Company: International Development Company Manpower Supply
Skills: Emergency Response, Fire Protection, Safety Officer
Experience: 8 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Status: Active

No location/work authorization restrictions found.


Job Title:

Officer (Fire &Rescue)

Reports to:

Chief Officer (Fire & Rescue)

Unit / Division:


Department / Section:


Prepared / Revision:


Job Family / Sub Family:

HSE / Crisis Management






Responds to Fire and Rescue Incidents, Hydrocarbon and Toxic Gas Release, Rescue and Fire Loss Control related situations within Field or Terminal Facility.

Supervises Firefighters and Auxiliary Fire Team members as appropriate and assumes responsibility of 'Fire Incident Commander' until relieved by Chief Officer (Fire and Rescue).

Perform the administrative duties in supporting the communication and organizing work activities for the Fire and Rescue Team in the Asset or Terminal.



Job Specific Accountabilities


  • Support the Chief Officer (Fire and Rescue) in all aspects of Fire and Rescue Team emergency planning, operations and dealing with emergencies.
  • Leads Fire Crew attending emergencies involving fire, rescue, oil and gas releases/spills and medical emergencies.
  • Conduct routine and emergency medical First Aid duties as required at emergency incidents.
  • Lead post incident 'HOT' debrief and record findings where necessary on the Hearts system.
  • Ensure all learning outcomes are communicated to the CFRO.
  • Plan and participate in Emergency and Business continuity exercises in line with the FRP/ BCP.
  • Participates in physical fitness training sessions on a daily basis to ensure fitness to attend emergencies.
  • Ensure that Asset/TPO Pre-Fire Plans are reviewed on an Annual basis and after each emergency or exercise when an FRP credible scenario is tested.


  • Plans, designs and conducts training events for Firefighters and Auxiliary Firefighters in accordance with the Firefighter Weekly Schedule and Firefighter Annual Training Plan.
  • Ensures the safety of self, Firefighters, Auxiliary Firefighters and others when participating in training events especially those that involve exposure to heat, flame, smoke and the full range of extinguishing media.
  • Maintain the competence of Firefighters within the Fire and Rescue Team by training, coaching, mentoring and remedial training when required.
  • Plan, direct and actively participates in the ongoing development of self and Firefighters.
  • Conducts fire extinguisher and respiratory protection training for Asset/TPO personnel.
  • Ensure that training records are maintained for all Fire and Rescue Team members including officers.
  • Ensure records are kept for CFRO, SFO's and FO of the training events they have led on, the type of training (classroom or practical), the length of time the training took and the names of those attending the training.
  • Ensure these records are easily accessible by auditors on the computer network.
  • Put in place improvement plan for FF's who do not meet the required level to be deemed competent in the use of Firefighting equipment or has a more in depth training intervention requirement.



  • Ensure all Fire and Rescue equipment including extinguishing media is available and maintained in in good working condition.
  • Lead and direct routine inspection and testing of fixed, semi fixed, portable and mobile fire systems in accordance with current HSE programs.
  • Leads specialist stand-bys duties using the required equipment.
  • Implement and promote the company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations, objectives and ensures, by appropriate monitoring and review, that work is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Ensure the results of inspections and tests are recorded on the appropriate system such as MAXIMO



  • Ensure incidents are reported and communicated as per the incident reporting & investigation timeline and actions are effectively closeout as per Company Procedures.
  • Provide assistance to any Investigation Team as requested by the Team and lead fire incidents investigations.
  • Ensure that all events (Hazards, Near misses, Incidents, Suggestions etc.) are reported in HEARTS.



  • Coordinate and Participate in External 3rd Party audits (ADNOC).
  • Coordinate and Participate in the HSE Assurance Program Site visits and Firefighter Competency Audits
  • Ensure timely close out of all Fire & Rescue related findings from audits and inspections.
  • Conduct self-assessment verification audits to assure Management of the availability of all Fixed, Semi Fixed Firefighting system are available 100% of the time.
  • Ensure Contingency Plans are put in place for dealing with incidents where Fixed and/or Semi Firefighting systems are not available.
  • Conduct Fire prevention inspection to the facilities on regular basis.



  • Ensure that Fire and Rescue Team manning does not drop below the minimum manning levels, 100% of the time, to enable the Fire and Rescue Team to response to emergencies.
  • Ensure CFRO is informed of the 'down grade situation' who will inform the Asset/TPO HSEM who will then inform Asset VPO/TPO
  • Ensure that all non-authorized absence is investigated, recorded and forwarded to the CFRO for onward submission to HSEM and Asset HRD.
  • Apply the Corporate HRD policy in the supervision and management of Firefighters and self.



  • Performs any other related duties as and when required at the company's discretion
  • Respond to emergency incidents outside of normal working shift ensure to ensure Fire and Rescue Team 24/7 availability which is arranged at Asset/TPO level.
  • Cooperate and respond to requests from CHSE, Asset HSE and all Corporate/Asset Departments in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Participates in the Fire and Rescue budget planning procurement process and ensure that equipment is procured using the SERC document.
  • Acts in a support role to the Chief Officer (Fire + Rescue).
  • Organise and undertake physical fitness training on daily and weekly basis to ensure the self-health and physical ability to carry out activities.

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