Company: Rowan Companies
Skills: Electrical Technician
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Summary of Position:

The Electronic Technician handles the maintenance and repair of all electronic equipment on the rig.


Duties and Responsibilities (shall include but not be limited to):

•  Perform emergency duties as per Station Bill and Emergency Procedures manual.
•  Effectively participate in the Stop Observe Act Report (SOAR) program and encourage active participation.
•  Comply with and effectively contribute to the continuous improvement of RMS, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) related policies and procedures, and relevant authority regulatory requirements.
•  Responsible for the control and management of software in relation to rig based control and automation systems.
•  Ensure a working knowledge of software control in relation to rig based control and automation systems.
•  Ensure familiarity with equipment and systems in order to restore essential services in emergency situations.
•  Ensure that all electrical installation work is carried out in a proper manner and that equipment is fit for purpose.
•  Ensure that all third party equipment meets requirements and standards.
•  Capable of identifying electrical hazards and any work requiring risk assessment.
•  Operate, inspect, service, maintain, test and repair electrical equipment.
•  Plan work before work commences and manage hazards effectively.
•  Set schedules to provide proper utilization of equipment and evaluate equipment's performance.
•  Create work plans for crews and ensure that parts, tools, equipment and documentation are available for scheduled work.
•  Comply with company's Code of Conduct.
•  Maintain records and logs required by the Company.
•  Perform all work according to agreed expectations of both internal and external customers, focus on doing things right the first time, every time, and contribute actively to continual improvement activities.
•  Write reports on major equipment failure, modifications, equipment performance and maintenance history, as required.
•  Maintain maintenance system.
•  Complete and hand over reports, logs, records and notes according to approved procedures and instructions.
•  Find and repair electrical, control and instrumentation systems as necessary.
•  Assist electrician when required as part of the maintenance team.
•  Responsible for installation and integration of new systems.
•  Verify system schematics and network topology.
•  Maintain PLC Network integrity.
•  Maintain technical spares inventory.
•  Maintain key drilling/safety equipment software/firmware/hardware.
•  Review Company documentation with crew members as required.
•  Participate in document revisions as required.
•  Show active participation in Hazard Management and Stop Work activities.
•  Effectively contribute to Management of Change and Non-Conformance Management through compliance with Change and Non-Conformance Procedures.
•  Control inventory budget.
•  Maintain contact with regulatory agencies as required.
•  Assist in the management of the mentoring process in accordance with the Mentoring Program, as applicable.
•  Demonstrate leadership through personal responsibility and accountability.
•  Participate in Competence Program.
•  Supervise and manage in accordance with supervisory roles and responsibilities (as applicable).
•  Implement frontline discipline in consultation with next level supervisor.
•  Participate in a leading role in relevant incident investigations.
•  Conduct formal and informal performance appraisals, which include measuring performance (as applicable).
•  Ensure direct reports' roles and responsibilities are clearly discussed, as applicable.


Qualifications / Skills & Experience / Reporting:


•  Previous experience as an Electronics Specialist in an Offshore Environment or similar Industrial Field.
•  Previous experience diagnosing and configuring Toshiba/Siemens/ Mitsubishi PLC systems through HMI.
•  The ability to diagnose and repair equipment problems using Toshiba/Siemens/ Mitsubishi PLC Systems.
•  Previous experience working with SCR and VFD drives.
•  The ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair problems with Roos Hill/Siemens/ABB drive systems.
•  Advanced knowledge of SCADA HMI to diagnose, monitor and repair Fibre Optics and DP Networks.
•  Must hold valid BOSEIT / MIST.



•  Previous experience as an Electronics Specialist on an Amphion Drilling Systems.
•  Strong IT skills including WinCC, Semitic Manager, Step 7, AutoCAD, VBA and SAP.
•  Strong experience working with, NOV, Letourneau, Cameron or TTS, drilling equipment and control systems.