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McLeay Geological Consultants
  McLeay Geological is a wellsite geological consulting company providing professional geological services to the oil and gas industry since 1976. Our geologists have extensive experience in all aspects of drilling and geological analysis.
  Website: www.mcleay.ab.ca/
Petrotechnical Resources Alaska
  Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, LLC (PRA) provides professional personnel to the oil and gas industry
  Website: www.petroak.com
#1 Chinook Consulting Services Ltd.
  Based in Calgary - Chinook Consulting provides superior geological services to the oil and gas industry in N. America and Europe. Specializing in Hz drilling, shale plays (Duvernay, Horn River), oil sands, tight gas, CBM, coring and geosteering
  Website: chinookconsulting.ca
  3vGeomatics specializes in measuring and monitoring ground motion along pipeline right of ways using radar satellites. We clients when we see new or accelerating motion that presents a risk to pipeline integrity.
  Website: 3vgeomatics.com
Actus Veritas Geoscience, LLC
  Actus Veritas is an Integrated team of geologists, geophysicists and engineers specialized in technical and economics evaluations of oil and gas opportunities, business development and compliance.
  Website: www.actusveritas.com
  Australian International Petro-Consultants Pty Ltd provides geological support services to the petroleum industry. The company has access to petroleum exploration geologists, all of whom, have developed vast experience in the industry.
  Website: www.aipcons.com
Alpha Adroit
  Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Consultant providing geotechnical engineering, material testing (soil, rock, concrete, aggregate, grout), and construction quality control services.
  Website: https://www.alphaadroit.ca
Amigos Energy Advisors
  Worldwide geophysical and geological consulting. Exploration and production projects, database QC and analysis, seimsic survey design and aquisitioin QC, Project Management.
  Website: www.amigosenergy.com
Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience
  AmsterdamPG is a consultancy providing geoscience advice to the E&P sector of the international petroleum industry. We focus on those activities that support valuation of pre-development subsurface assets and identification of new opportunities.
  Website: www.amsterdam-petroleum-geoscience.com/
Apex Envirotech, Inc.
  Apex Envirotech offers a range of environmental management, remediation and consulting services including phase 1 assessments that can be tailored to the needs of your company.
  Website: www.apexenvirotech.com
Avanti Oil and Gas Consulting
  Avanti provides a comprehensive scope of oil and gas consulting services from seismic to sales...
  Website: www.avanticonsulting.com
Bayphase Limited
  Company of Geologists, Engineers and Investment Analysts Specialising in assessment of oil and gas fields whether on or offshore, all aspects of subsurface and surface evaluation covered. Over 30 assignments in last two years.
  Website: www.bayphase.com
Bays Environmental Remediation Management
  Managed by Petroleum Geologists / Hydrogeologists, we provide innovative environmental assessment and remediation solutions for oil companies, as well as petroleum exploration and reservoir development geology services for E&P Companies.
  Website: www.baysgrp.com
Bays Exploration and Production Geology
  Provide On call Geological services to oil and gas industry. Temporary and part time placement of geologists. Drill stem test analysis, petrophysical testing evaluations (capillary curve, porosity, permeability),
  Website: www.baysenp.com
Bays Exploration and Production Geology
  Bays Exploration and Production Group is a division of Bays Investment Inc, established in 2005. The Exploration and Development Group is comprised of experienced petroleum geologists in North America and the Middle East.
  Website: baysenp.com
Berger Geosciences, LLC.
  We offer consulting services with focus on 6 service items: - Shallow Geohazard Assessments - Riserless Drilling Programs - GIS Data Integration - Field Development Planning Studies - Project Management of Field Activities - Mapping Solutions
  Website: www.b-geo.com
Biostratigraphy, Biofacies, Geofacies, Kerogen
  Palynology, foraminifera, nannofossil analyses, kerogen typing, TAI, Borehole image analyses, integrating wireline data, sequence subdivision, environment of deposition, sedimentation history. Australia, SE Asia, PNG, NZ, India, N Africa.
  Website: www.iscbiostrat.com
Biostratigraphy.com, LLC
  Biostratigraphy.com, LLC provides multidiscipline biostratigraphic services, including palynology, foram, nannofossil and other paleontological analyses. The principal partner (Pierre Zippi) has 25+ years experience in stratigraphic paleontology.
