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Ablecare OSG
  With offshore drilling activity in the Ableman International Ltd was established by people with practical experience in the industries of offshore drilling, human resources and business development.
  Website: www.ablecareosg.com
  Abrado provides robust solutions to both simple and complex problems related to well bore integrity and minimizes operational risk in the completion process.
  Website: www.abrado-intl.com
ACC Corporate
  ACC-Corporate has been involved in the Oil and Gas Production and Drilling Industry since 1992. Insitu valve maintenance is ACC's core business.
  Website: www.acc-corporate.com/home
Advanced Hydrostatic Services LLC
  We are the service division of Mathews Machine & Hydraulic Supply, a leader in hydro testing equipment design for more than 35 years.
  Website: www.advancedhydrostatic.com
Advcanced Well Control Systems, Inc.
  Energy Matters - Strategically: Advanced Well Control Systems, Corporation, www.awcsystems.com, is both a global well control systems and a technical energy management services company.
  Website: www.awcsystems.com
AES Drilling Fluids
  AES Drilling Fluids has emerged as a major player in the drilling fluids sector by contributing to each operator?s successful drilling operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all drilling environments
  Website: aesfluids.com
AES Drilling Fluids
  AES has emerged as a major player in the drilling fluids sector by contributing to each operator?s successful drilling operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all drilling environments.
  Website: www.aesfluids.com
  AFTRAC provides Surface WellTesting and production monitoring services, including Sand Management and Process Diagnostic Testing.
  Website: www.aftrac.com
All Clean PWS
  All CLEAN PWS is a LLC company, Louisiana State Licensed, Insured and Permitted by the EPA/DEQ to transport waste generated by recovery. We are a the latest in state of the art pressure washing and Eco friendly technology.
  Website: www.allcleanpws.com
AlMansoori Specialized Engineering (MSE)
  MSE is the leading regional provider of well testing, slickline, and pipe inspection services in the Middle East and now offers cased hole logging & UBD as well. Active throughout the Gulf, MSE has recently expanded into North Africa & Southeast Asia
  Website: www.almansoori.biz
ALS Oil & Gas
  At ALS Oil & Gas we have a passion for knowledge and it all starts with an understanding of our customers needs.
  Website: www.alsglobal.com
AmeriFrac, LLC.
  AmeriFrac, LLC. specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of premium quality fluid ends and expendables. Through our in house product development group we provide custom tailored solutions to the well service and pressure pumping industry.
  Website: www.amerifrac.com
Anatesco Inc. - Oilfield Optimization Services
  Anatesco is an oilwell service company. We provide oilfield optimization services and oilfield gps systems and software.
  Website: www.anatesco.com
  Apexindo offers oil, gas and geothermal drilling services. Our existing fleet of drilling units comprise of 4 submersible swamp barges, 2 jack-up rigs, and 8 onshore drilling rigs.
  Website: www.apexindo.com
Archer, The Well Company
  We are a global oilfield company that specialises in drilling services and well services because we believe that specialists do the job best. Our experience drives our difference in our constant search for new ways to deliever better wells.
  Website: www.archerwell.com
Aztec Engineering Co., Ltd.
  Water wells, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigations, slimhole geophysical logging, blasthole drilling, grouting, inflatable packers.
  Website: www.aztecdrilling.com
Aztec International Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
  Aztec International Ltd. can carry out successful drilling programs in onshore oil and gas exploration, development, high production deep water wells, groundwater resource investigations and development and salt solution mining wells.
  Website: www.aztec.co.th
B&B Oilfield Equipment Corp.
  B&B Oilfield Equipment has been providing quality service and equipment with experienced and competent personnel to the oil and gas industry. B&B offers a wide variety of oilfield rental equipment, services, and products for sale.
  Website: bboilfieldeq.com
Baker Hughes
  Core business consists of cementing, stimulation and coiled tubing services worldwide. Baker Hughes also provides casing and tubular services, pipeline and industrial commissioning and inspection services.
  Website: www.bakerhughes.com
Bakker Groep Coevorden
  Bakker Groep Coevorden provides a complete range of services to clients in the oil, gas and geothermal industries. It is our mission to offer a full service package to our clients throughout Europe.
  Website: www.bakkergroep.nl/
Ballou Energy LLC
  Ballou Energy LLC is dedicated to making the world's energy come to life. We pride ourselves in our state of the art geological surveying to provide maximum production to our landowners, investors and team.
  Website: www.ballouenergy.weebly.com
BenchMark Wireline Products
  We produce surface equipment for the oilfield wireline service industry. Our speciality is depth & tension measuring systems, magnetic marking equipment, wireline drums, and auxiliary surface equipment (pressure monitors, intercom systems)
  Website: www.benchmarkwireline.com
  BioDAF? Water Technology SA de CV, is an international Mexican based company, built up of a multi-disciplinary engineering team specialized in the development of high-end technology for the treatment of all kinds of produced waste-water.
  Website: www.biodaf.com
Biotech Processing Supply, LLC
  Enhanced Oil Recovery, Well Stimulation & Unblocking using Biological Enzymes. Water based Enzyme is immune to pH, Salinity and other chemicals previously used in the formation. Increase production by changing rock wettability and reducing IFT.
  Website: greenzyme.btprocessing.com
Black Gold Coring Solutions Inc.
  Black Gold Coring Solutions Inc. is an established service provider specializing in core drilling, core samples, testing and core recovery for companies operating in the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.blackgoldcoring.com
Blue Ocean
  Blue Ocean Technologies is a team of experienced subsea engineers, project managers and technicians providing solutions for the subsea oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.blueoceansubsea.com
Bluhull Group
  Bluhull Group is structured to deliver optimum Services to the Oilfield Business. We are geared to provide fast efficient, hands on service to the Marine & Oilfield Business Worldwide with a Special Focus on the Mediterranean & North Africa.
  Website: www.bluhullgroup.com
BMP Enterprises
  BMP Enterprises is a Texas based Oil & Gas completions service company which revolves around its employees and their combined expertise knowledge and experience.
  Website: bmpenterprises.com
Boots & Coots
  Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc., Houston, Texas, is a global emergency response company that specializes in offering prevention, response and restoration capabilities to the global needs of the oil and gas industries.
  Website: www.boots-coots.com
Brown Dive Underwater Services NIG Ltd
  Brown Dive Underwater Services Ltd aims to provide a superior, well managed underwater service. Our team has a strong understanding of the systems and equipment required to successfully deliver this service to our clients.
  Website: www.browndive.com
C&J Energy Services, Inc.
