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McLeay Geological Consultants
  McLeay Geological is a wellsite geological consulting company providing professional geological services to the oil and gas industry since 1976. Our geologists have extensive experience in all aspects of drilling and geological analysis.
  Website: www.mcleay.ab.ca/
Alert Systems International
  Alert Systems International manufactures advanced rig safety monitoring and anti-collision solutions, to increase personnel safety, and maximize equipment up-time. Rig Safety and Efficiency is the Foundation of Everything We Do.
  Website: www.alertsystems.ca
  AlSuwaiket?s oilfield services division is active in: Drilling of oil, cementing, pumping, coiled tubing, and casing running Well control, work-over and snubbing Tools, equipment and materials supply Corrosion preventative technologies
  Website: www.alsuwaiket.com/
American Safety Services Inc
  Since 1991 providing H2S Rental Equipment, Confined Space Rescue and Equipment and Safety Pesonnel for Drilling, Production and Refining Operations in California, Oregon and Nevada.
  Website: www.americansafetyservices.com
API Services
  API Services are specialists in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspection of Oilfield Tubulars, Tubular Handling Equipment, Rig Inspection Services and Drill Pipe Rentals.
  Website: www.apiservices.com.au
Archer, The Well Company
  We are a global oilfield company that specialises in drilling services and well services because we believe that specialists do the job best. Our experience drives our difference in our constant search for new ways to deliever better wells.
  Website: www.archerwell.com
Assured Royalties LLC
  Assured Royalties strives to be the premier mineral & royalty acquisition firm in the EFS and will ensure our offers will be timely and comprehensive
  Website: www.assuredroyalties.com/
Aztec Engineering Co., Ltd.
  Water wells, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigations, slimhole geophysical logging, blasthole drilling, grouting, inflatable packers.
  Website: www.aztecdrilling.com
Aztec International Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
  Aztec International Ltd. can carry out successful drilling programs in onshore oil and gas exploration, development, high production deep water wells, groundwater resource investigations and development and salt solution mining wells.
  Website: www.aztec.co.th
Ballou Energy LLC
  Ballou Energy LLC is dedicated to making the world's energy come to life. We pride ourselves in our state of the art geological surveying to provide maximum production to our landowners, investors and team.
  Website: www.ballouenergy.weebly.com
Barbour Corporation
  Shallow Oil & Geothermal Well Drilling, Underbalanced or Conventional Drilling, Soft Formation Specialty Drilling, Workover, Plugging & Abandonment, Geophysical Logging, Downhole Video with gyroscopic for shallow to deep hole applications.
  Website: www.barbourwell.com
Bartlett Power and Automation
  We specialize in power generation rentals, temporary power solutions, power distribution rentals, diesel generator service and industrial electrical services specifically designed for oilfield operations from drilling to production.
  Website: www.bartlettenergy.com
Bigfoot Oilfield Services
  Bigfoot Oilfield Services Inc. is an oilfield service company that specializes in solids handling and fluid transfer systems. We have a patented technology that will remove solids from floc water drilling operations.
  Website: www.bigfootosi.ca
BKE Drilling Company
  OOO Burovoya Kompaniya Eurasia (BKE) is the largest independent onshore drilling contractor in Russia, as measured by meters drilled, engaged in well construction and workover of all types of oil and gas wells.
  Website: www.bke.ru/index_en.html
Blake Solutions Inc
  BSI Is a company who strides in Quality,Customer service!Specializing in Hetronic NOVA series we have over 3 yrs experiance and certification in repair/refurbing units! every unit goes threw a heavy inspection to assure qualitiy back to the customer!
  Website: blakesolutionsinc.yolasite.com
Blue Line Drilling
  Blue Line Drilling if currently operating four drilling rigs with depth capacities from 2500 to 10,000 feet.We do it better, more efficiently and more profitably for everyone involved,
  Website: bluelinedrilling.com/
Bostech Drilling Australia
  With over 20 years of experience, Bostech Drilling Australia has become one of the leading forces in the Mining Exploration Industry. We specialise in Air core drilling and reverse circulation drilling methods.
  Website: www.bostech.com.au
Briggs Equipment
  Briggs Equipment is one of the largest equipment distributors in North America. Our company operates in the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico.
  Website: www.briggsequipment.com/
Britannia Petroleum
  Britannia Petroleum is a leading manufacturer of AC & DC Drive Systems for Drilling Applications. We design and manufacture in the UK
  Website: www.britanniapetroleum.co.uk
C&S Consulting
  C&S Consulting is a multi-regional professional and technical environmental consulting firm. We provide professional Environmental Consulting Services, Emergency Spill Response Services, Environmental Drilling and Geotechnical Drilling Services.