  Website: www.biostratigraphy.com
Black Hawk Energy
  From the funding of hydrocarbons plays, to the exploration and verification of high potential production plays, Black Hawk offers unique solutions to the fuel and energy industry.
  Website: www.blackhawkenergy.net
BugWare Oilfield Paleontology
  Get a bigger picture of the geology of your field with detailed paleontologic analyses. BugWare is the leading provider of deepwater wellsite nannofossil paleontologists, and provide foram service as well.
  Website: www.bugware.com
Calvin Resources Inc.
  Independent natural gas and oil exploration company since 1984, coalbed methane specialists. Field Studies, Reservoir Characterization and Due Diligence, evaluate and package dev. or explor. drilling projects, & acquisition and divestiture projects.
  Website: www.calvinresources.com
Canadian Seabed Research Ltd.
  Our professional consulting team provides a complete marine survey solution that includes, hydrographic surveying (single & multibeam sonar), seafloor imaging, shallow seismic, subbottom profiling, positioning, gis, reporting and mapping.
  Website: www.csr-marine.com
Cathie Associates
  Cathie Associates provides independent geoscience & geotechnical engineering consultancy services to the offshore oil, gas and energy industries.
  Website: www.cathie-associates.com
Choate Technology Services Ltd
  CTS is a UK based petroleum engineering consultancy firm with an established track record of some 70 successfully completed projects for major clients worldwide
  Website: www.choate.co.uk
Cobbold Consulting
  Consulting services in structural geology for the petroleum and mineral industries.
  Website: www.cobbold-consulting.com
Corazon Oilfield Services
  Corazon offers impartial advice on on coring systems, planning, wellsite supervision. We are focused on the Operator?s Well objectives , optimising the coring project to minimise costs.
  Website: www.corazonoil.co.uk/
CSA Group Worldwide Geoservices
  CSA Group Oil and Gas Services provides geology Consulting services, Project Management services, and Internet Based Training Development.
  Website: www.csa.ie
D. L. Goins & Associates, Inc.
  Our web site contains general company information describing company personnel, educationl and professional backgrounds and services offered.
  Website: www.dlgoins.com
Dawson Geophysical
  Dawson Geophysical Company acquires and processes 3-D seismic data used in analyzing subsurface geologic conditions for the potential of oil and natural gas accumulation. Dawson's clients retain exclusive rights to the information obtained.
  Website: www.dawson3d.com
Decollement Consulting
  We are a Mud Logging Company that assists in exploration and development of emerging geologic trends using new leading edge technology at the well site.
  Website: mudloggingservicecompany.com
Decollement Consulting
  Decollement Consulting we have provided Mud Logging Services excellent well site geological/mud logging consulting, operations geology, and gas detection services to the oil industry.
  Website: decollementconsulting.com
Decollenment Consulting Inc
  Our company provides mud logging and drilling management consultants in the oil and gas industry. We have been in the bussiness for over 30 years. Decollement Consulting specializes in mud logging and wellsite geologic consulting.
  Website: www.decollementconsulting.com
Dwight Ingram Oil and Gas Specialist
  Dwight A. Ingram, Geologist, Oil & Gas Exploration, Reservoir Dev, Drilling deals in SW Paradox Basin, Owl Creek Thrust trend of the Wind River, San Joaquin, Williston, and Powder River Basins, Geophysical & Petrophysical Analysis, Coalbed methane
  Website: www.dwightingram.com
Energy Specialists Consulting, LLC
  We have integrated experienced consulting engineering services with geology and geophysics expertise to provide uniquely qualified teams for underground storage projects, pipeline design and other hydrocarbon transportation projects.
  Website: nrgspecialists.com
EXPLOIL Oil & Gas Consultancy
  EXPLOIL is a Petroleum Consulting Company.
  Website: www.exploil.com
Exploration Technologies, Inc.
  Exploration and environmental near-surface geochemistry, basin characterization, onshore and offshore exploration.
  Website: www.eti-geochemistry.com
EXTERRA GeoScience Ltd.
  Specialists in Processing and Geological Analysis of Borehole Images and Dipmeters. We are the leading company in the analysis of clastic and fractured reservoirs using electrical and acoustic borehole images.
  Website: www.exterraltd.com
Fo'Mation Energy Consulting
  Offering exploration and development support, with a technical focus on Structural Geology and Petrophysics.
  Website: www.fo-mation.com
Forest Garb & Associates LLC.
