations for unprecedented production levels.
  Website: www.arcfluids.com
Ashapura Minechem
  Ashapura Minechem Limited is the flagship company of the Ashapura Group. It is among the top five global producers of bentonite with over 60 million tons of quality sodium and calcium bentonite reserves across the country.
  Website: www.ashapurabentonite.com
BallBuster(tm) Bit Balling Sticks
  BallBuster(tm) Bit Balling Sticks offer a quick and easy way to eliminate bit balling, increase penetration rate, and to significantly decrease well costs. Available worldwide.
  Website: BallBusterSticks.com
BASF Global Oilfield Solutions
  BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to the oilfield service industry, covering drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production. BASF is leverages our expertise to find solutions to address oilfield specific challenges.
  Website: www.basf.com/oilfieldsolutions
Bentonite Direct
  Supplier of custom quantities of 200 mesh, 90 bbl. yield sodium Bentonite and easy mixing, high viscosity 200 bbl yield Bentonite freshwater drilling fluid for all types of mud rotary drilling.
  Website: www.bentonitesupplier.com
Blue Line Chemicals
  Manufacturer and supplier of Organic and non organic Oil Drilling products
  Website: www.bchem.com
Bri-Chem Supply Ltd
  Bri-Chem Supply provides over 300 products to the drilling fluids industry, in warehouses throughout North America.
  Website: www.brichemsupply.com/
Catalyst Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  Catalyst Speciality Chemicals Limited, the most trusted brand in Oil Field Chemicals and one of the largest.Specialist Manufacturer & Supplier in India for Drilling Fluids, Mud Chemicals and Drilling Specialty Chemicals
  Website: www.catalystdrillchem.in
Chemiphase Ltd
  Chemiphase have been designing and manufacturing oilfield chemicals for 25 years. Chemiphase manufactures in the UK, unique environmental chemical solutions for the oilfield industry which are cutting edge and highly effective.
  Website: www.chemiphase.com/
Clearwater, Inc. - Well Productivity Chemistry
  Clearwater is a chemical manufacturer of products for drilling, completion, cementing, stimulation, and gas transmission, as well as organic salts such as formates and acetates. Offices in Pittsburgh, Houston, Calgary, and Moscow.
  Website: www.cwichem.com
Coil Chem
  At CoilChem, we treat the problems, not the symptoms. With over 80 years combined coil tubing experience, our patented chemicals, patented delivery systems and job design solutions are designed to meet and exceed any requirements.
  Website: coilchemllc.com
Continental Wire Cloth, LLC
  A hands-on-approach and innovative development at Continental Wire Cloth offer you a choice in the shaker screen industry.
  Website: www.cwc.bz
Danyang Anlida Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  Danyang Anlida is a leading manufacturer of Copolymer Beads for special lubricants for horizional and directional drilling fluids or coil tubing fluids.
  Website: www.danyanganlida.com
Diversified Cementing Products
  Diversified Cementing Products is a US Supplier of Cementing Additives, Drilling Chemicals, Stimulation, Acid, Hydraulic Fracturing fluids and Down Hole Tools. We offer a complete line of float equipment. Cementing plugs, stage collars, liner hangers
  Website: diversifiedcementingproducts.com
Drillchem Drilling Solutions
  Drillchem provides custom-tailored solutions to help operators reduce the time and costs required to drill their wells. These savings are achieved through minimizing or eliminating drilling problems and unproductive flat lines.
  Website: www.drillchem.com
Drilling Fluid and oilfiled Chemicals
  We are prooducers of Shale inhibitor, PPD, Flow improver, Viscocity Booster, VI improver, Demulsifiers, Defoamers, deoiler, Corrosion Inhibitors, emulsifiers and other specialty perfomance chemicals used in Oil drilling and Exploration.
  Website: www.cristol.co.in
Ecofluids, Inc.
  Ecofluids,Inc. manufactures and supplies a full line of high performance environmentally safe drilling fluid additives in the U.S. Gulf Coast and in Latin America.
