Company: Shell
Skills: IT - Analysis & Management
Experience: 7 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Monaca, Pennsylvania, United States

Where you fit in

Shell Polymers Monaca is a newly constructed, greenfield plant on a 386-acre site on the Ohio River that will convert locally sourced ethane from the Marcellus and Utica shale formations into roughly 1.75 million tons of polyethylene per year. Plant start-up is underway, paving the path for the immediate launch of Shell's new polymer business. As demand for petrochemicals continues to grow, Shell Polymers aims to create a sustainable business in line with the broader sustainability goals of Global Chemicals and Global Royal Dutch Shell.

Shell Polymer's strategy is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience to differentiate us in the market. We will do this by relentlessly focusing on the customer and their needs ("Making the Experience Matter") and operating as a truly integrated business across the asset and commercial teams. Digital will play a large role in enabling this strategy.

What's the role?

The IDT Advisor supports the IDT Manager to identify, realize, and protect value across the IT business portfolio. The role drives rigor and discipline in the opportunity realization process and under scope agreed with the IDTM self-starts to drive standalone technology, application landscape health and data opportunities within the Portfolio. The IDT Advisor demonstrates understanding of business vision, strategy and KPIs, balancing these with knowledge about the Enterprise IT vision, strategy, and prevailing technology standards. Day to day the IDT Advisor demonstrates curiosity about commercial problems and displays the requisite behaviors to drive Portfolio fulfilment of target KPIs. Additionally, this role will be the delegate for the ITM and is expected to provide informal coaching, leadership for IDT Advisor staff.

Key components of the role include:
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Integrated Business and IT Strategy
  • Value Generation & Protection
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Innovation

Stakeholder Management
• Supports the IDTM with the management of a network of business and cross-functional IT stakeholders, building and sustaining working relationships, including taking responsibility and accountability for sets of stakeholders.
• Contributes to and drives senior business stakeholder engagements to inform, influence, and challenge with data-driven insights.
• Applies a commercial mindset and an IT practitioner lens to working closely and collaboratively with business stakeholders (below VP/GM level) under ITM direction.
• Understands the importance of working across organizational boundaries to enable value and utilizes the business facing natural team to align IT in maximizing dollars invested.
• Builds rapport consciously, listens actively, and tells compelling stories; co-creates where necessary, contracts correctly, and challenges constructively across business, IT and cross-functional stakeholders alike.

Integrated IT and Business Strategy
• Leads the evergreening of parts of the IT Strategic Plan, contracting with the ITM on areas of individual ownership and development.
• Understands business KPIs and IT's strategic role in their fulfilment.
• Explores commercial and customer problems, determining possible technology and data investment or optimization opportunities across the IT business portfolio outside of product line scope.
• Understands the Enterprise IT strategy and associated standards for technology compliance and risk management.
• Leads change management efforts due to impacts from technology and data adoption and creates appropriate responses and mitigations during planning and execution.
  • Drives technology adoption to ensure value realization from technology.
  • Challenges business models and processes no longer adding value, recommending options to pivot.

Value Generation & Protection
• Manages end to end value opportunity identification and realization, including associated demand and value generation processes.
• Contributes to the Value Funnel of the IT business portfolio, independently owning and maturing individual opportunities.
• Creates robust business cases and understands how to calculate value, assess benefits, and determine risk.
• Ensures that value data is correctly represented, managed and reported in IT business management tools.
• Contributes to the Portfolio's calendar of PIRs by consolidating outputs and learnings that improve the health and performance of future technology and data investments.

Business Intelligence
• Understands the vision, strategy, and KPIs of their IT business portfolio.
• Understands the value chain, customer journeys, and associated touchpoints of the IT business portfolio.
• Understands industry trends, the dynamic competitor landscape, and prevailing behaviors.
• Uses external insight to contextualize work and approaches to ITM, business stakeholders and the business-facing natural team.
• Contributes to compelling thought leadership about technology and data adoption and exploitation.

