Company: Shell
Skills: IT - Programming & Database
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The primary objective of the Systems Analyst is to:

Ensure that an efficient, accurate, consistent and timely e2e support and operations service is delivered to the Retail and Commercial Fuels, business in STAS and SPAS companies through Site Systems platform and connected applications portfolie. I.e. VIS (Vehicle Identification Systems, Loyalty, FPS, CRM/FEPs, EMRA reporting, BO systems and SPAS ERP).


Key Business Systems Managed:
  • VIS: VIS, the "Vehicle identification system" is a cards system unique for Turkey. There are around 500,000 vehicles in this system. Cards are installed inside the cars, in the form of "Vehicle Identification Units" which is a piece of hardware with RF technology. Pumps and these devices communicate, to authorize fueling based on various criteria and to transfer cars' mileage, id etc to Head office systems via satellite communication for billing.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Energy Market Regulation Authority (EMRA) asks Shell (and other Oil Distribution Companies) to be accountable for stock reconciliations of all dealers. There are significant penalties for companies who don't comply with this legislation.
  • In every Shell site, A pump automation and Tank automation system need to exist. 6000 tanks are equipped with gauging systems, probes to enable online measurement at head office. Pump sales are also online monitored for all pumps, all sites at the HO. Equipment inventory accuracy, availability and vendor management is crucial for the business and compliance.
  • A web portal was built for Retailers, where every single tank filling transaction and offsite sales has to be daily matched with the sell-in delivery notes. Dealers need to record every detail which would cause matching problems (like leaks etc). Every explanation had to be proven with a document uploaded in the system and presented to EMRA within 3 days. This web portal is online integrated to Automation Head Office System (centromat)
  • Sales through trucks in villages are also in this system. 120 Dealer's trucks are equipped with mobile automation systems, GSM modems to transmit this data..
  • Thousands of tanks are calibrated by filling and emptying tanks over a period of time. But still many calibration problems are found which cause numbers not to match. This is a recurring effort.
  • When site automation system or communication is down for any site, systems must be restored within 10 days and data flow must resume. Data loss is not allowed at all. This means the Retail Site must be shut down and no sales can be made unless automation and comms systems are fully operational. This is a big impact for business and IT & Vendor teams are testing a solution to recover data loss during downtime, so that business can continue.
  • These requirements turned into additional controls and reports. EMRA defined 11 different reports to integrate to their IT Systems through web services. These reports interface to EMRA Systems ( some daily, some monthly reports ) to show every detail by dealer. Oil companies which can not explain the reconciliation differences (3% tolerance limit) have to apply to EMRA as soon as possible officially so that an investigation can start in relevant dealer..
  • Forecourt Cards Operations: 10500 + forecourt readers have been installed in 1040+ sites in Turkey to enable cards operations (loyalty cards and Partner cards) at the forecourt. These readers which are integrated to Site Automation systems enable online authorization and messaging to customers for loyalty and partner cards (a unique commercial fleet card in Turkey). Maintenance, firmware updates etc are managed by IT operations team.
  • Loyalty: Turkey business uses a locally developed and supported Loyalty application. In the FEP (front end processor) of the application, many business applications are running such as "campaign module", THY and Zubizu partnerships, Shell Mobile Motorist integration, Partner Card authorization, Extra Card ( another type of loyalty discount card ), Turkcell mobile payment ... etc There are around 3 million loyalty cards in the system. SS team is accountable e2e, from server management to application and database management of the loyalty System.
  • Partnercard, is another business critical application unique to Turkey that was developed and supported locally. It is a fleetcard system with around 300,000 active cards. These cards are loaded with credits online, by the customers. The card owners can redeem their cards credits at Shell sites online, through the loyalty FEP developed locally.
  • BO for CO sites: Company owned sites strategy in Turkey has been revised and RBA platform is implemented. With the refreshed strategy, the number of CO sites will increase to ~90. The IT systems supporting this business are also local. At the sites, Promaks app is being used as backoffice to account for quantities which are then integrated to the local ERP package Logo-Unity. Both Promaks and Unity are managed by the local operations team through vendor contracts.
  • Cross Loyalty for DO sites: Newly implemented cross loyalty rollout is about to begin for 425 DO sites. During this migration, IT operations will organize vendors for infrastructure setup of DO sites and after the migration, the support will continue through vendors contracts.