Company: QatarEnergy
Skills: Geophysicist
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree/Diploma
Location: Qatar



Primary Purpose of Job
Lead the Geophysical Studies Team in reservoir characterization activities to support the development and redevelopment of Qatar Energy's giant operated onshore Dukhan field. Responsibilities include the currently developed reserves and the discovered undeveloped reserves.

• A B.Sc. degree in Geoscience is the minimum technical requirement for this position. A M.Sc. in these subjects is desirable.

Experience & Skills
Principal Accountabilities 1. Lead the Geophysical Studies Team: Plan, coordinate and lead the work programs, studies and activities of the Geophysical Studies Team on all the reservoirs in the Dukhan field. 2. Integrated Reservoir Studies: Initiate, conduct and co-ordinate a wide range of internal and external integrated geophysical studies for all reservoirs in the Dukhan field to optimise recovery of oil, gas and condensate. Coordinate execution and ensure high technical quality based on sound geophysical principles and appropriately integrated into business process and aligned with agreed goals and budget. 3. Field Development Planning and Implementation: Ensure robustness of geophysical related methods and assumptions in subsurface models applied for development plans covering all reservoirs in the Dukhan field. 4. Reserves Determination and Production Forecasting: Collaborate with the division's other section Heads and the Reservoir Optimisation division in the determination of in-place volume estimates for the Annual Review of Reserves for the Dukhan field. 5. Reservoir Management and Field Performance Optimisation: Lead and supervise the Geophysical component of the annual reservoir management plans for optimization of the Dukhan field's performance (i.e. MDT, logging programmes, coring). 6. Drilling and Workovers: Coordinate and provide geophysical input for well proposals for appraisal and near field exploration wells. Review drilling, workover and well abandonment plans for the Dukhan field. 7. Risk Management: Identify subsurface uncertainties and develops plans to acquire geophysical related data to mitigate the associated risks. 8. Organisational development: Ensure that Geophysical Studies Team is adequately resourced with appropriate staff through recruitment and retention of world class professionals. Foster a positive and rewarding work environment for existing staff. Ensure training of staff to internationally competitive standards and prepare development plans for Associates. 9. New Technology: Support new technology studies and implementations that aim to characterize field reservoirs and improve efficiency/recovery. 10. Contract Management: Initiate, supervise and control geophysical subsurface contracts required to support technical studies, reservoir redevelopment and optimisation, drilling and workover activities. Decision Making Authority • The position makes decisions on recommendations for objectives and deliverables for geophysical related studies which will define future development strategies for the fields. These studies are conducted either internally within the department or outsourced to commercial contractors or to international oil companies. The incumbent supervises their execution ensuring technical quality, alignment with agreed goals, and conformity with agreed budgets. • The position participates in conducting the studies required to define the number and location of new wells for the Dukhan field. These decisions directly affect the deliverability, cost, and reserves developed by these wells. • The position is for making recommendations for the staffing and structure of the Geophysical Studies Team organisation. • The position makes decisions for initiating and managing contracts to support geophysical related studies. These contracts are awarded on a competitive basis to service companies and the incumbent sets deliverables for these contracts. • Seek advice and guidance of Asst. Manager, Reservoir Characterization, Dukhan on matters which impact UN's, VU's and QatarEnergy's objectives and strategies. Context / Special Features / Challenges • The incumbent must be able to develop and communicate a technically robust subsurface vision of future development options, and then develop a strategy for evaluating these options to select the ones which maximise value for the corporation. This task is strategic, very complex and multi-dimensional. It requires the ability to synthesize a very wide range of information and the ability to then place all of it in a coherent logic strategic framework. This requires a high level effective strategic thinking coupled with strong commercial knowledge. A high degree of ambiguity and uncertainty is frequently encountered in arriving at the optimal solution for these problems. The incumbent exercises high degree of discretion and authority in finding solutions to related issues / problems. • Responsible for the QC, repository and retrieval of geophysical data for the Dukhan field. • Qatarization/ Staff Development: Support the corporation's, Directorate's and department's Qatarization program by implementing Qatari staff development programs and succession plans. Ensure that division's personnel are sufficiently trained and function at international industry standards. Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience • A B.Sc. degree in Geoscience is the minimum technical requirement for this position. A M.Sc. in these subjects is desirable. • The position requires a minimum of 15 years experience in the upstream Oil & Gas exploration, development and production businesses. This must include a minimum of 10 years direct technical experience in reservoir geology, subsurface field development, and direct operational experience is desirable. A high level of technical experience is required covering all fundamental areas of geoscience and petrophysics for both oil field development. • Good commercial skills are required due to the high level of interaction with contractors and consultants, and the accountability for initiating and administering contracts for these services. • The position requires strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills. The incumbent must be motivated, and have a high degree of self-confidence. Must have complete self reliance and able to work with a high degree of independence. • The position requires a high level of expertise working in multi-national teams, supervising, fostering teamwork across many cultures and nationalities, and ability to plan, organize and execute.