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3Di Equipment
  3Di equipment specialises in used, unused and reconditioned process equipment. We buy, sell, lease and trade processing equipment to various process industries across the world and stock a range of equipment including filters, mixers, tanks and more.
  Website: www.3diequipment.com/
  International supplier of high quality water and wastewater treatment chemicals, specialty chemicals, tracer dyes, water test kits, reagents, testing, analysis, dosage and control equipment.
  Website: www.accepta.com
  ADsorb-it Product Line for effective removal of visible oils and particulates from water. Provider of custom products for any application.
  Website: www.eco-tec-inc.com
Advanced Watertek
  Manufacturer of Watermakers - Reverse Osmosis Systems. Spcificially for Marine/Oil field. 25 Years in the Industry. Repair,Recondition,Redesign any type R.O. Watermakers. Head Office in Australia & Regional Office in Dubai.
  Website: www.advancedwatertek.com
Aerzen Machines Ltd.
  Aerzen, a 150 year old manufacturing business, are world leaders in the design and manufacture of twin shaft rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors across multiple industries, from waste-water to oil and gas.
  Website: www.aerzen.co.uk
Aipu Solids control
  Shaanxi Aipu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer on drilling mud equipments. The solids control equipment and system for various well drilling
  Website: www.apmudequipment.com
Al Kafaah LLC
  Al Kafaah LLC is a specialized Desalination & Waste Water Treatment process engineering and contracting company, dedicated to providing solutions for Desalination - Reverse Osmosis RO, water treatment, watermakers & oily water separators.
  Website: www.alkafaahgroup.com
Alfa Laval
  Alfa Laval develops and manufactures Separation, and Fluid Handling products for offshore and onshore applications. The company also supplies efficient heat exchangers for many heating and cooling duties.
  Website: www.alfalaval.com
Arcadian Technologies
  Arcadian Technologies are your Aeration Technology experts. We specialize in Lagoon Aeration Technology for the gas and oil industries, as well as professional system design and installation.
  Website: www.arcadiantech.com
Argal Chemical Pumps
  ARGAL offers a large range of pump constructions to address all industrial applications where temperatures range form -40?C to 120?C with flow rates up to 1200m3/hr.
  Website: www.argalpumps.com
Aries Chemical
  Oil and gas water treatment solutions. Chemicals, services and equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.arieschem.com/
Babcock Wanson
  Babcock Wanson is specialised in industrial coil boilers, fire tube boilers and thermal oil heaters. They offer the oil and gas industry an inclusive proposal of equipments and services, and provides innovating solutions for the production of energy.
  Website: www.babcock-wanson.com
Bell Flow Systems
  Bell Flow Systems are Environmental Monitoring product specialists supplying: Open Channel flow meters, ground water level loggers, Water quality measuring instruments, sondes, Waste Water automatic samplers, telemetry equipment, radar level sensors.
  Website: www.bellflowsystems.co.uk
CLLEEN Water and Power
  Water treatment solutions for oil and gas drillers. Mobile and stationary water treatment options. ZLD available. Environmentally friendly.
  Website: www.waterdesalinationplants.com
Compass Water Sollutions
  Compass Water Solutions maximizes productivity and profitability and enables environmental compliance with dynamic marine, offshore and industrial solutions.
  Website: www.compasswatersolutions.com
Complete Water Treatment Systems & Services
  Manufacturer of Water Treatment Equipment for the Oil & gas Industry including Oily Water Separation and treatment systems from 2gpm to 400gpm. Complete design, consultation, manufacture, installation, startup and maintenance.
  Website: www.recoveredenergy.com/platform
Corgin Ltd
  Corgin?s core capability is facilitating environmental compliance: offering effective solutions for the legal compliance of wastewater discharges as well as air emissions.
  Website: www.corgin.co.uk/
CTS Offshore and Marine
  Afloat Inspections and Repairs Services to offshore and marine shipping and energy industries. We specialise in surveys, HVAC, and spares supply.
  Website: www.ctsmumbai.co.uk
Cummins-Wagner Co.
  A distributor for industrial and mechanical equipment covering the mid-Atlantic states with leading brands of compressors, pumps, and heat transfer equipment, and offer support services: system design, assembly and aftermarket service and repair.
  Website: www.cummins-wagner.com
Disco Drives (King's Lynn) Ltd
  We are specialists in industrial mechanical variable speed drives, inline and right angle gearboxes and motors. The Disco Drive is a well proven variable speed drives, simple in construction.
  Website: www.discodrives.co.uk
Dupont Building, Inc.
  Since1982, Dupont Building, Inc is nationally known for the quality craftsmanship built into each shelter. We design, engineer, and custom build shelters for: Living Quarters:Communication:Generator:MCC:RTU:Gas Meter & Chemcial Feed & Control.