  C&J Energy Services, Inc. is a leading provider of coiled tubing and pressure pumping services, and recently fracturing services, to the oil and gas industry in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
  Website: www.cjenergy.com
CAN-K Group
  submersible twin screw multiphase pumps, Surface twin screw multiphase pumps, thrust bearings , planetary gear boxes for down hole applications including for high temperature applications. Zero leak stuffing boxes. Twin Screw compressorss
  Website: www.can-k.com
Canadian Pressure Control
  Canadian Pressure Control (CPC) is an Alberta based business that specializes in low-pressure well environments. We offer competitive pricing and service wells with superior snubbing technologies.
  Website: cpcsolutions.ca
CarlWood Lumber Limited
  CarlWood Lumber is a Canadian Manufacturer of all styles of Crane Mats, Swamp Pads, Timber Blocking, Hardwood Blocking, Pipe skids, Wedges and Temporary Timber Bridging. Call us for a quotation.
  Website: www.carlwood.com
Casing Centralizers
  Solid Steel Centralizers will keep your casing stand off from the well bore for a complete cementing. We provide you with the highest quality for the lowest price and all of our products are made in USA!
  Website: www.casingcentralizers.com
Chet Morrison Contractors
  Chet Morrison Contractors provides construction, maintenance and abandonment services to the oil and gas industry for land, inshore and offshore environments. With domestic and international facilities, a fleet of shallow water and offshore vessels?
  Website: www.chetmorrison.com
Cheyenne Oil Well Services Ltd.
  Founded in 2005, we are a midsize independent production testing company driven by a Leadership Team with many years of professional expertise in fluid recovery, inline testing, service and technology.
  Website: www.cheyenneoil.ca
  Cobalt professional engineers, metallurgists and tribological analysis services for optimised material selection to minimise the effects of abrasion, wear and corrosion.
  Website: www.cobaltextreme.com
Codeco Energy Group
  Integrated Engineering Services Drilling Onshore and Offshore Oilfield Environmental Services Pipeline and Facilities Engineering
  Website: www.codecoenergygroup.com
Continental Production Services
  We offer a varity of phases of slickline. Braided line fishing operations. High pressure packages. Artifical lift and packer services. Rental tools. Consulting services.
  Website: www.cpshoutx.com
Corex Service Ltd
  COREX provides specialist services principally in the analysis of geological samples for the oil and gas industry. The main analytical services we provide are: Formation Damage, Conventional / Special Core Analysis and Geological Services.
  Website: www.corex.co.uk
CPMC Centrum Products
  We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of oil&gas equipment. All of our products are manufactured in API or ISO approved facilities and are checked at the facility to insure that we are providing the highest quality part to our customers.
  Website: www.cpmc-cn.com
Crocker Energy Services
  CES offers a wide range of formation evaluation, cased hole and drilling support services from standard OH services to high end pump through formation testing to freepoint/back-off and wireline perforating.
  Website: www.cesw.com.au
  Crosco is an integrated onshore and offshore drilling and well services contractor. The company has a fleet of 48 modern drilling, workover and geoservice rigs, as well as one semisubmersible and two jackups.
  Website: www.crosco.com
Crostek Corp.
  Crostek Corp. is a privately owned Canadian company offering countless years of industry experience to oil and gas producing, processing and transmission companies.
  Website: www.crostek.com
Cudd Energy Services
  Cudd Energy Services Website
  Website: www.cudd.com
Dalian BITeomics,Inc
  BIT devotes itself to providing the best products for the oil industry as well as offering high quality services for all the researchers, engineering and construction teams.
  Website: bitpetrobio.com
Danum Well Services
  Danum Well Services Limited are now recognised as one of the World's leading suppliers of Well-Intervention equipment.
  Website: www.danumwellservices.com
Daptech LLC
  Crown and floor protection, Brake assist, auto-drill
  Website: www.daptechllc.com
Decollement Consulting
  Decollement Consulting we have provided Mud Logging Services excellent well site geological/mud logging consulting, operations geology, and gas detection services to the oil industry.
  Website: decollementconsulting.com
Decollenment Consulting Inc
  Our company provides mud logging and drilling management consultants in the oil and gas industry. We have been in the bussiness for over 30 years. Decollement Consulting specializes in mud logging and wellsite geologic consulting.
  Website: www.decollementconsulting.com
  We have the team of 60 Members with us who has 6 to 7 years experience in Oil Well Log Digitizing project with commitment to QUALITY with QUALIY. You will get the lowest cost with us as compare to our compititor in INDIA.
  Website: www.digindia.com
Direct Water Solutions
  Direct Water Solutions aims to optimize the procurement of water hauling services for oil & gas producers. We utilize a propriety platform to simplify the procurement process and lower total cost on a well-by-well basis.
  Website: directwatersolutions.com
DLH Energy Service, LLC
  Serving the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry in the Appalachian Basin.
  Website: www.dlhenergyservice.com
Downhole Sonic Solutions
  A young company with over 70 combined years experience in the manufacture of quality logging equipment. We are here to recapture the vision of technically advanced high quality equipment backed by excellent service.
  Website: www.dsstools.com
Drill Cool Systems, Inc
  Drill Cool Systems, Inc. is the premier provider of well temperature control solutions to the Oil & Gas and Geothermal Industries.
  Website: www.drillcool.com
Drill Cuttings Disposal Company
  The Drill Cuttings Disposal Company was formed, to provide the same Products and Services, i.e. Cuttings Handling, Treatment and Injection Disposal Services, similar in scope to our last company, Apollo Services.
  Website: www.drillcuttingsdisposalcompany.com
Drillgreen Petroleum Products
  DrillGreen Petroleum Products offers a variety of products and services including, but not limited to; drilling additives, solid chemical products (soap sticks) and toll blending.
  Website: www.drillgreen.com
DSI Thru - Tubing Inc
  DSI Thru-Tubing is a premium service provider specializing in thru-tubing services. We operate across Western Canada from district offices in Alberta adn Saskatchewan. We serve Texas and Oklahoma from our district office in Rosharon, Texas.
  Website: www.dsithrutubing.com
DST Australia Pty Ltd
  DST Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned, Australian operated Company that provides well services to the oil and gas industry through a commitment to best practice focusing on safety, the environment and a quality of service.
  Website: ozdst.com
Earth Tech Drilling
  Earth Tech Drilling provides environmental and geotechnical drilling services, vacuum excavation, direct push technology, and well drilling and abandonment in Florida with a focus on the South Florida counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade.
