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Predominantly a nuclear energy producer, France has very few natural energy resources, and its energy sector is primarily focused on electricity generation. However, France is a major importer of oil, which accounted for 65% of total net imports in 2004, from such key fossil-fuel suppliers as Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation. The country's natural gas supply has grown steadily, with resources coming into the country from Europe, North Africa and Russia. Headquartered in Paris, Total S.A. is the fifth largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world and is a significant international offshore player.

Floating systems are designed, engineered, built and operated in the marine environment in a buoyantly supported mode. While not exclusively associated with the offshore oil and gas industry, the majority of floating systems are associated with this sector. They include systems that move all around the world, such as mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), construction vessels, and pipe-layers, as well as those that operate in a fixed location like tension-leg platforms (TLPs), spars and floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs.)

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