  Website: www.dupontbuilding.com
Enquip Inc
  Enquip Inc offers oil water separators with advantages over traditional designs. Our oil water separators separate varying gravities of oil from water.
  Website: www.enquipinc.com
FCI Watermakers
  Makers of the world's finest watermakers used in the oil & gas industry. Used on offshore rigs, platforms, vessels and related applications. Fully digitalized systems, worldwide service and support.
  Website: FCIwatermakers.com
Filter Element Store
  Shop online for over 15,000 Filter Element Replacements from over 150 brands of Air Compressors and Filter OEMs. Three generations of Filter Element Store have been helping manufacturers with filtration solutions since 1976.
  Website: filterelementstore.com
Filtration Services Ltd
  Filtration Services are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke solid/liquid separation equipment. The rotary drum vacuum filter is Filtration Services main specialty that the company designs and manufactures.
  Website: www.filtrationservices.co.uk
GC3 Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
  GC3 offers a complete line of specialty, semi-commodity, and commodity chemical products. Our customers include major utilities, refineries, and oil and gas production facilities.
  Website: www.gc3.com
  Our separator meets 5ppm with no filters. Uses the laws of Physics. Performance guaranteed by one of the largest ship suppliers in the world.
  Website: www.genoil.ca
H2O Offshore Inc.
  Over 5,000 installations on production platforms, drilling rigs and commercial vessels worldwide. Bluecube Division: Watermakers (Desalination) Crapzapper Division: Certified Marine Sanitation Devices (Sewage Treatment)
  Website: www.watermaker.com
H2Oil & Gas Ltd
  H2Oil & Gas was formed in 2006 to provide specialist water treatment technologies and services to the Oil and Gas industry, focusing on Sulphate Removal technology and processes associated with Water Injection for enhanced oil recovery.
  Website: www.h2oilandgas.com
Hach Company
  With over 60 years of leadership, Hach has the expertise to provide the right solution for your application. We are actively working with the oil and gas industry to establish best practices and meet the industry's challenging testing requirements.
  Website: www.hach.com/oilandgas
Hebei Sinft Filter Co. Ltd.
  Sinft is a filter element manufacturer, mainly dealing in Melt Filter Element, Oil & Gas Separator, Air Filter Element and Oil Filter element, Sintered Mesh and Activated Carbon Filter Element, coal mining equipment and Replacement Filter Element.
  Website: www.sinftfilter.com
Hydrasep oil/water separators
  Low maintenance, high efficiency separators. Can handle large fluctuations in flows and in oil cut.
  Website: www.hydrasep.com
  Inyo Process manufacturers a wide range of chemical diffusers, injectors, quills, corporations stops, diffusion equipment and accessories
  Website: www.inyoprocess.com
ISC Sales
  ISC Sales is an industrial distributor with 30 years of experience, serving many industries. Not only do we have a wide variety of products suited for the Oil/Gas industry, but also experts on staff ready to help with any question or project.
  Website: iscsales.com
ITT Flygt AB
  ITT Flygt is the world's leading supplier of submersible fluid management systems. ITT Flygt submersible pumps, agitators and aeration systems are used in treatment plants, collection systems, drilling fluid systems and other applications.
  Website: www.flygt.com
Kirton Engineering Ltd
  Kirton Engineering specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Water Recycling and Water Treatment Plants, including Membrane Technology in Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis for municipal and industrial applications.
  Website: www.kirton.co.uk
KMT International, Inc.
  KMT International, Inc. founded in 1999, is an engineering/manufacturing company headquartered in Fremont, California, USA. KMT International, Inc. focuses on providing the most environmentally friendly technologies, engineering, and equipment
  Website: www.kmtinternational.com/english/
Lifestream Watersystems Inc.
  LIfestream provides R/O Watermakers and all types of water treatment and purification equipment for land based and offshore locations. Lifestream water treatment equiiment is in use offshoe in the oil industry worldwide.
  Website: www.lifestreamwater.com
  Learn about Liqui-Cel? Membrane Contactors for deoxygenating injection water. These reliable, efficient devices use less weight and a smaller footprint compared to conventional vacuum towers on offshore platforms.
  Website: www.liqui-cel.com
Mactra Equipment & Fittings Ltd
  The exclusive UK distributor for Schenker Watermakers in the United Kingdom. A complete range of desalinators and auxillery equipment. Sales & service.
  Website: www.mactrashop.co.uk
Mactra Marine
  Mactra Equipment & Fittings Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor for Schenker Watermakers. 100% Back up Sales and Service.Corporate Members of World Cruising Club ARC. Supplying vessels with reliable fresh drinking water from sea water.
  Website: www.schenker-watermakers.co.uk
Maxim Evaporators, LLC
  For Commercial Marine and Offshore applications, our watermakers make pure, fresh water for drinking, and for industrial processes aboard boats, barges, ships, drilling rigs, platforms and other seaborne facilities.