  Website: www.earthtechdrilling.com
Eastern Well Service
  Privately owned Eastern Well began over 25 years ago and is still australias only specialist on shore well service company
  Website: www.easternwell.com.au
Eclipse Wireline,LLC
  Eclipse Wireline designs and manufactures Slickline and Logging trucks for the oil and gas industry. The staff of Eclipse has years of experience servicing, designing,and manufacturing wireline trucks. See our website or call us today! 435-713-0200
  Website: www.eclipsewireline.com
  Edgo offers a complete range of oilfield support services, through its Edgo Services Centers (ESC) which provide warehousing, training facilities, logistics, repair and maintenance, workshops and accommodation. The ESCs are located across the globe.
  Website: www.edgo.com
  Elog Ltd.?s real time data acquisition service, providing mudlogging, data monitoring and interpretation services to oil and gas companies
  Website: www.elog.ms
Emas Energy Services
  Providing well services in Asia Pacific both on and offshore, utilising highly certified equipment suitable for operating in hazardous zoned areas. Our equipment can be supplied onboard one of our many vessels, barges or self propelled liftboats.
  Website: www.emases.com
ERA Oilfield Service (Thailand) Co Ltd
  ERA Oilfield Service provides a range of products and services to support tubular installation, retrieval, onshore support services, sales of tubulars and downhole tools and general well construction and rig accessories.
  Website: www.eraoilfieldservices.com
  Our vision is to be the market leader in well flow management, using the industry?s best people, to deliver the highest standards of safety, quality and personalised customer service.
  Website: www.exprogroup.com
Extreme Machining Services
  Hot-Tapping Tools & Gate Valve Drilling Machines Design and Sales. Field Machining, Flange Facing, Valve Replacement, Consulting
  Website: www.xmachining.com
Falcon Petroleum Consultants Middle East
  FPC is Stretegically located in Bahrain to cater to existing clients and functions as a beacon for the new players in the Middle East. FPC can leverage a vast net work of Technical and Managment expertise to help you achieve your final goals.
  Website: www.fpcbh.com
Fangmann Energy Sevices
  Since decades Fangmann stands for quality, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates. Our specialized companies with more than 160 highly qualified and motivated employees enable us to offer optimal solutions for your complex tasks.
  Website: www.fangmanngroup.com/
FAS Oil Services
  FAS is an oil field services company providing drilling and integrated well services. The company is ready to cooperate with any company who are willing to enter the Libyan oil and gas market.
  Website: www.fasoil.com
FourWinds Logistics
  FourWinds Logistics supplies high quality Frac Sand, Valves & Parts, and Logistical Services such as trucking to the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.fourwindslogistics.com
Fracserve International
  Fracserve services products such as hose loops, pup joints, fittings, and plug valves for and also coil Tubing & wireline equipment. Also Provide Frac Pump expendibles, fluid ends and full servicing of Pumps
  Website: fracserve.com
Frank Henry Equipment
  Frank Henry Equipment has been a name for excellence for over 25 years in the Global Oil and Gas Service industry. With offices in Edmonton, AB, & Fruita, CO; the company designs, manufactures, assembles and certifies Surface and Subsurface Products.
  Website: www.frank-henry.com
Freemyer Industrial Pressure, LP.
  The World's Leading Specialist in Oil & Gas Well Service Equipment and Industrial Cleaning Machinery.We are dedicated to providing superior oil well equipment and gas well equipment to the industries we serve.
  Website: www.indpress.com
Frontier Energy Group, Inc.
  Frontier Energy Group, Inc. is the parent company of Frontier Wellhead & Supply, Inc., Frontier Hot Oil, Inc., Frontier Pressure Testing in ND and Cable, Inc. in CO these companies provide customers? a one-stop oilfield service company.
  Website: www.frontieregroup.com
GE Petroleum Equipment(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
  GE PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT (BEIJING) CO., LTD. supplies drilling stem,wellhead equipments,drilling tubulars,mud pump,wellhead safety equipment,choke and kill manifold,handling tools, solid control system etc.
  Website: www.gepetroleum.com.cn
GeoMechanics International, Inc.
  GMI provides consulting services, software and training in geomechanics, wellbore stability, pore pressure and sand production prediction, fracture permeability, and fault seal analysis.
  Website: www.geomi.com
Global Drilling Solutions Inc.
  Global Drilling Solutions Inc. [GDS] specializes in the supply of equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. GDS?s custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities.
  Website: globaldrillsolutions.com
  GoreVega has an outstanding track record in supplying high quality, well intervention personnel to multi-national oil and gas operators and service companies operating throughout the world.
  Website: www.gorevega.com/
Guardian Group
  GGT's site provides an introduction to our range of cased-hole, production, open-hole and cement-bond logging tools and equipment. Our tools are designed for the toughest downhole environments and are rated up to 500F (260C) and 30,000psi
  Website: ggtg.net
Haimo International FZE
  Haimo Technologies is a Chinese independent energy company focused in Energy Production and Energy Production related equipment, data, environmental and optimization services.
  Website: www.haimotech.com
Harris Energy Associates, Inc.
  Harris Energy Associates, Inc. is a professional company providing Consulting Services and Experienced Professionals for the Oil and Gas Industry. We have vast experience in Drilling, Work Over, and Completions of Oil and Gas Wells.
  Website: www.harris-energy.com
Harvest Tool Company
  Tools for downhole drilling. Used in underreaming, large diameter drilling, coal bed methane, heavy oil, horizontal drilling, large footprint caissons.
  Website: www.harvesttool.com
Hawkeye Completion Services
  Hawkeye offers thru tubing equipment and personnel. We offer clean out and milling equipment for cased hole completions. Our tool supervisors are trained to meet your needs for coil tubing, workover, and snubbing unit operations.
  Website: hawkeyecsllc.com
Hebei Ceramic Proppant Co., Ltd
  . is one of the key star enterprises in Hebei Province, specializing producing ceramic proppant. It is used as fracturing agent for petroluem & gas exploration.
  Website: www.hbceramicproppant.com
Hejian xueying rock bits and drilling rigs company
  We take pride in offering prompt, courteous service to all facets of the Oilfield, Water Well, Mining and Construction Industries
  Website: www.xydrilling.com
HERO Flare
  At HERO Flare,We specialize in small, fast delivery flares for the production field and gas plants. Normal deliveries are measured in weeks and short delivery can mean overnight.
  Website: www.heroflare.com
Horizon Speciality Leasing Ltd
  Horizon specialize in the lease and sale of cryogenic nitrogen pumps, vaporisers, vacuum insulated tanks used for the transportation and storage of Liquid Gases, and Acid tanks. Depots: UK, Far East, Middle East, Australia, and North America.