  Website: www.csenvconsulting.com
Calmena Energy Services
  An international oilfield services company providing a range of services, including Well Construction Engineering and Planning, Contract Drilling, Directional Drilling, SpecialtyWireline , Frac Fluids Management and Equipment Rentals.
  Website: www.calmena.com
Canyon Machine
  We repair and produce hydraulic components and cylinders up to 12 ft in lgth complete with chrome finishing if needed.
  Website: www.canyonmachine.com
Challenger International Inc
  Challenger International provides all types of drilling equipment - from simple components to entire rig packages. Our team of experts can consult, design, build and integrate any drilling rig for land, offshore and deepwater.
  Website: www.challengerintl.com
Channel Energy Services
  Channel Energy Services has expertise in the emerging U.S. shale plays and is fully equipped to provide a full range of Directional Drilling and products and services.
  Website: www.ceshd.com
Coastal Drilling Company, L.L.C.
  Coastal Drilling Land Company, LLC is a drilling company serving the South Texas drilling market, providing both day work and turnkey contracts. We also operate inland barge rigs in the shallow waters of the Gulf Coast.
  Website: www.coastaldrilling.com
Coyote Energy Inv
  Coyote Energy provides casing, drilling equipment and tubing. The equipment is available is either brand new or remanufactured equipment.
  Website: coyoteenergy.net
  GLOBAL Oil & Gas EPC,Project Management,Drilling & Well Completion, Shale based Natural Gas Processing, Pipelines,LNG,Refining,GTL,Digital Oil, Chemicals, Separations, EOR & Waste Processing Needs
  Website: www.crescendus.com
  Crosco is an integrated onshore and offshore drilling and well services contractor. The company has a fleet of 48 modern drilling, workover and geoservice rigs, as well as one semisubmersible and two jackups.
  Website: www.crosco.com
Dakota Directional Drilling
  Dakota is a nationwide company specializing in directional boring services for both commercial and residential customers.
  Website: www.dakotadirectionaldrilling.com/
Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc.
  Family Owned and Operated 4th Generation Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Service Company Providing Pre-Set/Top Hole Drilling, Horizontal Marcellus Drilling, Shallow Well Drilling and Hydro Fracturing.
  Website: www.dallas-morris.com
Danbar Drilling Contractors
  Danbar Drilling Services Ltd are an independent specialist drilling contractor. We are a family run company, specialising in Land Drilling.
  Website: danbardrilling.com
Daptech LLC
  Crown and floor protection, Brake assist, auto-drill
  Website: www.daptechllc.com
  DistributionNOW is an industry-leading provider of pipe, valves and valve automation, fittings, mill and industrial supplies, tools, safety products, and artificial lift systems to the upstream, midstream, and downstream and industrial markets.
  Website: www.distributionnow.com
  DrawWorks designs, manufactures, and sells a family of circulating, fill-up, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars, including casing, tubing, and drill pipe.
  Website: www.drawworkslp.com/
Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation
  Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation is a high-growth oil and natural gas exploration, production and drilling company. Drilco is currently operating multiple projects in the Appalachian Basin of North America. They own and operate 200 wells.
  Website: www.drilcooilgas.com
Drill Quip
  Highly qualified Technicians to support all models of Top Drives in Rental or sales. Specialist in inspections and recertifications. We are Specialists in Volant CRT's and weCATT Torque Monitoring Systems.
  Website: www.drillquip.net
Drillchem Drilling Solutions
  Drillchem provides custom-tailored solutions to help operators reduce the time and costs required to drill their wells. These savings are achieved through minimizing or eliminating drilling problems and unproductive flat lines.
  Website: www.drillchem.com
Drilling Equipment : Colcrete Eurodrill
  Colcrete Eurodrill leads the way in Ground Engineering with over 60 years Experience in Drilling Equipment.
  Website: www.colcrete-eurodrill.com/
E&C Supply Group
  E&M Supply Group Company is a leading provider of used drill pipe, used and remanufactured drill collars, used and remanufactured heavy-weight drill pipe, and other related drill string components.
  Website: www.drillpipesupply.com/
E&M Supply Group
  E&M Supply Group is a leading provider of used drill pipe, used and remanufactured drill collars, used and remanufactured heavy-weight drill pipe, and other related drill string components.
  Website: www.drillpipesupply.com
Eagle Exploration, Inc.
  Specializes in providing geophysical shot hole drilling services to the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.eagleexplorationservices.com
Earth Tech Drilling
  Earth Tech Drilling provides environmental and geotechnical drilling services, vacuum excavation, direct push technology, and well drilling and abandonment in Florida with a focus on the South Florida counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade.
  Website: www.earthtechdrilling.com
  Edgo offers a complete range of oilfield support services, through its Edgo Services Centers (ESC) which provide warehousing, training facilities, logistics, repair and maintenance, workshops and accommodation. The ESCs are located across the globe.
