Company: Ensign Australia
Skills: Driller, Toolpusher
Other Skills: Australian Onshore Oil & Gas Drilling Qualifications essential to gain employment
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree/Diploma
Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee
Location: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Australia

Ensign Drilling - Australia is seeking to recruit hard working and highly motivated individuals to work within our Queensland & South Australian Drilling Rig operations. As a leader in oil field services across the globe, you will directly benefit from our latest technology where you can grow your skills. This opportunity will provide you with rewarding challenges within the Onshore Oil and Gas Industry in Australia.
Applicants must also be willing to travel to Toowoomba or Adelaide to meet crew change need as required.

• Organises and trains crew members on all jobs in regard to drilling operations, equipment maintenance and safe working practices
• Organises and conducts various drills to ensure that all crew personnel can respond efficiently and responsibly during emergency
• Coordinates the work of the crews on the rig and the work of any additional rig workers or technicians who may be assigned to that rig
• Trains the derrickman/crews in the maintenance of the mud pumps, solids control equipment and mud tanks and ensures that all equipment involved is operating to its required efficiency
• Trains the derrickman/ crew in the safe and responsible handling of tubulars
• Exercises specified responsibilities and duties in the event of a well kick or blowout
• Assists the Driller and Rig Manager in situations where floor crew evacuation is necessary, but a limited number of personnel is required to overcome an emergency
• Ensures prior to rig moves that the mud tanks and related equipment are thoroughly cleaned, flushed, disassembled, and secure, ready to be transport to the next location
• Prior to the laying down or raising of the mast is responsible to ensure that the locking pins are fully retracted or fully locked in and that there are not abnormalities which could affect the laying down or raising procedures of the mast
• Supervises the responsible and correct training of new employees to ensure they are taught safe working practices in accordance with Company Policies and Procedures
• Have a thorough knowledge of rig emergency signals and procedures
• Have a thorough knowledge of hand signals and safe working procedures for equipment handling
• Performs assigned duties in a safe efficient manner in accordance with Company Policy and good rig husbandry
• Have a working knowledge of basic knots, splices, wire line sling handling and general rigging practices
• Assists the driller with Personnel Progress Reports for their crew and will sit in on the assessment of each crew member at the completion of each hitch

• Certificate III in Drilling - Oil/Gas (Onshore) - essential
• Current, Well Control Certificate - preferred
• Industry Safety/ Induction Drilling Completions General Induction
• Provide First Aid and CPR
• 4x4 Operate Vehicles in the Field
• Breathing Apparatus
• Confined Space Training
• Front End Loader Ticket
• Permit to Work Holder Rev 3
• Working At Heights

• Operates the drilling and hoisting equipment. The duty station in both these operations is the driller's console, which includes hydraulic controlled equipment, throttles and various gauges.  The Driller is able to raise and lower the drill stem, lower the casing, make connection on both, control the mud pumps, control the speed of the top drive and adjust the weight on the bit at the bottom of the hole.
• Maintains the proper circulation rate so that the drilling fluid will cool and lubricate the bit and remove the bit cuttings from the hole.
• Maintains proper drilling fluid properties by the addition of necessary materials, chemicals, and water. In the event of lost circulation or potential kick, the Driller, assisted by the Rig Manager and/or Mud Engineer, makes adjustments to the mud properties, particularly weight.
• Run or assists in the running of special tools into the hole for the purposes of logging, testing, coring, or fishing for bits, bit cones or other portions of the drill stem lost in the hole.
• Maintains the circulation rate of the mud relatively constant.  When the mud circulation rate changes or the mud pit level increase, which may indicate a potential kick, the Driller will immediately implement the Well Control Procedure Plan.
• Actively promotes and support the HSE management systems to the rig crews and ensure all company policies and procedures are followed at all times during their work period.  This responsibility extends to and includes all periods whether on or off tour, on the rig or in the camp quarters.
• Reports any and all breaches of company policies to the Rig Manager regardless of whether they occurred on or off tour, whether on the rig or in the camp quarters or when travelling to or from the work site whether travelling in company or private modes of transport.
• Assists the Rig Manager/Tourpusher as required.
• Ensures the rig is kept in a clean, tidy and safe condition.
• Diagnoses and repair equipment malfunctions on the rig carrier and associated equipment.
• Maintains a log of all activities performed during the Driller's tour.
• Ensures all crewmembers perform their assigned duties while on tour.
• Keeps Rig Manager and Engineer informed of any deviation from the Drilling Program.
• Ensures accurate records are kept of all equipment used.
• Ensures accurate measurements are recorded of all tools lowered into the well.
• Assists in supervision and training of subordinates in company policy, procedures and practices.
• Supervises crew members during all rig operations and rig moves.
• Assists subordinates to upgrade positions.
• Uses safe operational practices when handling equipment and tools.
• Have thorough knowledge of rig emergency procedures and signals.
• Participates in Drilling Department safety drills and meetings.
• Participates in company safety drills, meetings, fire and BOP drills and safety training programs.
• Have a detailed knowledge of the duties required of him as part of the BOP and fire team.
• Conducts Personnel Progress Reports for all his crew members at the end of each hitch and discuss each item of the Report with them to ensure they are aware of any deficiencies or strengths they may have in their work or attitude towards work and safety on the rig.
• Knows and executes his responsibilities as a senior supervisor

• Certificate IV in Drilling - Oil/Gas (Onshore) - essential
• Current, Well Control Certificate - essential
• Industry Safety / Drilling Completions General Induction
• Provide First Aid and CPR
• 4x4 Operate Vehicles in the Field
• Breathing Apparatus
• Confined Space Training
• Front End Loader Ticket
• Permit to Work Holder Rev 3
• Working At Heights

Ensign is an equal opportunities employer. We embrace the diversity of our people and flexible working arrangements to ensure our workforce is representative of the communities that we serve.

Women and people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage are encouraged to apply.

We appreciate your application with us, however please note that only applicants selected for interview will be contacted. All other applications will be kept on file for future opportunities.