  Forest Garb offers a complete range of geological and engineering services - from screening exploration prospects and designing development drilling projects to estimating reserves, forecasting future production and presenting economic analyses.
  Website: www.forgarb.com
Forgedale Geological Consulting
  Petroleum geology consultancy. Specialty due-diligence reviews for private investors, independents, legal counsel & financial institutions. Her analysis of prospect & portfolio have both a geologic & business perspective.
  Website: www.forgedalegeo.com/about.html
Gas & Oil Technology Corp
  The founders of the company, together with their staff and technicians, bring with them decades of experience resulting in skills that cover the broad range of exploration and production aspects needed to meet customer demands.
  Website: gas-oil-technology.com
Geo Logic Environmental Services
  Site describes services provided by firm and contact information.
  Website: www.geologicenvironmental.com
Geo-Microbial Technologies (GMT)
  Geo-Microbial Technologies, Inc., (GMT) is a privately held company located in Ochelata, Oklahoma, well known in the oil and gas industry for its research in petroleum microbiology and for hydrocarbon microseepage surveys.
  Website: www.gmtgeochem.com/
Geo-Navigation Services for Horizontal Wells
  BEC provides unique restoration of MWD gamma ray to its true stratigraphic position, to provide the operator with location of the lateral in the stratigrahic section, apparent dip, and location and throw of faults with as little as 1 foot of throw.
  Website: bowdonenergy.com
  We specialize in Electrical Imaging. With the new equipment we have, we can produce in one hour a section of the basement to a depth of 36 meters(we can go deeper) and a length of 200 meters.
  Website: www.geoetudes3d.weebly.com
Geological and Geophysical Consulting
  Providing Geological and Geophysical consulting to the petroleum industry. Both exploration and development experience throughout the world.
  Website: geologicconsultant.com
Geologists, Software, Geochemical & Gas Equipment
  HRH Geological Services supplies geological products & services for well planning, drilling and post well evaluation; Software, Geologists, Geologging, Geological Training, Geochemical & Gas Instrumentation including the ATEX certified Drilgas.
  Website: www.hrhgeology.com
  GeomodL is a service company specialized in Reservoir Modelling and Development G&G based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. GeomodL offers a panel of services ranging from Reservoir Modelling, Petrophysics, Geomodelling software support and training.
  Website: www.geomodl.com
GeoScience Limited
  Description of GeoScience's earth science consultancy products in geomechanics, characterisation of fractured reservoirs, and formation water chemistry. Additional pages providing technical information.
  Website: www.geoscience.co.uk
Geosite, Inc.
  GEOSITE, INC. www.geosite.us is a premier provider of hydrocarbon well logging/consulting services for the Oil and Gas Industry throughout West Texas, Oklahoma, & Eastern New Mexico.
  Website: www.geosite.us
Gold Creek Consulting Ltd
  Providing Senior Geological Wellsite Consulting Services with over 30 years of extensive experience. Also provides a low cost environmental wellsite sample washing tanks.
  Website: www.goldcreekconsulting.com
Golder Associates
  An employee owned global company providing consulting, design and construction services in the specialist areas of earth, the environment and related areas of energy. Golder has over 160 offices located in 36 countries.
  Website: www.golder.com
Greenbriar Resources - Gary L. King
  Info about Greenbriar Resources, the consulting firm of Gary L. King - geologist, oil&gas data expert. One well evaluations to regional studies. Computer applications consultant. O&G data imaging expert.
  Website: www.greenbriarresources.com
GSS International
  Network of associate UK-based biostratigraphers each with a minimum ten years experience. Specialists in global biostratigraphic applications including Exploration, Development and Operational work.
  Website: www.gssinternational.co.uk
GTS Geotech E&P Professional Services
  We specialises in providing independent, cost effective, geotechnical support to oil & gas companies and is one of the largest independent provider of geotechnical support services to the upstream oil and gas industry.
  Website: www.gts-geotech.com/
Gustavson Associates, LLC
  Gustavson is an international oil, gas, and mining consulting firm specializing in: appraisals, investor due diligence, NI 51-101, expert witness, exploration and field development, and geological, geophysical, and engineering support services.
  Website: www.gustavson.com
  Harrison Lease Acquisition & Development Corp. (H-LA&D) has a successful record of drilling and completing oil and gas wells throughout the state of Texas.
  Website: www.harrisonoilngas.com
HME Partnership
  Remote sensing, GIS & digital mapping services / consultancy.