  Website: www.edgo.com
Elhifa Group
  Elhifa specializes on providing Drilling Equipment Rentals: BLOW OUT PREVENTER,Rigging fabricator: Slings, Lifting Products
  Website: www.elhifa.co.id
Enviroprobe Integrated solutions
  EnviroProbe Integrated Solutions, Inc. (EnviroProbe) a woman-owned small business, is a drilling, engineering, and professional environmental consulting firm located in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.
  Website: www.enviroprobeinc.com/
  ? Essar Oilfields Services offers onshore and offshore contract drilling, and offshore construction services. It owns 12 onshore rigs, and an offshore semi-submersible rig.
  Website: www.essar.com
Evans Energy
  Evans Energy provides savy oil and gas investors with "Turn-Key" services. With over 27 years of exploration, drilling and operating; Evans Energy brings a linked efficiency of services that enhances cost savings across the prospect venture.
  Website: www.evansenergyonline.com
Ever-Flo Production Chemicals
  EverFlo is a respected supplier of oilfield chemicals. We offer a complete line of finished products for all of your oil and gas treating needs.
  Website: www.ever-flo.com
FAS Oil Services
  FAS is an oil field services company providing drilling and integrated well services. The company is ready to cooperate with any company who are willing to enter the Libyan oil and gas market.
  Website: www.fasoil.com
Flat Time Reduction (FTR)
  Flat Time Reduction provides turnkey Industrial Engineering and LEAN Oilfield Solutions. A proven approach to process improvement in the oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.FTRoilandgas.com
Fluid Systems
  Worldwide provider of solids control & fine screening equipment to the oil & Gas and mining industries,including mud systems,shale shakers, mud cleaners,screen panels,desilter,degasser, desander,mud gas separator,cutting driers, decanter,agitator etc
  Website: www.fluidsystems.com
Fox Oil Drilling Company
  Fox Oil Drilling Company provides contract drilling services and engages in petroleum machinery sales worldwide. Our drilling rigs have a depth capability up to 30,000 feet. Experienced drilling contractor since 1976.
  Website: foxoildrilling.weebly.com
Fox Oil Drilling Company
  The company provides oil and gas drilling services and engages in petroleum machinery sales. Our rigs have a depth capability up to 30,000'.
  Website: www.foxoildrilling.weebly.com
Franklin Howard Intenational Limited
  We are a drilling contractor and we have a distribution arm that provides offshore and onshore drilling services and automatic fire fighting systems services in Africa and beyond.
  Website: www.franklinhoward.com
Franklin Howard International Ltd
  Franklin Howard International Ltd is an oilfield energy, and gas service company. We provide drilling rigs to the offshore and onshore industry.Franklin Howard is a diversified company with strong local presence and international expertise.
  Website: www.franklinhoward.com
Frontier Drilling
  Frontier Drilling sets a high benchmark for other companies in the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. The company is providing drilling services in Utah and Colorado and its safety record is impressive.
  Website: www.frontierdrilling.net
Gasco Drilling LLC
  Gasco Drilling is a premier Montana oil and gas exploration company with over 30 years of service in the patch. With top quality personel plus a real desire for overall customer satisfaction and you have a company that will get the job done for you.
  Website: www.gascodrilling.com
Geotechnical Drilling
  We offer Geotechnical Drilling, Soil Sampling, Construction Inspection and Materials Testing in the State of Florida www.raidse.net www.radisedrilling.com
  Website: www.radisedrilling.com
Global Drilling Solutions Inc.
  Global Drilling Solutions Inc. [GDS] specializes in the supply of equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. GDS?s custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities.
  Website: globaldrillsolutions.com
GN Solids America LLC
  GN American Co.,Ltd is the first USA based solids control company from China in Houston,TX, with API Certified manufacturer specializing in Solids Control Equipment, Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner Centrifuge, Cutting Dryer, Tanks, Pumps, Degassers etc.
  Website: www.gnsolidsamerica.com/
Greka Drilling
  Greka Drilling is the largest independent provider of unconventional gas drilling services in Asia, specialized in directional drilling. Our mission is to help our clients extract unconventional gas in the most cost-efficient and safe manner.
  Website: www.grekadrilling.com/
Hacker International
  Hacker International, located in Henderson, TX, manufactures and repairs rig components.
  Website: hackerinternational.com
Hebei Ceramic Proppant Co., Ltd
  . is one of the key star enterprises in Hebei Province, specializing producing ceramic proppant. It is used as fracturing agent for petroluem & gas exploration.
  Website: www.hbceramicproppant.com
Helmerich & Payne, Inc. - Drilling Contractors
  Helmerich & Payne is an energy-oriented company engaged in contract drilling and oil and gas exploration and production.
  Website: www.hpinc.com
HERO Flare
  At HERO Flare,We specialize in small, fast delivery flares for the production field and gas plants. Normal deliveries are measured in weeks and short delivery can mean overnight.
