Company: Fugro USA Marine, Inc.
Skills: Geophysicist, Surveying, Electrical Technician
Other Skills: Geomatics,AUV, Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profilers, Seismic, Multibeam Echo Sounders
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: US

Job Description

Responsible for technical support and maintenance of AUV and Geophysical equipment, problem solving, information gathering activities on survey vessels, analysis of multi-parameter data and quality control for Marine Geophysical surveys

Fugro has recently established the Marine Geomatics Center of Excellence at its Lafayette, Louisiana campus. The core technologies and expertise of this new group revolve around the science of deriving information about the earth's physical features without physically contacting it, known as Geophysical surveys. During such surveys; photogrammetry, seismic seabed imaging and multibeam seabed mapping are some examples of remote sensors utilizing both surface survey vessel and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) collection platforms. In addition to existing markets, the group is focusing on "sustainability" programs, such as marine wind energy projects, which include technologies involving oceanography, environmental science, climate science and geotechnical seabed acquisition for analysis of the earth's physical subsurface features. Moving forward, many of the technologies being developed and assessed by Fugro involve autonomous vehicles; such as, Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) for maritime applications and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV for the airborne applications.

With the growing demand for these services, additional staffing is required to support our clients and the group's growth. The existing and future projects are in support of government coastal evaluation & protection, international oil & gas development, renewable / sustainable energy development, oceanographic research, deep sea mineral mining and seabed classification requirements.

Ideal applicants have a strong background or education in one or more of the following: robotics, electronics, nanotechnology, geomatics, computer engineering, marine technology, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, instrumentation, industrial technology, microelectronics, control engineering, electronics circuits, mechatronics and studies strongly related to STEM academic disciplines. An Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) accreditation is also desirable.

Technical experience with installing, integrating and calibrating survey sensors or systems would be a strong attribute, such as; Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HUGIN, ISE, Bluefin), Multibeam echo sounders (Reson, Kongsberg, R2 Sonic or Norbit), side scan sonars, magnetometers, gradiometers, fluorometers, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen, Ultra-short baseline (USBL), inertial navigation system (INS), lithium battery management, seismic recording systems, seismic sound sources, network interfacing, IP network address management, water velocity profiles, CTDs, GPS, GNSS, surface satellite positioning, LIDAR, IMU (Applanix POSMV), tide gauge, hydraulic winches, and navigation equipment.


Survey experience with configuring and utilizing any or all of the following software would be considered a strong attribute; CARIS, Amazon Web Services, Qincy, Hypack, GIS, AutoCAD, Flerdermaus, Microsoft office, PosPac, Chesapeake SonarWiz and TerraPos.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on Geophysical / AUV electronic, electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Assists in mobilization and demobilization on various vessels for survey projects.
  • Assists in reviewing and assessing preliminary data onsite to ensure all contract requirements are being achieved and pass required quality control.
  • Responsible for daily, weekly and monthly equipment maintenance reports.
  • Assists in compiling lessons learned of the course of the project, and investigate how to correct for future projects.
  • Ensures operations performed are carried out in an environmentally aware manner consistent with Fugro policy.
  • Operates various Geophysical and AUV equipment.
  • Communicates with onboard Party Chief regarding all operational and technical issues.
  • Performs special projects as assigned.


  • Initiative (self-starter), requiring little to no direction from leadership.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills utilizing diagnostic tools, software and schematics.
  • Have necessary communications skills, including writing and speaking.
  • Ability to meet necessary requirements to work in local and or international offshore environment.


  • Two-year degree in Electronics, Computer Engineering, Geomatics or closely related discipline (as mentioned above).
  • One-year experience with geophysical AUV / seismic and mechanical survey data acquisition systems; i.e., AUV operations, Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profilers, Seismic, Multibeam Echo Sounders and their associated winches and hardware. Must have a general understanding of Computer Systems, electronic hardware and software.
  • Or, equivalent combination of education and/or experience.

Additional Details

This job specification should not construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position. Incumbent will follow any other instructions, and perform any other related duties, as may be required by the supervisor. Fugro (USA) Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Individuals with disabilities needing assistance in the recruitment process are encouraged to contact Human Resources directly.

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