  Website: www.horizonleasing.co.uk
Horizon Well Logging
  Horizon Well Logging is changing the industry by creating a professional workforce of over 100 degreed geologists experienced in mud logging, geo-steering and well site consulting.
  Website: www.hzmud.com
Hot Fracking Water, Inc.
  We provide ultra high volume frac water heating services for large above ground storage tanks, pits, pipelines and quanity frac tanks. 15 bbl / min at 100F rise
  Website: www.hotfrackingwater.com
Hotwell Hes.m.b.H.
  Pulsed Neutron - Neutron Systems Cased hole logging tools
  Website: www.hotwell.at
  HSEplus is a Nationally Regonized Training Organisation offering Drilling and Mining Industry specific Safety Training & Consultation
  Website: HSEplus.com
Huahui(Beijing) Technology Co.Ltd
  Huahuitech integrates exploration, installation, sales with technical service consultation of petroleum auto-system, which established remarkable market reputation both at home & abroad for its perfect quality and well-known brand.
  Website: www.huahuitech.com
Hurley Well Service Ltd
  Hurley Well Service Ltd offers free standing rod rigs and both single and double mobile service rigs in Alberta area.
  Website: www.hurleywellservice.com
  Dry ice blasting is rapidly becoming a first choice cleaning solution for the oil service contractors around the world, cleaning rig mats, well heads and prepping steel before painting! Clean in place with zero secondary cleanup!
  Website: www.icetechworld.com
  Global solutions & your one stop shop for all your safety footwear, PPE wearables, industrial,fire retardant ,rainwear,cold weather clothing,hand,head,ear protection & winter and safety accessories including striping,imprinting & decorating options
  Website: www.imagewear.ca
  IMFLOWS is a leading international provider of products and associated services for management and production optimization. IMFLOWS offers manufactures and markets a full line of measurement equipment for the monitoring and metering. .
  Website: www.imflows.com
  Ingrain's rock physics lab computes physical properties and fluid flow characteristics of reservoir rocks. Our technology leads the industry in measuring shales, carbonates, tight gas sands and oil sands. Ingrain delivers results as fast as 14 days.
  Website: www.ingrainrocks.com
Integrated Equipment
  Integrated Equipment, Inc, based in Houston, Texas, designs, manufactures and distributes equipment used in the drilling and production of oil and gas worldwide.
  Website: www.integratedequipment.com
Integrated Equipment Inc.
  Serving the Oil And Gas Industry Worldwide, Integrated Equipment Offers An Extensive Range Of Pressure And Flow Control Equipment.
  Website: www.integratedequipment.com
Intercontinental Oilfield Sales
  Searching the Continent for you for the best of the best North American built oilfield equipment for sale. Serving the Continent from Alberta, Canada, in the export of North American built oilfield drilling equipment and service equipment.
  Website: www.intercontinentaloilfieldsales.com
international drilling contractors and rig brokers
  We are international oil & gas company offering investment opportunities in Russia. Also we are drilliong contractors and rig builder representatives. We offer new rigs at very competitive prices. Will deliver in 8 months
  Website: www.amerossi.com
International Oilfield Training
  IWCF, IADC Well Control, Drilling, Stuck Pipe plus We provide INTERNATIONAL TRAINING. Monthly courses offered in Calgary Alberta, Kelowna BC and St. Johns, NFLD We train in China, Dubai, Australia and additional locations based on demand.
  Website: www.iots.ca
J & A Oilfield Services Ltd
  With over 40 full time trucks in our fleet, we have the fleet to serve projects anywhere in the West. We work with water superintendents and project managers to serve companies, projects and contracts of all sizes.
  Website: www.jaoilfieldservices.ca
J4 Oilfield Services
  hydraulic stimulation services, completion fluids and chemicals, high pressure pumping services, filtration, drilling fluids and mud engineering, vacuum truck services and sand plugs
  Website: www.j4oilfield.com
  Jabertek specializes in downhole pressure and temperature gauges and surveys, slickline and wireline units manufacturing and services
  Website: www.jabertek.com
Jainson Submersible Pump Cables
  'JAINSON'is ISO 9001-2000 certified anufacturers and exporters of SUBMERSIBLE PUMP CABLES,As per International standard like BS,UL,VDE,HD,CEI etc. or as per your specification.
  Website: www.jainsoncables.com
JayBee Energy Private Limited
  Company official website of JayBee Energy Private Limited, India.
  Website: www.jaybeeenergy.com
JB Well Solutions
  JB Well Solutions AS is a complete supplier of equipment and services for the wellservice and offshore industry.
  Website: www.jbwellsolutions.no/indexe.html
JH Field Services
  In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. We design drilling programs that increase recoveries, and also lower costs by minimizing nonproductive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital.
  Website: www.jhfieldservices.com
John Energy Ltd
  John Energy Limited enjoys a respectable name in Onshore Drilling, Work-over and completion services contractor in India, having a rig fleet of 30 rigs, comprising of 15 Drilling and 15 work-over rigs.
  Website: www.johnenergy.com
Jumpstart Energy Services, LLC
  Jumpstart works with a proprietary enzyme fluid technology used for well stimulation and EOR. Our stabilized enzyme solutions are made of non-living proteins that are effective at releasing and mobilizing oil including "heavy oil."
  Website: www.jumpstartenergyservices.com
Justiss Oil; Drilling and Well Service Contractor
  Overview of company with brief history, services offered, rig inventories, areas of operation with field offices, contact info, related companies (Alliance Drlg. Consultants, Baker Tank Co.), surplus equipment for sale, and archive pictures.
  Website: www.justissoil.com
  Providing vacuum, winch, dump, pump trucks, and GapVax available 24 hours a day through out our service areas. Frac tanks, mud tanks, rig tanks, mud pumps, and mixing units are ready for rental to meet our customer?s fluid storage and mixing needs.
  Website: www.k3bmi.com
  Provider of onshore and offshore drilling and engineering services within the international oil and gas industry, with a focus on 'safe, effective, trouble-free operations'.
  Website: www.kcadeutag.com
  KCI provide fully engineered solutions to re-establish well integrity by provided advanced leak sealing solutions. KCI take a holistic approach by providing in-depth investigation and assessment for every project on a case by case basis.
  Website: www.kciltd.co.uk
Key Energy Services
  Largest well servicing and workover company in the world. Key Energy Services provides a full range of maintenance and workover services to major and independent oil and gas companies in all of our operating regions.