  Website: www.heroflare.com
HN Precision
  75 years experience with over 175 CNC machines to precision machine parts used in all phases of the oil and gas business.
  Website: www.hnprecision.com
Hovertrans Solutions Pte.Ltd.
  Move hundreds of tons on a cushion of air. All terrain amphibious logistics solution that can hover loads over Wetlands/Swamps, Shallow Water/Mud, Sandbars, Ice/Snow/Tundra, Land/Water. Environmental friendly hover drill barges
  Website: hovertranssolutions.com
  HSEplus is a Nationally Regonized Training Organisation offering Drilling and Mining Industry specific Safety Training & Consultation
  Website: HSEplus.com
Hydro Drilling International SpA
  This site provide general Company informationa along with contact info
  Website: www.hydrodrilling.com
Iceland Drilling Company
  Iceland Drilling Ltd is a leading high technical company in the field of high temperature geothermal drilling and has many decades of experience in both high and low temperature drilling.
  Website: www.jardboranir.is
  Global solutions & your one stop shop for all your safety footwear, PPE wearables, industrial,fire retardant ,rainwear,cold weather clothing,hand,head,ear protection & winter and safety accessories including striping,imprinting & decorating options
  Website: www.imagewear.ca
Impac Exploration Services
  We are very conscientious about the quality of work that our company produces and have very high standards for all of our team members.
  Website: impacxs.com
Impact Fluid Solutions, LLC
  IFS is a unique specialty chemical company with headquarters in Houston, providing innovative upstream drilling and production solutions to help reduce non productive time, improve wellbore stability and optimize well production.
  Website: www.impactfluids.net
Intercontinental Oilfield Sales
  Searching the Continent for you for the best of the best North American built oilfield equipment for sale. Serving the Continent from Alberta, Canada, in the export of North American built oilfield drilling equipment and service equipment.
  Website: www.intercontinentaloilfieldsales.com
international drilling contractors and rig brokers
  We are international oil & gas company offering investment opportunities in Russia. Also we are drilliong contractors and rig builder representatives. We offer new rigs at very competitive prices. Will deliver in 8 months
  Website: www.amerossi.com
International Oilfield Training
  IWCF, IADC Well Control, Drilling, Stuck Pipe plus We provide INTERNATIONAL TRAINING. Monthly courses offered in Calgary Alberta, Kelowna BC and St. Johns, NFLD We train in China, Dubai, Australia and additional locations based on demand.
  Website: www.iots.ca
JayBee Energy Private Limited
  Company official website of JayBee Energy Private Limited, India.
  Website: www.jaybeeenergy.com
John Energy Ltd
  John Energy Limited enjoys a respectable name in Onshore Drilling, Work-over and completion services contractor in India, having a rig fleet of 30 rigs, comprising of 15 Drilling and 15 work-over rigs.
  Website: www.johnenergy.com
Justiss Oil; Drilling and Well Service Contractor
  Overview of company with brief history, services offered, rig inventories, areas of operation with field offices, contact info, related companies (Alliance Drlg. Consultants, Baker Tank Co.), surplus equipment for sale, and archive pictures.
  Website: www.justissoil.com
KBK Industries
  KBK Industries is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass storage tanks. We serve thousands of customers in a variety of market segments: oil and natural gas, agriculture, municipal, and water.
  Website: www.kbkindustries.com
  Provider of onshore and offshore drilling and engineering services within the international oil and gas industry, with a focus on 'safe, effective, trouble-free operations'.
  Website: www.kcadeutag.com
Keane Group
  Keane Group?s mission is to lead in hydraulic fracturing and drilling services through health, safety and environmental stewardship and economic solutions.
  Website: www.keanegrp.com
Keystone Energy Tools
  Keystone Energy Tools was established to provide the industry with support and stability from a manufacturer with over fifty years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality oilfield tools.
  Website: keystoneenergytools.com
  Kosun is the leader in China?s solids control industry, and specialize in drilling waste management related machines, construction machines and environment production machines.
  Website: kosuneco.com
Larch Oil and Gas
  Larch Oil and Gas is a Local Family Company Specializing in Oil and Gas Well Service. Multiple Swab Units, Workover Rigs, Vacuum and Winch Trucks, Excavation Equipment, and Roustabout Services. Also, New Well Investment Packages available
  Website: larchoilandgas.com
Lennox Petroleum Services Limited
  Lennox Petroleum Services Ltd. is a leading provider of general oilfield contracting services both on land and offshore, concentrating on providing highly qualified personnel to the global oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.lennoxpetroleum.com
  LEOPARD ENERGY GROUP CO., LTD is a high technology company devoted to development of new technology, and new products, and manufacturing, and investment, and capital operation in petroleum energy industry.
