North America oil gas jobs
North America

Spanning Canada and the United States, North America is home to a plethora of major industry players, including Exxon Mobil Corp, the world's second-largest publicly traded company after Royal Dutch Shell. The region's oil and natural gas industry is focused on developing oil sands, deepwater gulf prospects and increasingly profitable shale deposits stretching across the continent. One of the premier sweet spots for deepwater exploration, the Gulf of Mexico is the largest body of water indenting the U.S. continental coastline, and its subsea developments continue to spark both national and international interest.

Logistics Management, originally a military term, is the control of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption according to the business requirements. This involves liaising with suppliers and distributors and assessing the most cost effective and timely method of getting them from one to the other.

Logistics Management Jobs in NORTH AMERICA

Logistics Coordinator

Shamrock Management L.L.C.
Carrizo Springs
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Logistics Management

Field Logistics Operator

SGF Global
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Logistics Management|Operations Management|Production Operator

Parts Clerk

US Well Services
San Angelo
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Logistics Management|Materials Management |Purchasing

Completions Supervisor

Lewis Energy Group, L.P.
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Logistics Management|WellSite Supervisor|Workover or Completion

Operations Coordinator

WTS Energy
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Logistics Management|Materials Management |Port Operations

Category Manager Job

Marathon Oil
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Logistics Management|Materials Management |Supply Chain Management

Logistics Engineer

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Logistics Management|Project Management

Logistics Manager

Core Group Resources
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Logistics Management|Supply Chain Management

Logistics Technician III

Clear Lake City
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Inventory Control|Logistics Management|Maintenance Manager

Materials Coordinator

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Logistics Management|Materials Management

Category Specialist

Competentia US, Inc.
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Logistics Management|Materials Management |Supply Chain Management


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Logistics Management|Planner / Scheduler|Supply Chain Management