  Website: www.keyenergy.com
Knight Oil Tools
  Knight Fishing Services is the fishing division of Knight Oil Tools, specializing in the tools and downhole expertise needed to remove unwanted objects from the well bore.
  Website: KnightFishingServices.com
Laboratory Services for CBM
  We are a knowledge based company providing Total solutions for CBM industry.
  Website: www.totalcbm.com
LAN Mud-Logging
  One of the oldest logging compaines in the Ark-La-TX. Working for the major oil companies and independents. With excellent prices and high quality work you just can't go wrong with LAN whether it be a horizontal or vertical well.
  Website: www.lanmudlog.com
Larch Oil and Gas
  Larch Oil and Gas is a Local Family Company Specializing in Oil and Gas Well Service. Multiple Swab Units, Workover Rigs, Vacuum and Winch Trucks, Excavation Equipment, and Roustabout Services. Also, New Well Investment Packages available
  Website: larchoilandgas.com
Lennox Petroleum Services Limited
  Lennox Petroleum Services Ltd. is a leading provider of general oilfield contracting services both on land and offshore, concentrating on providing highly qualified personnel to the global oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.lennoxpetroleum.com
Lionhead Engineering
  Cost effective engineering services specializing in turnkey well abandonment and reclamation pacakges. Our innovative team of professional engineers and experienced field supervisors promise lower cost abandonments through engineered solutions.
  Website: www.lionheadeng.com
Lone Star Red Iron Testing & Recertification LLC
  Lone Star Red Iron is a Texas based company. Our ASNT Certified Inspectors recertify Frac Iron, Lubricator Packages, Treater Trucks and install Banding. We offer Mobile Hydro Testing Services and Mobile Recerts, Test Reports have Online Access 24/7.
  Website: lonestarrediron.com
Luoyang Maide Ceramics Co., Ltd
  Our products low density proppant, medium density intermediate strength proppant and high density high strength proppant ranging from 7500psi, 10000psi, 125000psi, to 15000psi with size 20/40, 30/50, 40/70 available.
  Website: www.maideceramics.com
Lycon Inc Oilfield Gas Lift Services
  Lycon Inc Oilfield Gas Lift Services is a full service gas lift company. We sell, design, and install all types of gas lift equipment both onshore and offshore.
  Website: lycongaslift.com
M-3 Flow Testing Services, LLC
  At M-3 Flow Testing Services, LLC we provide a wide array of flow-testing services across the State of Texas. Our operators work closely with our customers and provide a customized level of service based on your their requirements.
  Website: www.m3flowtesting.com
Magna Energy Services
  Magna is an oil and gas services company serving the Rocky Mountain region with offices in Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Our diversified oilfield services include; plug and abandonment, rig services, fluid management and wireline services.
  Website: magnaes.com
Maverick Flow Testing
  Maverick FlowTesting is a rapidly expanding company offering well testing and flow back services. Combining over 15 years of experience as operators in the industry, we are asssured you will be a satified custormer.
  Website: www.maverickflowtesting.com
Maxwell Production
  Maxwell Production provides analysis and service: intensifying productive debits of oil, gas wells by applying the method of slot discharge productive layers, using hydro-slotting perforation technology.
  Website: www.maxxwell.net
Mid South Contractors Inc.
  Mid-South has been an Oilfield Safety Anchor company over 27 years. No job too big, Rig Anchors, Flowline safety, or flarestacks. If your frac needs anchoring our newly designed flowline safety brackets will protect against ruptures. Open 24/7 x 365.
  Website: www.midsouthcontractors.com
Millennium Directional Service Ltd.
  Based in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, with a sales office in Calgary, AB, Millennium Directional Service Ltd. offers Oil & Gas companies a dependable, cost effective solution to meet their drilling program demands.
  Website: www.millenniumdirectional.com/
Mohawk Energy
  Mohawk Energy is the leading provider of expandable tubular technologies that enable energy producers to improve and maintain well integrity.
  Website: www.mohawkenergy.com
Momentum Engineering
  We provide total drilling operations management and support for jack-up,land drilling,pipeline projects,includes well drilling and program engineering;platform and pipeline design,fabrication and installation;rig refurbishing,port management
  Website: www.momentumdubai.com
MTQ Oilfield Services WLL
  Replicating the Engineering Services for the Oilfield and Gas Industry in Bahrain and the Gulf states.
  Website: www.mtq.com.sg/bahrain.html
Multi-Chase Energy Services
  Multi-Chase is a global oil & gas service company providing Well Engineering Consultancy and Monitoring syatems focusing on lifecycle well upper and lower completion services, Reservoir monitoring services and Artificial lift systems.
  Website: www.multichase.com
  Nabors owns and operates the world?s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore platform workover and drilling rigs in the U.S. and multiple international markets.
  Website: www.nabors.com
New Age Oilfield Services Inc
  New Age offers services including capillary/injection line and injection nipples sales and service, hotshot services 24/7 to oilfield services for Alberta, Sask and BC petroleum industry
  Website: www.newageoil.ca
Northstar Drillstem Testers
  Northstar is a global Drillstem testing service company servicing oil and gas companies that need to perform pre-completion reservoir evaluation. Northstar specializes in Open and Cased Hole drillstem testing for both on and offshore wells.
  Website: northstardst.com
  Novomet has become one of the largest ESP (electric submersible pumps for artificial lift) manufacturers in Russia.
  Website: www.novomet-usa.com
  Using cutting-edge technologies NOVOMET produces equipment for artificial oil lifting meeting all up-to-date challenges, provides full-complex services including sizing of equipment to suit unique well conditions and supervising.
  Website: www.novomet.ru/eng/
Odfjell Drilling
  Odfjell Drilling is a leading drilling, engineering and well service contractor in the North Sea and Middle East. Odfjell Drilling has more than 30 years of experience from managing drilling operations world wide.
  Website: www.odfjelldrilling.com
Offshore Cleaning Systems
  Offshore Cleaning Systems is the premier oil & gas environmental cleaning company in the GOM. Drilling, Production, and Shore Based Services provided.
  Website: www.offshorecleaning.com
  OHS specialise in the lease and sale of vacuum insulated tanks used for the transportation and storage of liquid gases for both Oilfield and Industrial Gas operations. Depots in the UK, Far East, Middle East, Australia, and North America
  Website: www.ohsuk.com
Oil Consultants Ltd
  Oil Consultants represents 100's of independent engineers and technical consultants, mainly in well services, drilling and completions. We are big enough to meet most clients' requirements and small enough to keep the personal touch.
