Company: Grupo Epalmo
Skills: Risk Management, Emergency Response, Environmental, Safety & Training
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Luanda, Luanda Province, Angola

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Angola


  • Provide expertise for the implementation of the TEPA Oil Spill Preparedness and Response system
  • Proposal of suitable oil spill response strategy offshore and onshore and required equipment
  • Development and implementation of oil spill contingency plans and response organization for TEPA
  • Development of specific instructions for the set-up and management of oil spill response operations on the field (offshore and onshore) and for the operation of the equipment (boom, skimmer, power pack, etc.)
  • Development of coastal sensitivity maps and coastal sensitive site protection
  • Keep up to date the list of all oil spill preparedness and response resources (people, equipment)
  • Ensure maintenance of TEPA all oil spill equipment
  • Provide data for the periodical oil spill preparedness and response reporting
  • Provide expertise for the choice and use of oil spill response equipment
  • Proposal of the most suitable technical solutions to implement oil spill response strategies
  • Purchasing of oil spill response equipment and materials: scope of work, call for tender, etc.
  • Proposal Storage, maintenance and test of oil spill response equipment: program definition, supervision of maintenance, storage improvement and condition to maintain and improve TEPA oil spill response readiness
  • Train TEPA in Oil Spill Response, especially according to IMO1, IMO2 and IMO3 standards.
  • Training program of all personnel involved in the oil spill response strategy
  • Involvement in the ACP (Advanced Command Post) and the ICP (Crisis management Unit) training sessions
  • Involvement in the Company annual Full Scale Exercise (FSE)
  • Involvement in the "pollution related" incident analysis
  • Provide technical expertise for the definition and set-up of specific tools for managing oil spill incidents:
  • Environmental Sensitivity Maps
  • GIS
  • Oil spill modelling and behaviour
  • Oil slick surveillance
  • Contacts and available equipment databases (Tier 2)
  • Maintenance of ICP dedicated tools for Oil Spill Planning and management tools.
  • Assist TEPA for the Tier 2 & 3 preparedness
  • Assistance to the Company for contacts with members of ANG-212 (Angolan oil operators mutual assistance agreement)
  • Participation in ACEPA meetings (Association of Angolan E&P operators) if and when required
  • Assistance to the Company for contacts with Angolan authorities for the Implementation of the "National Oil Spill Contingency Plan"
  • Assistance to TEPA with contacts with Tier 3 oil spill response service providers (e.g. OSRL and others).
  • Set-up of the Tier 2 & 3 external assistance mobilization and coordination mechanisms.
  • Assist TEPA during real oil spill events
  • Assist to proceed, through the Head of Department Environment and Health or HSE Director in his absence, to the information of the national authority (HSE Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Petroleum) in case of pollution by more than 1 barrel.
  • Provide technical expertise, during a crisis involving accidental oil pollution, to the ICP (crisis management unit, in Luanda).
  • Where appropriate and required, ensure, on the field (offshore and onshore), technical advice, in assistance to the "On Scene Commander" for the management of oil spill response operations.


  • Rotational Status
  • English mandatory


With 18 years of activity around the world, Grupo Epalmo, based in Porto, Portugal, is acknowledged in its own country and in the international markets for its competence, accuracy, professionalism and perseverance, being one of the major business groups experienced in Human Resources, Temporary Work, Professional Training, Consulting, Construction and Industrial Maintenance.


Grupo Epalmo has always followed a business dynamic focused on both clients and collaborators, and though mainly directed on the Energy, Industrial and Construction areas, it has been increasing its investments regarding the conquering of new and ambitious goals and markets.


Based always on a spirit of professionalism and supported by a technical and theoretical know-how, Grupo Epalmo, and its highly qualified and motivated teams, is the first to provide services with the aspiration to best serve the clients’ demands, with dedication and consideration.


Operating in more than 20 countries, including Angola, we provide our teams and specialists, for operators in the international energy sector, from Oil & Gas and industrial maintenance, to nuclear and construction.


Grupo Epalmo, Headquarters;

Rua S. Lourenco 12 1 Sala 1 e 6
Apartado 1120
4446 – 909 Ermesinde – Portugal
Tel: (+351) 229 773 650
Fax: (+351) 229 733 544


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