  Website: www.ecofluids.net
EcoGlobal Solutions, Inc.
  Drilling fluid technologies to combat the negative effects of friction in the drilling of high angle, and extended reach wells. Compatible with all drilling fluids. Non-hazardous and toxic.
  Website: www.egsdrilling.com
Element BIO Inc
  Element BIO Inc. provides biobased industrial lubricants, cleaners and solvents. Our line of hydraulic fluids, lubricants and drilling fluids use vegetable sources as base oils decreasing spill and remediation risk without sacrificing performance.
  Website: www.elementbio.com/
ERA Energy Services Pty Ltd
  ERA supplies material and equipment for Oil and Gas industry from upstream to downstream. A true ?one stop shop?.
  Website: www.eraenergy.com.au
Ever-Flo Production Chemicals
  EverFlo is a respected supplier of oilfield chemicals. We offer a complete line of finished products for all of your oil and gas treating needs.
  Website: www.ever-flo.com
ForceChem Technologies
  ForceChemTech is a manufacturer of biodegradable oilfield chemicals such as drilling fluids, lubricants, rig cleaners and well service fluids.
  Website: forcechemtech.com
Forland Group Inc.
  Forland is a Houston based chemical importer & wholesaler, supplying chemicals for drilling, oil field, water treatment, FCC catalyst, additives, molecular sieve. The manufacture facility in China has an annual revenue over $100 million.
  Website: www.forlandus.com
  Frac-Chem offers a comprehensive line of hydraulic fracturing chemicals, cementing chemicals and coil tubing chemicals. Inside the chemical line-up is a complete offering of "green" chemicals. Frac-It with the right chemistry at Frac-Chem.
  Website: www.fracchem.com
Gannon Oils Ltd
  Quality assured ISO 9001,18001 and OHSAS 18001 company specialising in industrial lubricants, oils and greases. Huge stocks and competitive prices. Unique lubrication solutions and products from Mobil, Shell, Texaco, Castrol, and more.
  Website: www.gannonoils.co.uk
Genoa International
  Genoa International is a global sourcing and distribution company of biodegradable fluids, surfactants, and lubricants. Custom Blending and Packaging.
  Website: www.genoaint.com
Global AM-TX
  Global AM-TX manufactures and supplies a large line of specialty oilfield additives, which have been used worldwide for many years.
  Website: globalam-tx.com
Global Chemliquidations Llc
  GlobalChemliquidations strives to provide quality products that are manufactured under ISO Standard. Besides, we present comprehensive range of products at most discounted rate while making sure those products are well package and in-time delivery.
  Website: www.globalchemliquidations.com
Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited
  Manufacturer and Supplier of Drilling Mud Chemicals and Drilling Fluids. Shale Stabilizer,Drilling Lubricant,Anti Foam,Spotting Fluid,Surfactant,detergent,Rig wash
  Website: www.globaldrilling.in
  We specializing in procuring, blending, and processing petrochemical, and waste streams products. Our products include crude oil and condensate. blending components for marine diesel,Fuel Oil, Olefins,Naphthas,Aromatics,Solvents gasoline&distillates
  Website: www.globalpolychem.com
GreaseNeck, A Division of Innosol, Inc. Hou. TX
  Rig Wash, Drilling Fluid Additives, & Industrial Fragrances since 1969
  Website: innosolinc.com
Greenwell Energy Solutions
  Greenwell Energy Solutions is an independent specialty chemical supplier to the upstream oil and gas industry.
  Website: greenwellsolutions.com
Gulf Coast Service and Supply
  Gulf Coast Service and Supply is a Louisiana locally owned business, providing only premium biodegradable degreasers to the oil, gas, marine, and industrial sectors.
  Website: www.gcss2.com
Henan Jin Ma Petroleum Science & Technology Co Ltd
  We are a professional manufacturer of drilling fluids. we have office and warehouse in Dubai. wecome to visit our company.
  Website: www.henanjinma.com
Hindusthan M-I Swaco Ltd.