  Website: oc99.com
Oilfield Innovators Limited, LLC
  Hydralic Tubular Pick-up-Laydown Services for completions, workovers. Any size tubing up to 16 casing. Units can deliver tubing up to 30' in height on rig assist snubbing jobs. Efficient, safe and dependable method of picking up and laydown tubulars.
  Website: www.oilfieldltd.com
  OPTIMA?, part of Tetra group of companies and innovator of the RigCooling? concept, has become the leading market provider of customised Rig Cooling Solutions, protecting offshore installations from the heat generated by the flare while well testing.
  Website: www.optimauk.com/
  The OSCA/ASAP Advantage Partnering with OSCA/ASAP provides you with comprehensive, high quality safety training programs.
  Website: www.osca.com
  OSP offers high-level technical expertise and unparalleled access to application experience, support, product recommendations and on-site services for microbial monitoring and control for energy and industrial applications.
  Website: www.osplifecheck.com
Outlaw Automation
  Outlaw Automation supplies total well solutions, including Gas well optimization and gas calculation software.
  Website: www.icscada.ca
Parts Un-Ltd
  Parts Un-Ltd., founded in 1987, is one of the world's largest independent wholesale distributors of Allison, Detroit Diesel, Terex and Euclid parts and components.
  Website: partsunltd.com
PE Rentals
  Servicing the production, drilling and pipeline phases of the oil industry. Customize any pump or flow back package.
  Website: www.pe-rentals.com
  Petroteck is the leader in Digital, Fully Automated Smart Oil Well Pumping Systems (DPLCC) providing wireless Real-Time monitoring and communication between local or remote oil wells and command centers thru secure GSM/GPRS-Mobile telecommunications.
  Website: www.petroteck.com/
Pickett Companies
  Environmental solutions.
  Website: www.pickettcompanies.com
Pipehandler Oilfield Systems, Inc
  Pipehandler manufactures and sells the PIPEHANDLER Pickup & Laydown System designed for the handling of oilfield tubulars. Available in 2 models, the all hydraulic, self-contained system accommodates up to 16" casing and reaches to 25' rig floors.
  Website: www.pipehandler.com
Princess Three Operating LLC.
  At Princess Three Operating, LLC we use sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to find oil and gas under the earth?s surface.
  Website: www.princessthree.com
Prior Diesel Limited
  We are agents for many leading engine, parts, air starter, pump and Zone 2 equipment manufacturers. Our engineers can overhaul diesel engines and skid packages. We design and build wireline and nitrogen units, generator sets and Zone II powerpacks.
  Website: www.priordiesel.com
Professional Wireline Rentals, LLC
  We provide the highest quality pressure equipment in the industry. All surface safety equipment for wireline applications. Our company standards will exceed customer expectations.
  Website: www.professionalwireline.com
Propell Oilfield Equipment
  Propell Oilfield Equipment is a clear leader in the oil and gas industry ? recognized for innovation and craftsmanship in pressure pumping, chemical transport and proppant handling solutions.
  Website: www.propell.ca
Proppant Solutions
  Proppant Solutions is based in the United States and provides the Oil and Natural Gas industry with alternative ways of obtaining specialty proppants.
  Website: www.proppantsolutions.com
  ProTechnics is the leader in the field of completion, reservoir and drilling diagnostics. With patented processes and services and the industry?s best talent, ProTechnics is sought out for our unrivaled knowledge and expertise with imaging & tracing.
  Website: www.corelab.com/protechnics
Qinterra Technologies
  We are well intervention specialists. Delivering enhanced well production and efficient solutions is our business. Our knowledge and experience defines us and is built around three core principles; Safety,Quality, Reliability.
  Website: qinterra.com
Quality oil well log digitizing at lowest prices
  We offer quality log digitizing and indexing, GIS services at competitive pricing. Our operations are 24x7 through 200 trained professionals.We provide mapping,data retrieval, digitization services in the clients desired format .
  Website: www.zetasoftech.com
Radial Drilling Services, Inc.
  RDS is a world-wide technology service company specializing in radial drilling EOR.
  Website: www.radialdrilling.com
RCW Energy Services, LLC
  RCW Energy Services provides water transfer services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry that are efficient and environmentally conscious. We are proud of the trusted partner reputation we have earned with our customers.
  Website: www.rcwenergyservices.com
READ Well Services
  As a passionate service company and technology developer with a global footprint, READ provides seismic services for exploration, reservoir evaluation and well construction (permanent monitoring) throughout reservoir life.
  Website: www.readgroup.com
  Region Company was established in 2003, and is one of the leading companies in the Ukraine who provides servises to oil and gas enterprises.
  Website: www.region.if.ua
Retsco Ltd. - 26 yrs of Reset Relief Valves
  A high tech manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry. Based in Houston, TX.
  Website: www.Retscoltd.com
Revitalize Energy Inc.
  Revitalize Energy Inc. (REI) is an Alberta, incorporated company positioned to be the leader in the application of green technologies to optimize our oil and gas operations.
  Website: revenergyinc.com
Rigsmart Systems Inc.
  Rigsmart Systems Inc. has developed wireless safety sensors for the drilling and service rig industry. The product line includes crown savers, weight indicators, and full anti-collision systems that integrate 3rd party pipe handling systems.
  Website: www.rigsmart.com/
Rod Services, LLC.
  Meeting the needs of Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Producers with a vast array of sucker rod and tubing inspection services
  Website: www.rodservices.com
  Rush Wellsite Services is a versatile wireline and pressure control company offering open hole, cased hole, and surface pressure control solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry.
  Website: www.rushwellsite.com
Salt & Light Energy Equipment LLC
  Salt and Light Energy Equipment LLC has evolved to be the foremost industry in the distribution of oil and gas equipment.We are headquartered in Dallas, TX located in the heart of the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.snlee.com
Saltel Industries
  Saltel-Industries is specialized in the development and manufacture of inflatable and advanced technical products made with elastomer-based composite material and provide Expandable tubulars technology
  Website: www.saltel-industries.com
SAS Environmental Services
  SAS Environmental Services provides unique engineering and chemical solutions capable of preventing and treating oil slops and oil sludge waste. Our products provide full oil recovery and waste reduction.
  Website: www.sasenvironment.com
Savanna Energy
  Savanna Energy Services Corp. is a premiere contract drilling and well servicing company providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective energy services for the petroleum and natural gas industry throughout western Canada and the United States.