IT Portfolio Management
• Owns and manages areas of demand, with ITM oversight, working closely with business stakeholders to understand and capture detailed business requirements.
• Works to align the business facing natural team around elements of the IT Strategic Plan for optimization of portfolio investments, reduction of operational costs, and management of risk.
  • Orchestrates and facilitates across functional lines to translate business requirements into value-enabling outcomes.

• Demonstrates art of the possible from technology and data, experimenting through ITM agreed prototypes to prove value.
• Demonstrates curiosity about new and emerging technologies, actively seeking to understand how to commercialize products and services.
• Champions prototyping and piloting of new technologies as a better way of demonstrating business value, else failing fast and applying learnings to future opportunity development.
• Champions use and visualization of data to drive commercial conversations and inform decision-making.
• Champions and applies new methods and ways of working to optimize organizational performance.

What we need from you?
  • Must have legal authorization to work in the US on a full-time basis for anyone other than current employer
  • Must have a Minimum of seven (7) years of relevant experience
  • Bachelor's degree is preferred
  • Commercial Mindset: Applies the business lens consistently by understanding business strategies, priorities, and challenges, as well as industry trends, competitor landscape (including new entrants), and associated behaviors
  • Technology Practitioner: Tells a compelling story and talks relevantly about the commercial opportunities possible from adoption and/or exploitation of technology and data in maximizing value. Tells a compelling story about the direction of travel and the role of Enterprise IT in maintaining secure and reliable operations, as well as enabling greater business value through Enterprise-wide IT changes
  • Digitally Literate: Demonstrates knowledge to all stakeholders about new and emerging technology products and services, understanding their opportunity to disrupt and generate new business models, value outcomes, and processes
  • Data Fluent: Uses data consistently to generate insights and inform opportunity development and decision-making. Seeks opportunity to upskill in relevant visualization tools (PowerBI, for example)
  • Agile: Challenges the status quo and adopts ways of working that foster co-creation and collaboration across stakeholders.
  • Prototyping: Demonstrates business value potential from technology in real time, being able to stand up technology experiments and pilots when required
  • Customer Centric: Understands the value chain of the IT business portfolio and associated customer journeys and touchpoints. Applies customer centric techniques to identify and pursue the right value opportunities
  • Externalization: Seeks external sources of insight to inform opportunity identification and development


Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in more than 70 countries and territories. In the US, we have operated for over a century and are a major oil and gas producer onshore and in the Gulf of Mexico, a recognized innovator in exploration and production technology, and a leading manufacturer and marketer of fuels, natural gas and petrochemicals. We deliver energy responsibly; operate safely with respect to our neighbours and work to minimize our environmental impact. We are in search of remarkable people who will thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment to deliver exciting projects locally and globally. People who are passionate about exploring new frontiers. Innovators and pioneers. People with the drive to help shape our future. Because remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

An innovative place to work

There's never been a more exciting time to work at Shell. Everyone here is helping solve one of the biggest challenges facing the world today: bringing the benefits of energy to everyone on the planet, whilst managing the risks of climate change.

Join us and you'll add your talent and imagination to a business with the power to shape the future - whether by investing in renewables, exploring new ways to store energy or developing technology that helps the world to use energy more efficiently.

An inclusive place to work

To power progress together, we need to attract and develop the brightest minds and make sure every voice is heard. Here are just some of the ways we're nurturing an inclusive environment - one where you can express your ideas, extend your skills and reach your potential...
  • We're creating a space where people with disabilities can excel through transparent recruitment process, workplace adjustments and ongoing support in their roles. Feel free to let us know about your circumstances when you apply, and we'll take it from there
  • We're closing the gender gap - whether that's through action on equal pay or by enabling more women to reach senior roles in engineering and technology
  • We're striving to be a pioneer of an inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting equality for employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • We consider ourselves a flexible employer and want to support you finding the right balance. We encourage you to discuss this with us in your application

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Combine our creative, collaborative environment and global operations with an impressive range of benefits and joining Shell becomes an inspired career choice.

We're huge advocates for career development. We'll encourage you to try new roles and experience new settings. By pushing people to reach their potential, we frequently help them find skills they never knew they had, or make career moves they never thought possible.