  Website: www.leopardpetro.com
Linggas, Ltd
  With main operation in China, Linggas offers a complete line of oilfield equipment, covering exploration, drilling and production. All the equipment Linggas recommending have been field proven.
  Website: www.linggas.com
Lobo Offshore Services
  Being a well established recruitment company, we have a good database of highly specialized technical as well as non-technical personnel for Oil & Gas, Offshore/Onshore, Catering & Hospitality services.
  Website: lobooffshoreservices.com
M.D. Cowan, Inc.
  MD Cowan, Inc. is a fabricator of new and refurbished drilling rigs and associated equipment - offering the proprietary Super Single(R) drilling rig
  Website: www.mdcowan.com
Marathon Valve
  Marathon Valve's line of Guardian reset relief valves have ABS Type Approval for installations on mud pumps to protect against over pressurized conditions. The 3" valve line has an operating pressure range of 1500 to 8500 PSI.
  Website: www.marathonvalve.com
MegaDeck Rig Mats
  MegaDeck rig mats are the superior composite mat system for use as an oil rig mat, portable access roadway or heavy haul mat for extreme load bearing capacity
  Website: www.megadeckrigmats.com
Merty Energy Exploration,Production & Services Inc
  It is an E&P company that also provide Services and consulting. It has ability to work in ME including Iraq, and all former CIS, Turkey and surrounding countries.It holds exploration and production licences in Turkey which are open to Farm in
  Website: www.mertyenergy.com
MezurX USA
  MezurX provides advanced fluid anomaly kick/loss detection software and services using innovative non-Coriolis X-Omega technology for fluid flow and density measurements. Use for non-MPD and MPD applications, onshore/offshore, worldwide.
  Website: www.mezurx.com
Micron Eagle Hydraulics inc.
  Micron Eagle provides an extensive portfolio of solutions for the oil & gas industry that maximizes the performance and durability needed for maintaining operations at peak efficiencies in the harsh environment.
  Website: www.microneagle.com/index
Mid South Contractors Inc.
  Mid-South has been an Oilfield Safety Anchor company over 27 years. No job too big, Rig Anchors, Flowline safety, or flarestacks. If your frac needs anchoring our newly designed flowline safety brackets will protect against ruptures. Open 24/7 x 365.
  Website: www.midsouthcontractors.com
Mitchell Drilling International
  Mitchell Drilling is a dedicated, innovative & cost effective drilling service provider in the field of CBM and Mineral Drilling.
  Website: www.mdiindia.com
Momentum Engineering
  We provide total drilling operations management and support for jack-up,land drilling,pipeline projects,includes well drilling and program engineering;platform and pipeline design,fabrication and installation;rig refurbishing,port management
  Website: www.momentumdubai.com
Nabors Offshore Corporation
  Nabors Offshore Corporation operates a fleet of over 45 rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and certain international markets.
  Website: www.nabors.com
Nationwide Equipment Company
  Nationwide Equipment specializes in the sales and rental of new and reconditioned earthmoving, road building, and marine equipment. With 25 years of experience Nationwide is recognized as a global and industry leader.
  Website: www.NationwideEquipment.com
Nelvik Norsk Hydro Ltd.
  Semi-Submersible rigs, Jack-up rigs, ROVs, Land Rigs & services.Barges, AHTS, Construction vessels, Accommodation vessels, FPSO, FSO, Seismic vessels & services, Offshore Consulting and complete project Engineering and management services.
  Website: nelvikhydro.ca
Nicklos Drilling Company
  Nicklos Drilling Company, a Houston based oil and gas contract drilling company, provides land drilling services for wells ranging from 5,000' to 13,000' along the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, Southeast Texas and Southwestern Louisiana.
  Website: www.nicklosdrilling.com
NobleAdvances Training & Collaboration
  NobleAdvances is a state-of-the-art training facility focused on delivering technical expertise and team development through advanced learning opportunities.
  Website: www.nobleadvances.com
Northern Pipeline Construction
  NPL is a nationally recognized leader in pipeline construction, with over 40 years? experience in building energy?distribution systems and with nearly 3,000 highly-trained employees working across America.
  Website: www.gonpl.com
OAG Resources
  OAG is committed to finding quality energy projects and presenting them to the financial community & individuals.
  Website: www.oagresources.com/
OBS Hotshot Inc
  OBS is a Houston based hotshot trucking provider. We are specialized in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors.
  Website: www.obshotshot.com
Oil Works Inc
  For over 20 years, Oil Works, Inc. has served its customers as a premier oil and gas custom drilling rig equipment manufacturer and rig-up facility. Contact us for a wide variety of new and rebuilt drilling equipment built to API and ISO standards.
  Website: www.oilworksinc.com
Omron Oilfield & Marine, Inc.