  Website: www.savannaenergy.com
  Seadrill is a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, aiming to be our customers' most important partner in making oil and gas available in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  Website: www.seadrillcareers.com/
Seal-Tite International
  Since 1995, Seal-Tite has performed over 2600 leak repair operations worldwide. These repairs include surface controlled safety systems, wellheads, hangers, tubing, casing, pipelines/flowlines, downhole and subsea equipment, and microannulus leaks.
  Website: www.seal-tite.com
  Advanced Sealing Solutions. Pressure Activation-Convergent Flow Technology.
  Website: www.sealmaker.net
SEI Industries Ltd
  SEI Industries Ltd.?s FRAC Tank is a collapsible pillow-style water bladder tank designed specifically for oil and gas exploration and development. The FRAC Tank is easy to set-up and can be used immediately with almost no site preparation required.
  Website: www.sei-ind.com/products/frac-tank
Select Industries, Inc
  Our products address and solve specific problems related to your production site. Even in extreme conditions where the well's fluid column is more than 70% composed of condensation, Select Industries still provides a soluble solution.
  Website: selectindustries.com
  Distributed temperature, strain and pressure sensors for the oil and gas industry. Based on fibre optic technology the sensors can be used in many applications including downhole, subsea, topside, in risers or in pipelines.
  Website: www.sensornet.co.uk
  SERVA manufactures and markets specialized well completion equipment used in the drilling, completion, and servicing of oil and gas wells. Our diversified product lines include equipment for well stimulation, cementing and coil tubing applications.
  Website: www.servagroup.com
Sigma Setia Sdn Bhd
  We are an oilfield service company deals with Well Testing, Early Production Facilities and Well Services such as Clean-up. We also provide consultancy on subsurface such as full field review and field development plan.
  Website: www.sigmasetia.com
Simco Drilling Equipment, Inc.
  Simco Drill designs and builds drill rigs and drilling rigs for geothermal, water well, environmental and construction drilling.
  Website: www.simcodrill.com
SMS Precision Tech
  Houston based manufacturer of drill-pipe screens, machined MWD parts, running gear, and wireline equipment.
  Website: www.smsprecisiontech.com/
Solomon Energy Services
  Blowout Preventer (BOP) Testing is a key oilfield service that Solomon Energy Services provides in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana and even the Middle East.
  Website: www.saverigtime.com
Southwest Oil and Gas Services Ltd
  Oil and gas field service company dedicated to outstanding performance and quality workmanship.
  Website: www.southwestoilandgas.com
Spartan Offshore Drilling, LLC
  Spartan Offshore provides jack-up well drilling, workover and completion services in water depths of 12 feet to 262 feet.
  Website: www.spartanoffshore.com
  In drilling stage of oil well, there is a requirement of low density slurries and cementing where long columns in weak formations are required and lighter weight with higher compressive strength and efficiency
  Website: www.specmat.in
Sprint Oil and Gas Services
  Sprint Oil & Gas Services FZC is operates in several African, Middle East and Asian Countries where we provide well services and surface testing services and solutions to our clients.
  Website: sprint-oilfieldservices.com
SPYDR Oilfield Service LLC
  SPYDR Oilfield Service - Williston North Dakota's Leading Oilfield Service Co. Oilfield Construction, Roustabout, Salt Water Disposal Facility Construction, Rig Anchors, Pull Testing #1 in Quality, Safety, Expediting, and Customer Service
  Website: spydroil.com
SS Rig and Equipment Ltd.
  SS Rig and Equipment Ltd. Suppliers of Flushby's, Pressure Trucks and Pump Trucks. Repairs and inspections of service/workover rigs and auxilliary equipment.
  Website: www.ssrigandequipment.com
Stacey Oil Services Ltd.
  Stacey operates as a team whose goal is to offer its customers a professional, knowledgeable, technically strong service and quality products, along with a flexible response to their requirements.
  Website: www.staceyoil.com
Storm-Williams Energy Services, LLC
  Storm-Williams offers a variety of services to restore the integrity of your well and help maximize production. We are quickly becoming a leader in the hydraulic workover industry.
  Website: www.storm-williams.com
Strom, Inc.
  Strom products are made in the USA for the oil and gas industry?s most demanding applications, and exhibit the innovation and ruggedness required for continuous operation in the harshest environments.
  Website: strominc.com
Superior Energy Services
  Superior Energy Completion Services offers a line of sand control and stimulation services, composite frac plugs, packers, cement retainers along with other downhole completion & production equipment.
  Website: www.superiorenergy.com
Surface Active Solutions
  The provision of microemulsion products for wellbore cleanup, mud pit cleaning, OSV cleaning and drilling waste treatment.
  Website: www.surfaceactive.com
Talon LPE
  Talon / LPE has over 100 years drilling experience in all areas of Texas, including installing over 20,000 ground water monitor wells. Talon / LPE provides environmental drilling services for private, government and industrial clients.
  Website: www.environmentaldrillingtexas.com/
TEC Well Service, Inc.
  TEC Well Service, Inc. provides workover and well servicing for the Ark-La-Tex, Permian Basin and Colorado.
  Website: www.tecwell.com
Terrapin Well Service
  Terrapin Well Service provides service to oil and natural gas companies throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our service rigs are 2007 and 2009 models, powered by hydraulics and capable of servicing wells to 5000 ft.
  Website: www.terrapinwellservice.com
Teton Buildings
  An industry leader in Modular and Container Built Housing, Dinning, Office, Shower, and Laboratory Facilities. Quality. Fast.
  Website: www.tetonbuildings.com/
Texas Products Well Service Division, Inc.
  Distributors of Guiberson Style: Swab Cups, Wireline Oil Savers, Swab Mandrels, Guiberson Type T-60 Spider Slip Bodies, Hammer Unions. Brake Rims, Brake Bands, Brake Blocks
  Website: www.txproducts.com
Texas Wireline Manufacturing, LLC
  Texas Wireline Manufacturing designs, manufactures and services wireline logging trucks for the oil and gas industries. We are a privately owned company in the Fort Worth, TX area. Visit our website for more information.
  Website: www.texaswireline.com
TGT Oil & Gas Services
  provides a wide range of products and services to optimise reservoir development, enhance production, increase ultimate recovery and reasonably balance short-term and long-term production strategies
  Website: www.tgtoil.com
The Flare Notice Team
  We are proud to introduce to the Completions Industry our Directive 60 Flare Notification, Modeling and Permitting Services and have Agents located across the Alberta ready to provide a complete Flare Notification from start to finish in 48 hours.