  Website: www.hme.uk.com
Hydrocarbon Outsource LimitEd
  Hydrocarbon Outsource LimitEd is an iternationally diversified outsource company. We are distinguished from other outsource companies by:Aiming for Perpetual Excellence in HSE, Technical and Project Management Enablers(Tools for Success)
  Website: www.holeenergy.com
iGeology Pyt Ltd
  iGeology Pty Ltd provides geological consulting and spatial data analysis for the mineral world. We provide experience-based mineral exploration advice and services to explorers and small to medium businesses.
  Website: www.igeology.com.au
  INEXS offers a full range of services (regional geologic studies, exploration evaluation, integrated field studies, A&D assistance, data management, shale resource evaluation and velocity model interpretation (salt))
  Website: www.inexs.com
Integrated Geophysics Corporation
  Interpreting and integrating multiple geophysical techniques such as gravity, magnetics, seismic, and seismic velocity data. Specialized interpretational services designed to solve geologic problems. Regional to detailed interpretation.
  Website: www.igcworld.com
International Reservoir Technologies, Inc
  IRT provides worldwide petroleum reservoir management consulting services. IRT offers a full range of services required for addressing the simplest single well problems to the completion of complex field appraisal and development plans.
  Website: www.irt-inc.com
iReservoir.com - Integrated Reservoir Modeling
  Oil & gas consulting services using state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring integration of geologic, petrophysic, seismic and engineering data. Also providing a web-based collaborative tool for world-wide project data assembly, QC, and monitoring.
  Website: www.ireservoir.com
J L Wilson & Associates, Inc.
  J L Wilson & Associates, Inc. conducts integrated petroleum reservoir evaluations for enhanced oil recovery. J L Wilson & Associates, Inc. also generates and evaluates petroleum prospects.
  Website: www.jlwilsoninc.com
Laboratory Services for CBM
  We are a knowledge based company providing Total solutions for CBM industry.
  Website: www.totalcbm.com
LandTech Enterprises SA
  LandTech uses earthquake waves approaching from different directions to create a 3-D image, similar to the way a medical CAT-scan uses X-rays.
  Website: www.landtechsa.com
LMKR - A Petroleum IT company
  LMKR is an Information Technology Company specializing in Petroleum IT, Data Management, Processing, Interpretation, Consulting Services and Software Solutions.
  Website: www.lmkr.com
Lucas Resources, LLC
  Geologic, Operational, and Field Management support for well delivery from concept, prospect identification, field planning, geohazard assessment, well design, drilling, completions and eventually production monitoring in the Appalachian Basin.
  Website: www.lucasresourcesllc.com
Melland Engineering, Inc.
  Melland Engineering Inc.which is centrally located in McPherson, Kansas, provides petroleum engineering and geological consulting services to the oil and gas industry from Kansas to California.
  Website: www.mellandengineering.com
MGPalaeo Ltd
  MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading geological and stratigraphical consultants, and have been servicing the Australasian oil and gas industry since 1983. Our biozonation scheme is the industry standard across Australia.
  Website: www.mgpalaeo.com.au
Midland Valley, Software and Consulting
  Midland Valley is a team of structural geologists and software engineers. Visit our web site for more information on our 2D and 3D modelling software and consultancy services. See our latest developments for fracture prediction.
  Website: www.mve.com
Nosco Oil & Gas Profile
  Nosco Oil & Gas is an indigenous Engineering Oilfield Service Company. Our main OBJ is to offer unparalleled Professional Services in areas of Casing and Tubing, Tank Repairs, Inspection Services and Supply of Technical Manpower (Nationals /Experts).
  Website: www.noscooil.com
OilTracers, L.L.C
  Solving petroleum exploration and development problems through integration of geochemical, geological, and engineering data. Services: assessment of charge risk, seep origin, reservoir continuity; production allocation; viscosity/gravity prediction.
  Website: www.oiltracers.com
Ondeck Corporation Pty Ltd
  Ondeck Coporation supplies Operations and Wellsite Geologists to the Oil and Gas Industry.
  Website: www.ondeck.com.au
Paleo-Data, Inc.
  Biostratigraphic services and well data from the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast region.
  Website: www.paleodata.com
PanTerra Geoconsultants BV
  PanTerra Geoconsultants BV provides services in conventional and special core analysis, production enhancement, reservoir geology, diagenesis, geophysics and recruitment/project staff secondment.