  M-I SWACO, is a worldwide company representing a broad array of businesses involved in Drilling, reservoir drill-in and completion fluids and services for the petroleum industry.
  Website: www.hmisl.com
HiTech Fluid Systems
  Canada's leader in drilling fluid technology. Pioneer of the APHRON technology. We employ technology and expertise to maximize production of unconventional reservoirs in Canada.
  Website: www.hitechfluid.com
Hole Products
  Hole Products is a leading global supplier of drilling tools serving the environmental, geotechnical, geothermal, HDD, mineral exploration, rotary, and sonic drilling industries.
  Website: www.holeproducts.com
Holland Stores Oilfield Supply and Services GmbH
  Our expertise: More than 30 years experience in worldwide sales of onshore and offshore drilling equipment; deep understanding and knowledge of drilling equipment; experienced and passionate staff. Our sales and logistic staff always respondly 24/7
  Website: www.hs-oilfield.de
  Intracoastal Liquid Mud, Inc. or ILM as many customers know us, has been servicing the oilfields of South Louisiana for over 40 years.
  Website: www.GoILM.com
Imerys Oilfield Minerals
  Imerys Oilfield Minerals is dedicated to providing a wide range of minerals for drilling fluids and cement to services companies. Our portfolio includes: Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate, Mica, Graphite, Diatomite, Perlite, Metakaolin and Silica.
  Website: www.oilfieldminerals.imerys.com/
Immerson Oilfield Chemicals Sdn Bhd
  Water Systems Trading DMCC is Dubai-based emerging manufacturer, distributor and suppliers of Drilling Fluids and Oilfield Chemicals. We have good track record supplying to various Oil & Gas operators in Middle East and Asia Pacific region.
  Website: www.watersyst.com
Impact Fluid Solutions, LLC
  IFS is a unique specialty chemical company with headquarters in Houston, providing innovative upstream drilling and production solutions to help reduce non productive time, improve wellbore stability and optimize well production.
  Website: www.impactfluids.net
  INDIAN HYDRO COLLOIDS is globally Trusted Source & reknown manufacturer & exporter of the Highest Quality Guar gum Powder for Oil well drilling, Fracturing, Food grade,Textile, & printing & other applications.
  Website: www.inhyco.com
  Kosun is the leader in China?s solids control industry, and specialize in drilling waste management related machines, construction machines and environment production machines.
  Website: kosuneco.com
  At Liquid Tanks.com, we supply liquid storage tanks from A-Z. We offer tank construction in coated carbon steel, stainless steel and fiberglass construction.
MacDermid Offshore Solutions
  MacDermid Offshore Solutions provides products and services for the offshore industry, worldwide. Our market leading Oceanic and Erifon water-based hydraulic fluids are extensively used in surface and subsea drilling and production control systems.
  Website: www.macdermid.com/offshore
Mayco Wellchem, Inc.
  Market and Manufacture Drilling, Workover, Completion and Stimulation Additives.
  Website: www.maycowellchem.com
New Fluid Solutions, Inc.
  New Fluid Solutions operates an oilfield group that has more than 70 years combined experience in supplying and internally developing a broad range of patented oil-based and water-based drilling fluid products.
  Website: newfluid.com
Newpark Resources
  Unique niche provider of integrated site, environmental and drilling fluids services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry.
  Website: www.newpark.com
OHS Energy Corp
  OHS Energy Corporation is a Houston, Texas headquartered company. We manufacture and provide drilling fluid loss circulation materials-under the brand name WellWallTM.
  Website: www.ohsenergy.com
OREN Hydrocarbons Middle East Incc
  OREN Hydrocarbons Middle East Inc. is a leading Manufacturer and supplier of Drilling fluids to the Global hydrocarbons exploration and production industry.