  Website: www.flarenotice.com
Thru Tubing Solutions
  Thru Tubing Solutions provides engineering excellence and expertise in working downhole tools under pressure. The experts at TTS provide knowledge on snubbing and thru tubing tools and operations, and fit-for-purpose tools for horizontal wells.
  Website: www.thrutubing.com
Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material & Technolog
  Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd. is a scaling up hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing cementing additives with a full set of the most advanced producing line in China.
  Website: en.kelioil.com/
TR Solid Control
  TR Solid Control is one specialist in drilling mud shale shaker,de-dander,de-silter,decanting centrifuge,centrifugal sand pump,submersible slurry pump,mud agitator,jet mud mixer,etc solid control equipment and mud cleaning system.
  Website: www.trsolidscontrol.com
Trican Well Service
  Trican delivers service and technology throughout your well's life cycle. Service lines: fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing, acidizing, nitrogen, geological services, reservoir engineering, completion systems, and industrial & pipeline services.
  Website: www.tricanwellservice.com
Triton American Well Service
  Triton American Well Services LLC is a 24 hour, 7 day a week full service oilfield company specializing in work over, lease maintenance and production enhancement technology.
  Website: www.tritonamerican.com
Tubular King
  Tubular King is a diversified company dealing from engineering to production enhancement, leasing and fabrications refurbishments of oil rigs and coiled tubing units, nitrogen units. OCTG tubulars, pipes and top drives sales & rentals.
  Website: www.tubularking.com
United Drilling Tools Ltd
  UDT is one of the world's leading manufacturer of Oilfield Equipment such as Wireline Winches, Gas Lift Valves, Stabilizers, Conventional Mandrels, Side Pocket Mandrels.
  Website: www.udtltd.com
  Suppliers of Russian manufacture drilling tools: Drill bits, spare parts for drilling and mining machinery
  Website: uralburmash.ru
Van Gas Technologies
  Specializing in absorbent desiccant technology, Van Gas manufacturers natural gas dryers, gas filters, deliquescent absorbent desiccant, and many other products for your natural gas dehydration needs.
  Website: www.vangastech.com
Van Laar Maritime
  we are based in the netherlands, working world wide. profiding guard and chase service to the seismic, oil & gas and wind farm industy.
  Website: vanlaarmaritime.com
VanGard Technologies
  Vangard has invented a new style of fluid-end designed for the high pressure pumping and frac pumping industry. The new design is capable of doubling the life span of traditional frac fluid-ends.
  Website: www.vangardtechnologies.com/
Varavi Drilling Services Co.
  Varavi Drilling Services (VDS) has been serving well completion Services including engineering, designing and equipment supply since 2006.
  Website: www.varavidrilling.com
Vita International, Inc.
  Vita International, Inc. designs and manufactures oilfield and industrial service equipment for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Vita specializes in mobile heat transfer, power generation, and high / low pressure applications.
  Website: www.vitainternational.com
WALS Energy Services
  WALS Energy is an Oilfield Services Company serving contracts with Major Oil Companies in the Sultanate of Oman.
  Website: www.wals-energy.com
Water Planet
  Water Planet offers produced water treatment solutions for Oil & Gas industry customers and partners interested in water recycling and oil recovery.
  Website: waterplanet.com
Welcome to Eagle Automation Corporation
  Keeping a Sharp Eye on Operations
  Website: www.eagleautomation.net
Well Completions and Productivity Experts
  Petrocompletions, is a leading oil and gas industry consulting company We provide integrated & comprehensive well completions & productivity engineering solutions to maximize reservoir asset value for oil & gas companies globally.
  Website: www.petrocompletions.com
Well Enhancement Services, LLC
  We specialize in unique oil and gas products and services based upon patented technologies that enhance the production of marginally producing oil and gas wells.
  Website: www.wellenhancement.com
Well Flow International
  Well Flow International is a premier independent provider of technology-enabled wellbore cleanup chemicals, associated downhole tools, well intervention chemicals and stimulation chemicals.
  Website: www.well-flow.com
Wellhead Control Products
  We specialize in typical hangers for coil tubing, manufacture and repair various coil tubing and wellhead products: Down Hole Tools, Coil Tubing Rigs, Nitrogen Rigs, Adapter, Injector heads, Risers, Etc...
  Website: www.wellheadcontrol.com
Wellhead Isolation
  Canadian Wellhead Isolation Corp. provides you with a safe and effective method to protect your wellhead. Our wellhead tools are efficient proven safe, low profile. Energized stimulation under higher pressures require quality isolation equipment.
  Website: www.wellheadisolation.com
Wellhead Water Solutions
  Wellhead Water Solutions is the technical expert in Biocide treatment of frac water. We lead the industry in chlorine dioxide treatment with our SolidStream B-30 process as well as provide other frac chemicals such as scale and corrosion inhibitors.
  Website: www.wellheadwater.com
  Welltec? is a world leading provider of intervention and conveyance solutions for oil and gas wells. We provide services on wireline and coiled tubing in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells to address a wide range of downhole challenges.
  Website: welltec.com
  Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Access Midstream (Access) is one of the largest midstream gathering companies in the U.S. with a diverse mix of gathering pipelines and facilities in the most attractive producing regions in North America.
  Website: co.williams.com/accessmidstream/
World Petroleum Supply Inc
  World Petroleum Supply is a master stocking distributor of handling tools, casing tools and well servicing equipment. We have an extensive inventory of new and refurbished products, as well as spare parts, in stock and available to ship today.
  Website: worldpetroleumsupply.com/
Wright's Well Control Services
  Wright?s Well Control Services offers surface & deepwater offshore services for clients in the Gulf of Mexico & Asia Pacific regions. WWCS specializes in rigless applications including patent-pending hydrate remediation and subsea BOP technologies.
  Website: www.wrightswell.com
Yellow Jacket Drilling
  Yellow Jacket Drilling specializes in environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, drilling rigs, drilling services, and auger drilling. Also services Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana.
  Website: yjdrilling.com/
Youngquist Brothers Oil And Gas
  Youngquist Brothers, Inc. has become Florida?s leading contractor of deep injection well systems, the preferred alternative to safely discharge high volumes of excess water.
  Website: youngquistbrothers.com
Zenith Oilfield Technology Ltd
  Zenith Oilfield Technology is an artificial lift service company providing leading-edge technology and services related to gathering and analysis of downhole data and specialised completions.
  Website: www.zenithoilfield.com
Zinkan Enterprises Inc
  For over forty years, Zinkan has been a staple in the energy industry. Developments in fracking technology and its expanding presence has lead Zinkan into the oil and gas industry.
  Website: zinkan.com
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