  Website: www.maximevaporators.com
  World leader in designing, manufacturing, on-site installation and startup of FreshWater Makers and Demineralized Water Makers with Reverse Osmosis Technology. Also available are Sulphate Removal Packages (SRP) and Nitrogen Generation Packages
  Website: www.membrane.it
Monk Engineering, Inc.
  Manufacturers' Reps/Distributors for Aqua Chem watermakers, parts, chemicals, Kaldair flares, Fisher Industries vertical multi-stage pumps, Continental Industrie centrifugal blowers, exhausters
  Website: www.monkeng.com
Nationwide Tank and Pipe
  Leading supplier of fiberglass tanks for the storage of crude oil, salt water systems and chemical storage. Able to supply tanks across North America.
  Website: www.nationwidetankandpipe.com
Parker Racor
  For over 30 years, Racor - Village Marine Tec. has developed innovative water desalinaton and purification plants for some of the most challenging environments ?
  Website: www.villagemarine.com
Planet Blue
  A provider to the Maritime, offshore, industrial and oil-field institutes ? Planet Blue has served as a multifunctional support platform empowering client?s strategic objectives regionally/globally.
  Website: www.planetbluemarine.com
Produced Water & Reserve Pit Treatment
  Integrated Engineers specializes in chemical flocculating agents for the separation of oil and water along with equipment for treatment.
  Website: www.wecleanwater.com
ProMation Engineering
  ProMation Engineering provides electric actuation products and solutions for customers worldwide for industrial applications.
  Website: promationei.com
ProMation Engineering Inc.
  ProMation Engineering Inc. manufactures a full range of industrial electric actuators; including quarter turn, linear, fail-safe spring return, battery backup as well as a complete array of accessories.
  Website: www.promationei.com
  ProSep is the industry-leading technology and services provider of choice for integrated process solutions to the global oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.prosep.com
Providence Resources
  RWO, Marine Water Technology is one of the leading suppliers for water and wastewater treatment systems on board ships and offshore installations.
  Website: providenceresources.my
  Facilitates the distribution of niche flow generation and flow control products from overseas to North American markets. Provides the customer service and technical assistance on behalf of the manufacturers half a world away.
  Website: www.pumportal.com/
RODI Systems Corp.
  RODI Systems provides containerized treatment systems for potable water production, seawater desalination, sewer treatment, and produced water treatment. Our systems are self-contained and equipped with state-of-the-art treatment technologies.
  Website: www.rodisystems.com
Safe Technical Supply Co. LLC
  We at SafeTech are specialists in Fluid Filtration & Separation applications. We have been to the Oil & Gas, Offshore, Power, Water & Energy sectors for more than two decades concentrating on the Middle-East market requirements.
SafeOx Chlorine Dioxide
  Full range of advanced chlorine dioxide products including stabilized liquids, tablets, powders, test kits, analysis equipment and ClO2 generators for water treatment disinfection, infection control, sterilization and odour control.
  Website: www.safeox.com
Saltworks Technologies
  Saltworks Technologies offers industry-leading technologies for treating challenging produced water and flowback. We supply oil and gas companies with solutions to reduce disposal costs, improve water and oil recoveries, and reuse chemicals.
  Website: www.saltworkstech.com
Skimoil inc
  Equipment and systems for pollution control and waste minimization of oily wastes, waste oils and other oily waste streams---for use onboard marine vessels, onshore or on-rig. Spill control systems.
  Website: www.skimoil.com
SLCE Watermakers
  Manufacturer of watermakers. Capacity from 1 up to 600 m3/24h. Onboard or land based application, offshore, emmergency units...
  Website: www.slce.net
  Uni-Flo supplies Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination systems catering for both on and offshore requirements. Our Engineer is available with relevant offshore certificates to enable installation, commissioning and servicing of all types of RO units.
  Website: www.uni-flo.com
VWS Westgarth
  VWS Westgarth is the largest single supplier/operator of sulphate reduction membrane systems.As part of Veolia Water Solutions&Technologies,it is able to utilise the specialist R&D & process skills of the world's largest water treatment company
  Website: www.vwswestgarth.com
Water Standard
  WATER STANDARD is a global water treatment specialist and recognized leader in delivering innovative desalination, water-based enhanced oil recovery (EOR and CEOR), optimized waterflooding and produced water solutions for oil and gas.
  Website: www.waterstandard.com
  WaterProfessionals? provides high quality processed water and water-related services for a variety of industries. Our clients include some of the most respected companies in their various fields.
  Website: www.waterprofessionals.com/
  WaterProfessionals?offers a number of industrial water treatment solutions for the oil and gas drilling industry, including oil and water separation, degassification, process water treatment, wastewater recycling, and much more.
  Website: www.waterprofessionals.com
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