  Website: www.panterra.nl
Patriot Mudlogging & Consulting Services
  Oil field Mud Logging Systems to fit your organization?s needs,Mud logging at its best, Patriot offers cutting edge technology in our instruments, a customized logging program, continuity in our geological staff and quality logging services
  Website: www.patriotmudlogging.com/
PC&G Petroleum Consulting & Geoscience
  PC&G is a petroleum consulting company, focusing its activities mainly on projects taking place in C&E Europe and Russia. We offer services in following fields: exploration geology, reservoir engineering, UGS and utilization of geothermal energy.
  Website: www.pcg.sk
Pectil Engineering Pty Ltd
  We provide manned 24-hour mudlogging services to oil, gas, and other types of drilling operations in the Asia-Pacific region. We can accommodate special sensor requirements, providing remote displays and near-real-time Internet accessible telemetry.
  Website: www.pectil.com.au
Pelagic Frontiers Consultancy B.V.
  The company is committed to providing comprehensive multidisciplinary scientific answers for the deep sea exploration of biological energy, mineral resources as well as the installation of submarine communication cables or pipe-lines.
  Website: pelagicfrontiers.nl
Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.
  Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. is a global petroleum geoscience consulting firm, based in Calgary, Alberta. The company offers exploration and development services to clients in more than 40 countries around the world.
  Website: www.petrelrob.com
PetroAsian - Your Energy Pathfinder in China
  PetroAsian Energy based in Hong Kong, provides Consultation to foreign and China energy companies to explore and operate in China and internationally, China petroleum & mining prospecting G&G trip planning and logistics.
  Website: www.petroasian.com
PetroSai Services Limited
  PetroSai Services Limited are petrophysics consultants providing integrated petrophysical consulting services to oil and gas companies. PetroSai Services Ltd offers a full range of petrophysical consulting services to suit all your petrophysics needs
  Website: www.petrosaiservices.com/
Petrotel Inc
  Consulting: reservoir engineering-simulation-characterization, enhanced oil recovery technologies, development/Exploration G&G, petrophysics, integrated project management /planning, including production, drilling, and facility engineering support.
  Website: www.petrotel.com/
PRISEM Geoscience Consulting LLC
  Unconventional exploration, structural analysis, fault-seal evaluation, customized field courses, literature research, potential-field geophysics and geo/thermochronology.
  Website: www.prisemgeoconsulting.com/
Questa Engineering International Consultants
  Since 1982, Questa Engineering has provided superior quality engineering and geological services to the oil and gas community. Questa can assist with all phases of your project from concept initiation to commercial development.
  Website: www.questa.com
Queststar Consulting Group L.P
  We are an executive search firm specializing in identifying professionals in the upstream oil & gas industry which includes; Geologist, Geophysicist, Drilling, Completions, Production, Reservoir, Landman and technical professionals.
  Website: www.qsglp.com
Reservoir and Subsurface Engineering
  AEA Technology provides geology, reservoir engineering, simulation and management services. Company also operates a SCAL reservoir condition laboratory.
  Website: www.aeat.co.uk/
Resource Management Group, Inc.
  RMG personnel have over 90 years of combined geological, geophysical and engineering experience in the petroleum business. RMG will evaluate undeveloped or underdeveloped property for petroleum exploration or exploitation
  Website: www.rmusa.net
Rocksolve International
  Rocksolve International provides specialist geological technology solutions to the global oil industry. Rocksolve encourages sharing insight and knowledge through providing bespoke geological technology, consultancy and training packages.
  Website: www.rocksolve.com/
  Rocktype specialises in high-volume, fast turnaround QEMSCAN petrography projects for the oil and gas industry. We work with clastic and carbonate rocks, from core, outcrop samples and well cuttings.
  Website: rocktype.com
RPS Consultants
  RPS Consultants provides a biostratigraphy service to the oil and gas industry, including wellsite geosteering on horizontal and deviated drilling operations as part of the RPS Group plc Europe's leading environmental consultancy.
  Website: www.rpsplc.co.uk
  SCM provides E&P consulting, training, and staffing services for the upstream oil and gas industry. We offer a complete experience range of upstream geological, geophysical, and engineering professionals for consulting opportunities worldwide.
  Website: scminc.com
  For comprehensive, high performance services and solutions, Senergy is the leading choice in the global oil and gas market for Petrophysics, Geology, & Drilling expertise.