  Website: www.orenme.com
  ORS supplies best-in-class Drilling Fluids and Completion products, in addition to a complete line of solids control & drilling equipment
  Website: www.ors-group.com
Phoenix Chemical Technologies
  Located in Cuero, TX. We provide drilling, production, completion and frac fluid treating chemicals, and have an entire line of "green products". Visit our site to learn more about our products and services.
  Website: www.phoenixchemtech.com
Pinnacle Drilling Products Inc.
  Supplier of DTH Hammers and Bits, Overburdens Systems, Under Reamers, Drill Casing, Drill pipe, Drill Steel, Anchor Bar, Top Hammer, drill fluids.
  Website: www.pinnacledrilling.ca
Pravik Minerals Ltd.
  Pravik Minerals Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of Mica Flakes, Quick Seal, Calcium Carbonate, Oil Drilling Fluids, Lost Circulation Material (LCM), Walnut Shell.
  Website: pravikminerals.com
Primary Chemicals
  We at Primary Chemicals are a chemicals brokerage company located in Houston, TX. We specialize in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, Glycols, Keytones, Alcohols and OilField Production Chemicals
  Website: www.primarychemicals.com
PROEC Energy
  PROEC Energy is a leading supplier of Drilling Fuids, Production, Speciality and Commodity Chemicals. As a world-class sourcing and supply company we offer a wide array of products to the Upstream Oil and Gas industry.
  Website: www.proecenergy.com
ProOne, Inc
  ProOne lubricants, incl. the revolutionary drilling fluid, is engineered with XPL+ technology. It's film-strength makes it the best friction reducer in brine, water or invert mud systems.
  Website: www.pro-one.us
Pumping Units
  Available the following pumping units 1. Double horsehead beam pumping units 2. Three-folds walking beam pumping units 3. Conventional walking beam pumping units 4. Double-tail walking beam pumping units
  Website: www.ec21.com/midpointchemicals
Q'Max Solutions Inc
  Q'Max is an international company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Currently operating in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and India.
  Website: www.qmaxsolutions.com
REDA Oilfield
  REDA Oilfield supply an extensive range of oilfield chemicals and associated services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our aim is to lower the total cost of operating while providing innovative solutions that satisfy client needs.
  Website: redaoilfield.com
Rocky Mountain Industrial Supply LLC
  Supply and distribution company with key distributorships for Gilsonite, bentonite, Walnut Shell- LCM and more. Supply mud companies in the USA and for export.
  Website: www.rmisupply.com
SAFAR International
  SAFAR International specializes in procurement and supply of chemicals and allied materials for Oil and Gas drilling and exploration industries. Through our various preferred partners and local know how, we are able to offer most competitive prices.
  Website: www.safarinternational.org/
Scomi Group
  Scomi Group Bhd ("Scomi") offers drilling fluids & related engineering services, drilling waste management equipment & services, machine shop, marine vessel transportation services, distribution and, industrial & production chemicals.
  Website: www.scomigroup.com.my
Seawave Offshore Co.,Ltd
  SEAWAVE OFFSHORE CO.,LTD is one professional manufacturer of AISI 4130 pipe fitting and A519 4130 pipe stockist in China,only focusing on offshore oil and gas drilling industry.
  Website: www.seawaveoffshore.com
Sepcor, Inc.
  Sepcor Inc. was formed to promote and sell specialty chemical products for the oilfield, gas treating, refining, formulations, and water treating sectors.
  Website: www.sepcor.com
  ShopBakerHughes.com is Baker Hughes? ecommerce portal that helps customers to choose from over 2,000 dependable oilfield products.
  Website: www.shopbakerhughes.com
Showa America Chemicals
  We produce and supply high quality tin, stannous chloride, iron reducing agents, catalysts, organic acids and other chemicals to the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.showa-america.com
  Sienmar is a global merchant of chemicals, lubricant, steel & other industrial goods, leveraging its global network to deliver for its customers all around the world ? reliably, responsibly, and safely.
  Website: www.sienmar.com
  SIP are one of Europes largest suppliers of environmnetally acceptable drilling base fluids. We supply a range of fluids which are environmentally acceptable, non toxic, highly biodegradable and exhibit excellent occupational hygiene standards.