  Omron Oilfield & Marine provides innovative drilling products, driller's cabins, power houses, field service, parts sales, and customer training on AC generator line-up, controls system, SCR drive line-up, top drive line-up, and VFD line-up.
  Website: www.oilfield.omron.com
Parker Drilling
  Parker Drilling Company is a worldwide service company providing drilling and rental tool services to the energy industry both on land and offshore.
  Website: www.parkerdrilling.com
PathFinder Energy Services, Inc.
  PathFinder Energy Services has become a leading provider of Directional Drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling/Logging-While-Drilling technology, and Formation Evaluation Services built upon our unique history and focused attention to performance.
  Website: www.pathfinderlwd.com
Patterson-UTI Energy Inc
  Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. subsidiaries provide onshore contract drilling and pressure pumping services to exploration and production companies in North America.
  Website: www.patenergy.com
Penneco Pipeline Corporation
  Penneco is a privately held oil and gas exploration company located in Delmont, Pa. Penneco Drilling Associates are knowledgeable in the business of oil and gas exploration and in the ways to minimize the associated risk.
  Website: www.penneco.com/
Pense Bros Exploration Drilling
  Pense Bros. is a leading contract drilling company, which specializes in rotary air drilling services throughout North America. We offer a faster, cleaner and more efficient alternative to mud or fluid drilling.
  Website: pensebros.com
PetroForce Energy LLC
  PetroForce Energy is a privately held oil and gas company with headquarters located in Austin, Texas. Our efforts are focused towards the exploration and development of proven oil fields located throughout the state of Louisiana and Texas.
  Website: www.petroforceenergy.com
Petroleum Services Company
  Petroleum Services Company Positioned among the Middle East most competitive global energy companies. Headquartered in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and active worldwide, it is engaged in every aspect of the oil and gas industry
  Website: www.psco.com.sa
PetroServices GmbH
  PetroServices GmbH is an international oil and gas service company registered under the federal law of Germany as oil field supplier and service provider, headquartered in Magdeburg with its operation since 2001 in over 10 countries.
  Website: www.petroservices.de
  Petrotek?s areas of activity include design, manufacture, repair & maintenance of mobile, semi-mobile and land drilling rigs, cementing units and appurtenances, mud equipment and well head equipment.
  Website: www.petrotekglobal.com
Piling Equipment Ltd
  We are a UK based company offering a range of used drilling rigs and equipment for sale. Our rigs can be shipped to any worldwide destination.
  Website: www.piling-equipment-ltd.com
PR Marriott Drilling Ltd
  PR Marriott is both a British drilling contractor and an integrated service provider for a range of support services.Today PR Marriott Drilling is a highly professional company with a fast developing reputation for safety, excellence and commitment.
  Website: www.pr-marriott-drilling.com
Precision Drilling
  Precision provides contract drilling, well servicing and strategic support services to customers.
  Website: www.precisiondrilling.com
Priority Energy Services
  We serve the oil and gas, pipeline, petrochemical and refining industries, and our experience in these industries has enabled us to create unique tools to meet your needs. We offer Nitrogen pumping, Wireline including lift boats, and Flare Stacks.
  Website: www.priorityenergyllc.com/
ProOne, Inc
  ProOne lubricants, incl. the revolutionary drilling fluid, is engineered with XPL+ technology. It's film-strength makes it the best friction reducer in brine, water or invert mud systems.
  Website: www.pro-one.us
Pulse Directional Technologies Inc
  PDT are a leading manufacturer of drilling products and downhole tools for the global oil and gas industry. Our tools enable our customers to compete at the highest levels, providing tools and advanced technologies that increase production.
  Website: www.pulsedirectional.com
Pumping Units
  Available the following pumping units 1. Double horsehead beam pumping units 2. Three-folds walking beam pumping units 3. Conventional walking beam pumping units 4. Double-tail walking beam pumping units
  Website: www.ec21.com/midpointchemicals
Quality Mat Co
  Pioneer of the mat industry, Quality Mats produces hardwood timber crane mats, interlocking oilfield mats, and custom rig matting solutions, as well as temporary road mats for rent and sale.
  Website: Qmat.com
  provides Health, Safety and Environmental consultation, studies and training for the petroleum, Construction & Heavy industries onshore and offshore, conducts audits according to recent international standards OHSAS 18001& ISO 14001.
  Website: www.safety4y.com
Quippo Group
  (QOGIL) is a leading Indian Drilling and Service provider providing contract Drilling services utilizing a fleet of 6 state-of-the-art land Rigs equipped with Top Drives, offering a whole host of value-added services to its clients.
  Website: www.quippoworld.com
Randle V. Jessup, Oil & Gas Attorney
  Oil & Gas Attorney providing Title Opinions, Original Title Opinions, Drilling Title Opinions, Division Order Title Opinions
  Website: www.jessuplaw.com
  Region Company was established in 2003, and is one of the leading companies in the Ukraine who provides servises to oil and gas enterprises.