  Website: www.lr-senergy.com
SEtech (Geotechnical Engineers) Limited
  SEtech provide expert independent geotechnical consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the international offshore construction industries.
  Website: www.setech-uk.com
Skilled Geoscience
  The marketplace for all geoscience skills, linked to over 900 geological provinces. An international directory of consultants.
  Website: www.skilledgeoscience.com
Specialist Mapping and Geomodelling Services
  Geomodelling Services is a premium international supplier of expert subsurface modellers employing advanced techniques to meet targets.
  Website: www.geomodelling.com
Structural Solutions
  Geologic consultancy specializing in the interpretation of the geometry and evolution of complex structures and analysis of regional tectonics to aid hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation.
  Website: www.strucsolutions.com
Subsurface Global
  Subsurface Global delivers services to the upstream E&P sector. We build genuine relationships so that we can achieve outstanding results. Our expertise has been developed within the Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, Drilling and HSE disciplines.
  Website: www.subsurfaceglobal.com
Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc
  Terra provides high-quality, oil and gas prospectivity analysis for E&P companies using innovative methods proven in more than 100 projects worldwide. Lower the risk of dry hole, delineate the structure, determine the depth and best drilling location
  Website: www.terrainsight.com
Terra Nova Sciences LLC
  Founded to apply fundamental scientific research to the preservation of natural resources, the discovery of new energy sources, the protection of environment and the risk management of natural hazards.
  Website: www.terranova-sciences.com
The ARC Group LLC
  The Arc Group LLC offers geological, geophysical and petrophysical services in exploration, reservoir characterization, Coalbed Methane E&P, and reservoir imaging. More than 20 years project experience in Australia, Latin America, and the US.
  Website: www.arcgroupllc.com
The Discovery Group Inc
  The Discovery Group is a consultancy firm with the highest qualified geologists and petrophysicists in the industry. Specializing in geoscience including log analysis, core analysis, formation evaluation, shale gas discoveries, and tight gas plays.
  Website: www.discovery-group.com
The Strickland Group
  The Strickland Group provides reservoir and geological engineering consulting to the oil and gas industry. Dr. Strickland has studied fields nationally/internationally since 1970?s, is recognized expert in state, federal, international courts.
  Website: www.tsg.net
Tooke Rockies, Inc.
  Tooke Rockies provides Geologic consulting, mudlogging and gas detection rental in the Northern Rockies. Our Employees are some of the most experienced in the region, with extensive experience from Indiana to Nevada and North Dakota to Kansas.
  Website: www.tookerockies.com
TROUTMAN Geological & Associates
  Geological Consulting, Domestic and International. Prospect Generation, Project Evaluations, Mapping, Cross Sections, Log Analysis, Conventional & Un-Conventional Reservoirs. Long Term and Short Term consulting.
  Website: www.troutmangeological.com
Trueblood Resources Anadarko Basin Operators
  Trueblood Resources has been a producer of natural gas and oil in the Oklahoma Anadarko Basin oilfield providing contract services for oil and gas exploration, production, land & field operations for companies and Anadarko Basin oilfield investors.
  Website: www.anadarkobasinproducer.com
U-C Upstream Consultants
  Exploration services. Basin evaluation, prospect generation, project management & corporate representation, peer assist, technical & managerial support, international data room evaluation, project & asset marketing, international business advisory.
  Website: www.upstream-consultants.com
US Geochemical
  The geochemical toolbox provided by US Geochemical is diverse in order to provide the most appropriate solution to any particular oil and gas exploration program.
  Website: www.geotech.org
Wellsite Geology & Mudlogging
  Horizon is an innovative, independent company providing comprehensive wellsite geology, rig instrumentation, data management, communications technology, and safety. Offices are in California & Alaska; we work in 8 states, Africa & Central America.
  Website: www.horizon-well-logging.com
World's Largest Geological Wellsite Consultancy
  RPS Energy assists companies in the development of their natural energy resources from initial licensing to optimum production. To learn more about our full range of services visit us at www.rpsgroup.com
  Website: www.rpsgroup.com/energy
Y2 Geotechnical PC
  Y2 Geotechnical is a certified D. B. E. professional corporation headquartered in Layton, Utah. The company provides full services in geotechnical engineering, geologic services, hydrology studies, and environmental site assessments.
  Website: www.y2geotech.com/
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