  Website: www.sip.com
Supreme Minerals Pvt Ltd
  Supreme Minerals Pvt. Ltd is a fast growing manufacturer and supplier of Mud Chemicals to the Oil & Gas and General Chemicals industries worldwide.
  Website: www.suprememineral.com
Surface Active Solutions
  The provision of microemulsion products for wellbore cleanup, mud pit cleaning, OSV cleaning and drilling waste treatment.
  Website: www.surfaceactive.com
SynOil Fluids, Inc.
  SynOil? Fluids Inc. is a leading provider of proprietary and patented well servicing stimulation fluids.
  Website: www.synoil.ca
Target Import & Export
  Target is a trading company that also offers International commerce business consulting, developing world wide businesses and building partnerships between Brazil and many other countries in the world.
  Website: www.targetexpo.com
Tarheel Contractors Supply, Inc
  Southeastern United States distributor of horizontal directional drilling tooling, drilling fluids, and conduit.
  Website: www.tcsupply.net
Tesso Chemicals
  PT. TESSO TETRA CHEMIKA is a progressive Indonesian private owned company providing specialty chemicals and additives which finds their wide range applications in the Oil and Gas industries as well as in Petrochemical industries.
  Website: www.tesso.com
TETRA Technologies
  TETRA Oil & Gas Services is the worldwide leader in the supply of brine-based completion fluid and filtration equipment services. TETRA also provides a large fleet of well abandonment, workover, completion and drilling rigs.
  Website: www.tetratec.com
The Tank Connection
  At TC, we offer Bolted Tanks, Field-weld & Shop-weld Storage Tanks and integrated Storage Systems. Our in-house services consist of consulting, engineering design, specification development, prompt equipment quotes and field installation services.
  Website: www.tankconnection.com
Total Drilling Solutions
  A Calgary based supplier of drilling equipment, tooling & supplies to industries including Oil and Gas Drilling. Total Drilling Solutions also designs and develops new drilling products from start to finish.
  Website: www.totaldrilling.ca
Ugur Carboxymethyl Cellulose ( CMC )
  Leading Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and Polyanionic cellulose ( PAC ) manufacturer from Turkey. The products for oil field are as follows: CMC LV & HV PAC LV & R
  Website: www.uskcmc.com
Unibrom USA - a Leading Supplier of Oilfield Chem
  Unibrom is a world leader in the synthesis of specialty bromine compounds and polymer additives, as well as intermediate compounds
  Website: www.unibromUSA.com
  Unikem is a manufacturer and distributor of additives for the oil industry. The size and flexibility of the UNIKEM plant allows for the manufacture of tailor-made products and toll manufacturing according customer needs.
  Website: unikem.com.ar
Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc.
  Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc., a global drilling fluid and cement additive wholesale supplier, we invite you inside our world where we pay special attention to drilling fluids chemicals, cement additive technology and their applications.
  Website: www.uniquedrillingfluids.com
United Mud Chem-Pvt Ltd
  United Mud Chem-Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2001 primarily with the objective of supplying complete package of mud chemicals required by the drilling fluid industry for oil and gas fields.
  Website: www.unitedmudchemicals.com
United Oil Company
  United Oil Company is a 100+ year old lubricants company located in Pittsburgh, PA. We provide a line of environmentally friendly water based and synthetic oil based lubes and rock oils. Can blend materials to customer specifications
  Website: www.unitedoil.com
Universal Drilling Fluids LLP
  Universal Drilling Fluids LLP is engaged in customised blending, screening and private labelling of a range of mud chemicals in 4 units each dedicated to handle black powder products, LCMs, liquid blending and warehousing / packaging.
  Website: universalfluids.in
Universal Fluids
  We are custom formulators, toll blenders and a manufacturer of a select line of Drilling Fluid products that can be easily private labelled. Our products reflect the quality of the raw material used, blending capabilities and precise formulations.
  Website: www.universalfluids.in
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