  Website: www.region.if.ua
RigMinder Inc.
  RigMinder? is a technology company that provides monitoring of all functionality of drilling rig operations. The design of our systems is modular in nature, both from a hardware and software standpoint.
  Website: www.rigminder.com
Rodren Drilling Ltd.
  Rodren Drilling specializes in the ability to accommodate drilling contracts that require difficult or unusual procedures.
  Website: www.rodrendrilling.com
Rosco-Ram Oil Services Company Limited
  Iraqi oil well drilling company with 7 land rigs and a signed contract with Iraq South Oil Company for drilling completion and workover.
  Website: www.rosco-limited.com
Royal Servcie & Rentals Inc.
  Royal Service & Rentals Inc. has been an oilfield service company for 30 years. Down Hole cameras,Mesotech Sonar ,Custom Fabrication, Customise CCTV camera systems in single or multi camera systems with digital IP cameras and hazardous areas.
  Website: www.royalservices.com
RSI Group
  The RSI Group provides professional drilling rig surveys and inspections, rig project support services and well control inspection services. RSI Group is the worlds leading provider of professional drilling rig survey and engineering services.
  Website: www.rsigroup.com
Saltel Industries
  Saltel-Industries is specialized in the development and manufacture of inflatable and advanced technical products made with elastomer-based composite material and provide Expandable tubulars technology
  Website: www.saltel-industries.com
Saxon Energy Services
  Saxon Energy Services is a growing international oilfield services company, delivering superior value, technology, and innovation to our customers across the globe.
  Website: www.saxonservices.com
Scandrill Inc.
  Sandrill Inc provides land contact drilling services to independent and major oil and gas exploration companies.
  Website: www.scandrill.com
Schlumberger Directional Drilling
  Reduce drilling time and cost. Schlumberger directional drilling services enhance well placement in less time and are available in the widest range of sizes and configurations in the industry.
  Website: www.slb.com
Sebina Drilling, Ltd
  Sebina Drilling established in 1981 formerly known as JO / PT. Sekayu International - Westburne Worlwide Drilling and later PT. Sekayu Bina Drilling (1986), is a private owned oil and gas well drilling company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  Website: sebinadrilling.com
Sidewinder Drilling Inc.
  Sidewinder Drilling Inc. owns and operates a fleet of premium land drilling rigs and provides contract drilling services to exploration and production (?E&P?) companies targeting unconventional resource plays in North America.
  Website: www.sidewinderdrilling.com
Sierra Alta Group
  Sierra Alta born from the combined expertise of highly qualified professionals in the industry. With experience in major energy projects around the world. We are committed to the quality of our service in order to build long lasting relationships.
  Website: www.sierraalta.com.co
SMS Precision Tech
  Houston based manufacturer of drill-pipe screens, machined MWD parts, running gear, and wireline equipment.
  Website: www.smsprecisiontech.com/
  To lower your operating cost and, better manage your diesel/gas fuel we offer "SOFTFUEL". Units will lower fuel usage, lower exhaust emissions withou chemichals or, additives. No wiring, no moving parts!
  Website: www.softfuel.net
Southern Land Associates, In.
  Southern Land Associates is a Petroleum Land Services company assisting Oil & Gas Exploration companies in acquiring and maintaining their petroleum properties. We offer our services Worldwide in acquiring assets and concessions in various countries.
  Website: www.plmland.com
Southern Oilfield Services
  SOS is based in Houston. The company is a provider of downhole tools and specializes in innovative reaming tools. Some of our current products include: EWD5, ES, Curve Reamer and STealth Reamer. Visit our website for more information.
  Website: www.SouthernOilfield.com
Sun Drilling LLP
  Sun Drilling is one the fastest growing oilfield service contractors in Kazakhstan, providing drilling, workover, and seismic equipment and services on either day work, turnkey or integrated service basis. Sun Drilling is a member of the IADC.
  Website: www.sundrilling.kz
T&M Excavating LLC
  At T&M Excavating LLC, we offer a wide range of excavating, trucking, and demolition services. We also have a Natural Gas specific division which specializes in excavation and construction of compressor stations, well pads and pipelines.
  Website: www.tandmexcavating.com
T&S Petroleum Consultants, Inc.
  Our goal is to provide the oilfield community with the best consulting personnel in the business. We promise to approach every project with the highest professional standards and to supply the right person for the job.
  Website: www.t-sconsulting.com
Team Snubbing Services Inc
  Team Snubbing Service Inc. provides efficient snubbing services in low pressure well situations. Snubbing services include the ?mini brutus?, a self contained unit that can be mounted into a one ton truck with up to 15,000 pounds of snubbing force.
  Website: www.teamsnubbing.com
Tecmar, Inc.
