Company: Core Lab
Skills: QA / QC / Inspection
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Milford Haven, Wales, United Kingdom

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

  • Primarily to perform independently and record all activities associated with the requirements of the nominated inspection as directed by your line manager and in accordance with the client's instructions.
  • The nature of the work is demand orientated and often outside normal working hours, therefore a high degree of flexibility is required.
  • To abide by the company rules, procedures and guidelines or those in force upon whichever site or vessel the inspector is working.
  • To perform tasks, as directed, for which the individual is deemed capable and safe to undertake. If it is not possible to comply then the line manager must be notified immediately.
  • It is a requirement that inspectors are able to work away from their base office as the work dictates.

  • All day to day inspection activities and all other.
  • Matters will be in the first instance reported to your line manager or their deputy, when absent. This includes but is not restricted to:
  • Details of inspection reports.
  • Operational difficulties.
  • Holiday requests.
  • Health and Safety matters.
  • Motor vehicle problems and incidents.
  • Expense claims.
  • Equipment requisitions
  • Requests for temporary absenteeism - i.e. Dental or Doctor's appointments.


To include but not restricted to:
  • Cleanliness Inspections of various shoretanks, ships tanks or any other form of object used for the transportation of mineral oils, edible oils, chemicals and petrochemicals, seeds fats or other goods as instructed.
  • Determination of quantity of above mentioned goods by measuring physical bulk, temperature, metering, draft survey or any other means and in combination needed to ascertain said quantity.
  • Pre Shipment Inspections
  • Sampling of the above goods as per international or other standards and their correct labelling and storage.
  • Completion of proper Saybolt reports/certificates or those of other organisations as required.
  • All activities to be carried out in accordance with Saybolt Standing Instruction Procedures and/or individual client instructions or procedures.
  • To maintain proper communications with all parties to ensure all instructions are understood and carried out.
  • To maintain a constant flow of information as to the progress of the inspection and to inform the line manager of any problems or irregularities such that the client may be advised of these at the earliest opportunity.
  • Preparation of the final report on the computer.
  • To maintain their allocated equipment in proper working order and to inform their line manager of any breakages or losses at the first opportunity.
  • Training - staff are expected to participate in all training supplied by the company as part of their ongoing development.
  • To be conversant with all the client and international guidelines and procedures relevant to the task they are performing.

Core Laboratories is a leading provider of proprietary and patented Reservoir Description and Production Enhancement.


Located with over 70 offices in more than 50 countries in every major oil-producing province in the world. Core Laboratories remains dedicated to providing the technology our client’s need to enhance their production. We continue to develop and acquire technologies that complement our existing products and services, and we disseminate these technologies throughout our global network.


Our Clients are the world’s largest major, national and independent oil companies. Core Laboratories' reservoir optimization technologies are used to increase total recovery from existing fields. Our services enable our clients to optimize reservoir performance and maximize hydrocarbon recovery from their production fields.


Core Laboratories has taken extensive measures to ensure the services and data provided by all of our worldwide companies are of the highest quality and integrity. Our commitment to applying and developing new technologies to optimize reservoir performance is unsurpassed in the oilfield service industry. This commitment to technology and to our client’s bottom line makes Core Laboratories, The Reservoir Optimization Company™.


Our Culture has been defined by over 70 years of business built on the principles of integrity and ethical conduct in the support of our clients. Our continuing primary goal is “to produce a quality product on time at a competitive price” in a manner consistent with these principles. The integrity of our company and ability to provide quality products and services to our clients are the essence of our business.


These same ethical standards are what we expect from our employees. We could not accomplish the extraordinary results we have in our past and will in our future without talented and dedicated employees – such as we have now.


It is the talented and dedicated employees that have positioned Core Laboratories as the leading provider of reservoir- optimizing technologies. You can feel and see this in our culture. Core Laboratories strives to create an environment for our employees so they can advance in their careers enabling both the company and its employees to build value. Our inclusive culture thrives on team-work and mutual respect for our differences. There are opportunities for everyone to grow.