Company: International Development Company Manpower Supply
Skills: Production Operator
Other Skills: Panel Opertaion, DCS Operator
Experience: 8 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
No location/work authorization restrictions found.


Monitor and control process parameters for various plants from the Control Centre. Take quick & safe corrective actions in case of process upsets or emergency situations in line with standing instructions.


  • Monitor and control process parameters in Oil, Gas, Utilities, Crude Loading and Gas Export plants. Take timely remedial actions in case of process alarms or plant upsets due to instrument/equipment failure, ensuring safety of plant & personnel.
  • Monitor fire & gas panel and interact with fire control centre during failure of any plant protection system.
  • In case of emergency situation, take appropriate actions as per emergency procedures and contingency plans.  Safely shut down the affected Plant partially or totally. 
  • Maintain communication with Emergency Control Centre, Fire Control Centre, Fields, Abu Dhabi and any other agency as per the emergency situation. 
  • Restore the Plant to normal operating conditions safely and efficiently once the situation is normalized.
  • Initiate work request for maintenance in case of equipment/instrument failure in co-ordination with field operators & shift supervisor.
  • Follow-up work permits, take equipment/instruments out of service for maintenance and to take back in service after maintenance intervention.
  • In liaison with Oil Movement section, prepare necessary crude tank, pumping station and metering station for each tanker loading.  Co-ordinate with Loading Master and other Representatives, Supervisor for smooth and safe loading operation.
  • Communicate with field Production personnel for any variation in parameters, warn field team of any alarm/abnormalities occurring in the field.
  • Prepare 'Daily Consumption Sheet' which indicates stock of various utilities including Diesel/Water production and export


Minimum Qualification

  • Technical Diploma in relevant field or Secondary School Certificate with a vocational trade certificate in the relevant field.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • 4 years of experience, in process plant operations.

At IDC Manpower Supply we understand that the task of providing services of requirement and selection of personnel demands a high degree of integration between the client and its adviser in order to create a partnership that really add value to the process, Our mission is that our clients made their final decisions counting with all the information and local expertise that IDC Manpower Supply makes available to them.


Our firm counts with a team of seasoned professionals with long standing experience in the areas of recruitment and selection of specialized personnel for the oil Industry, who will manage this process end-to-end and assist you in taking the right human resources decision.


Our Parent Company, International Development Company (IDC) is one of the UAE's leading service and supply companies. With its international expertise in the oil, gas, power and water, telecommunication, private industrial projects, construction, petrochemical industries, along with a reputation for progressive and innovative approaches to business, it has experienced rapid expansion and prosperity.


Over the course of 39 years, IDC maintained its continuous coverage of interrelated fields; starting with the oil & gas industry, and its focus on developing countries that are experiencing an increasing need of equipment, spare parts, consumer goods and general industrial supplies. This earned IDC its reputation as a quality supplier of material, equipment and services that are provided by engineers and well-qualified specialists in various fields.