Company: Shell
Skills: IT - Analysis & Management
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Where you fit in

The Trading & Supply (T&S) Monitoring & Surveillance (M&S) team has global responsibility for the monitoring & surveillance of the trading practices and business communications in T&S. The core analyst M&S is a member of the M&S data analytics centre of excellence (CoE) and reports into the CoE Manager M&S.

What's the role?

As a Core Analyst, you will own the review process for automatically generated surveillance alerts to identify potentially suspicious activity requiring escalation and support investigations and targeted monitoring of T&S activities. You'll also identify and support changes to monitoring & surveillance processes to drive effectiveness and efficiency improvements, based on sound market/product and risk understanding.

More specific responsibilities include:
  • Conduct business as usual monitoring of trading activity based on review and investigation of automated alerts to identify potential market integrity or other compliance risks.
  • Review the business positions against regulatory and/or exchange delivery/expiry limits to identify potential breaches and understand trading behaviour.
  • Conduct monitoring of transactions based on review and investigation of automated alerts to identify potential financial crime risks.
  • Conduct business as usual monitoring of business communications based on review and investigation of automated alerts to identify potential market integrity or other compliance risks.
  • Take ownership of the initial escalation of an alert or investigation into suspicious activities and support the ongoing investigation through to conclusion as appropriate. Ensuring escalations follow the M&S processes including peer review and team leadership oversight, analysis is completed in a timely and quality manner.
  • Conduct targeted monitoring of individuals, desks or transactions based on trigger events, including analysis of trading and communications activities and other available data points, to assess potential market integrity or other compliance risks.
  • Identify and support changes to surveillance process and automated alerting to drive effectiveness or efficiency improvements, based on market and risk understanding.
  • Support compliance change projects as an SME in specific product area, providing insight into requirements and testing support.
  • Develop a specialist product area knowledge to allow for effective surveillance activities and to ensure processes and controls are aligned to market dynamics and risks. Proactively develop insight into chosen area and continually look for ways to improve surveillance coverage.
  • Work collaboratively with the other analysts in the CoE.

What we need from you?
  • Monitoring and Trade Surveillance: Proficient understanding of market integrity risks and how they would manifest themselves across Oil and Energy markets based on strong knowledge of previous cases and the firm's activities.
  • Regulatory Landscape Insight: Foundational understanding of market integrity, compliance and financial crime regulations and expectations and the ability to apply these to assess whether the firm's activities are in line with regulations/expectations.
  • Market and Product Knowledge: Proficient understanding of oil and energy products and how they trade, including physical markets logistics (this may be specific to one or two product areas), and therefore the ability to identify unusual behaviours.
  • Data Manipulation and Analysis: Proficient data manipulation and analytical skills allow for large data sets to be assessed to identify trends and outliers to support investigations into trading activities.
  • Language Skills: Desirable: Additional European or Asian languages
  • Core Soft Skills: Proficient communication and collaboration skills, demonstrating the ability to set the right tone and relay information succinctly and/or persuasively to get tasks completed in a timely manner. Advanced business analysis and report writing skills to process information, make critical judgements and present findings in a clear and concise manner.


Shell started operations in the United Kingdom more than 110 years ago. Since then, we have grown into a leading innovative Oil & Energy company that rewards its employees by investing heavily in their careers and learning. Our people are our greatest asset, and our commitment to your career will see you thrive in a work environment that offers an industry-leading development programme. When your ideas travel, Shell will benefit, and innovation will thrive. Shell has a key role to play in helping meet the UK's growing energy demand, whilst using innovative technologies to develop cleaner energy. We are the largest FTSE 100 company in the UK by market capitalisation and make a significant contribution to the UK economy. As well as processing 35% of the gas coming into the UK, we serve more than four million customers at our filling stations each week. Shell employs some 6,400 skilled staff as well as many contractors.

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There's never been a more exciting time to work at Shell.

Join us and you'll be adding your talent and imagination to a business with the ambition to shape the future - whether by investing in oil, gas and renewable energy to meet demand, exploring new ways to store energy, or developing technology that helps the world to use energy more efficiently, everyone at Shell does their part.

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To power progress, we need to attract and develop the brightest minds and make sure every voice is heard. Here are just some of the ways we are nurturing an inclusive environment - one where you can express your ideas, extend your skills, and reach your potential.
  • We're creating a space where people with disabilities can excel through transparent recruitment process, workplace adjustments and ongoing support in their roles. Feel free to let us know about your circumstances when you apply, and we'll take it from there.
  • We're closing the gender gap - whether that's through action on equal pay or by enabling more women to reach senior roles in engineering and technology.
  • We're striving to be a pioneer of an inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting equality for employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
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