  The supplier for Pile Hammers Equipment, Parts and Global Service Sales New Pile Hammer and Spare Parts
  Website: www.tecmar-us.com
Tecnotrat Metal Processing LLC
  We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide quality machined parts for our customers. We pride ourselves in each part that we manufacture. We currently offer CNC turning and milling.
  Website: www.tecnotratmetalprocessing.com
TerraProHD Composite RigMats
  TerraProHD HDPE composite rigmats. Durable, lightweight rigmats used for drilling lease pads and access roads to lease sites.
  Website: www.terraprohd.com
Terroco Industries
  We are the leader in the oil and gas industry with over 38 years of experience offering the most complete line of products and services in the Canadian oilfield.
  Website: www.terroco.com
Teton Buildings
  An industry leader in Modular and Container Built Housing, Dinning, Office, Shower, and Laboratory Facilities. Quality. Fast.
  Website: www.tetonbuildings.com/
TETRA Technologies
  TETRA Oil & Gas Services is the worldwide leader in the supply of brine-based completion fluid and filtration equipment services. TETRA also provides a large fleet of well abandonment, workover, completion and drilling rigs.
  Website: www.tetratec.com
  Texan Drilling Company is a Houston based oil and gas contract drilling company providing land drilling services for wells ranging from 5,000' to 30,000' plus.
  Website: www.TexanDrilling.com
The NanoSteel Company
  NanoSteel?s Guardian? CF hardbanding material is the industry leader for casing wear protection, features exceptional tool joint life, provides crack free performance, can be welded by open arc process and is applicable over other hardband materials.
  Website: www.nanosteelco.com
  Drilling, cementing, and mud logging services for the geothermal and O&G markets. 30+ years of experience and market leader in geothermal services.
  Website: www.thermasource.com/
Tianhe Oil Group Huifeng Petroleum Equipment Co.,
  Main products: drill pipes, drill collars, kellys, HWDP, jars, Stabilizers, Hole openers, reamers, subs, valves, Milling tools, fishing tools ( Bowen serials) , bucking unit, down hole motor, jar tester, etc.
  Website: oilgasdrillingtools.weebly.com/
Treo Drilling Services
  Treo Drilling Services is an Alberta based company, with operations in Alberta, Sask, and BC. We are an industry leader in Core Sampling in the Tar Sands, we also have extensive experience pre-setting and drilling for natural gas.
  Website: treodrilling.com
Tubing Central
  We are a Stocking Distributor of Stainless Steel in Nickel Alloys in both stick and coil form. We can fill both Import and Domestic orders of all quantities. Our sizes are manly from 1/16 inch up to 4inch.
  Website: www.tubingcentral.com
Tubular King
  Tubular King is a diversified company dealing from engineering to production enhancement, leasing and fabrications refurbishments of oil rigs and coiled tubing units, nitrogen units. OCTG tubulars, pipes and top drives sales & rentals.
  Website: www.tubularking.com
United Technical Services
  United Technical Services (UTS) providing invaluable service to oil & gas companies by supplying and maintaining specialized engineered equipment sourced from the foremost manufacturers in the world through strategic partnerships and alliance.
  Website: www.uts.ae
V Recruitment Offshore LLC
  V Recruitment Offshore LLC is a private owned company specialised in selecting, interviewing and placing experienced personnel for the Oil and Gas Industry all over the world.
  Website: www.v-recruitment.com
Valiant Energy Serviced Ltd
  Valiant Energy is a Calgary, Alberta based directional drilling solutions provider for Western Canada. We provide fast and reliable drilling services to clients with the use of modern equipment and up-to-date drilling practices.
  Website: www.valiantenergy.ca
Walker Drilling Ltd
  We are a geotechnical / environmental drilling company based out of Barrie, Ontario. We offer province wide professional drilling services to consulting firms, private companies, and government agencies.
  Website: www.walkerdrilling.com
Willy D Boilers & Fabricating LTD.
  Willy D Boilers and Fabricating Ltd. opened in August of 2008 with over 30 years of experience in the boiler industry.Our company is an ABSA certified company.
  Website: www.willydboilers.com
World Petroleum Supply Inc
  World Petroleum Supply is a master stocking distributor of handling tools, casing tools and well servicing equipment. We have an extensive inventory of new and refurbished products, as well as spare parts, in stock and available to ship today.
  Website: worldpetroleumsupply.com/
Zinkan Enterprises Inc
  For over forty years, Zinkan has been a staple in the energy industry. Developments in fracking technology and its expanding presence has lead Zinkan into the oil and gas industry.
  Website: zinkan.com
  Manufacturer of land rig, skid-mounted drilling rig, truck mounted drilling rig, workover rig, as well as rig components including mud pump, drawworks, hook, swivel, rotary table, camps, crown block, mast, substructure, BOP.
  Website: www.zpec.com
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