North America oil gas jobs
North America

Spanning Canada and the United States, North America is home to a plethora of major industry players, including Exxon Mobil Corp, the world's second-largest publicly traded company after Royal Dutch Shell. The region's oil and natural gas industry is focused on developing oil sands, deepwater gulf prospects and increasingly profitable shale deposits stretching across the continent. One of the premier sweet spots for deepwater exploration, the Gulf of Mexico is the largest body of water indenting the U.S. continental coastline, and its subsea developments continue to spark both national and international interest.

Seismic surveys are used by geoscience professionals to produce detailed images of rock types and formations beneath the earth’s surface. These surveys are created by bouncing sound waves off underground rock formations. The bounce back of sound waves are recorded, and a crude image is made to help determine the size and location of underground reservoirs. This process is similar to ultrasound technology. Various jobs exist in this field, all the way from entry-level field recorders, to high-level geoscientists who interpret and model the data.