Company: Shell
Skills: Financial Analyst
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Beijing, China

Shell's story in China dates back more than 100 years. At Shell China we will make sure that your ideas will travel. All of Shell's core businesses are now represented in China. We need world-class candidates to continue our drive to innovate and answer the world's energy needs in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

If you want to play a role in China's energy transition, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Where y ou f it i n

Shell China Mobility business is a key contributor of Shell downstream business with over CNY40 billion proceeds from robust network. Finance Advisors, as the face of Finance for opportunities or challenges prioritized based on value and risk, are responsible for the delivery of Finance capability required to support a set of clearly defined business outcomes across multiple activities/assets.

Finance Advisors will benefit from:
  • Opportunity to contribute to the delivery of a or multiple business/function specific Finance agenda.
  • Broad opportunities for development as a result of pooled working, where there will be more variety and complexity in the experiences an Advisor will get over their job tenure.
  • Ability to apply Finance skills to a variety of business activities and gain better understanding of end to end value chains.
  • Enhanced peer learning opportunities (knowledge sharing) due to commonalities of activities performed by pool members. This will be more "pull" than "push".
  • Developing the capability to quickly understand the value drivers, risks, dimensions, and business players a (new) parts of the business the pool supports.

What is the role?

The Mobility Finance Advisor supporting China Mobility Marketing team is expected to perform variety of tasks including but not restricted to:
  • Finance Advisor will take a variety of activities/opportunities assigned to them by the Pool (Finance) Manager based on Value/Risk (e.g. control frameworks concerns, performance management system issues, large investments, complex contracts) depending on the requirements, of the specific activity:
  • Deliver the full suite of Finance support (including tax, treasury, accounting and structuring) autonomously and coordinate the involvement of CoEs above pre-agreed thresholds.
  • Independently ensure that a proper functioning control framework is in place and that risks are properly understood, reflected and managed.
  • Independently ensure value and risks are made transparent and understood in both decision- making and in performance management.
  • Ensure a fit for purpose performance management system is in place.
  • Brings new proposals of high value activities to the Pool Manager who decides on the resource allocation. For example (in initiating digitalization projects and acting as a connector between FO and the business).
  • Actively look for opportunities to reduce non-value adding Finance activity ("demand management").
  • Performance management of business goals and foundation goals with finance input on key enablers to drive business growth sustainably
  • investment effectiveness management which covers analysis of ROI of various marketing resources (e.g. discounts, promotion expenses, etc.), optimization of marketing resource allocation, scheme design of marketing effective tracking
  • Process optimization with focus on proper reflection of strategic intent in financial treatment, E2E process building for new business model, and enhanced financial control on existing process
  • New business model incubation covering financial modelling of business profitability, scrutinizing risks with proper guidance from finance perspective, and consulting when landing down in front line joint ventures
  • Contact management with financial control on risks of key terms and value mindset in driving savings
  • Project management with evaluation of key deliveries and proper resources invested to achieve outcomes.
  • Stakeholder management including mobility business teams, JV finance, corporate COE and Finance Operation to leverage variety of networks for performance delivery.

What we need from you?

Finance Advisors, as part of a pool supporting the business:
  • Work on various opportunities across multiple activities/assets and are not dedicated to a specific activity, asset or business partner. The work they perform will change over time and be prioritized based on value and risk, and professional development.
  • Will on specific projects/transactions work with business stakeholders to work as the voice of Finance to deliver as "One Finance" with the (CoE) and Finance Operations.
  • Acts across organizational boundaries as required in the specific activity (e.g. across Finance for an opportunity across all DS CoBs).
  • Finance Advisors demonstrate/have/develop:
  • Expertise across the spectrum of Finance competences.
  • Ability to gain the confidence of various internal and external parties building on strong knowledge and understanding of the business drivers, value and risk.
  • Maturity and authority to decide when to involve CoEs and effectively play the independent Finance role.
  • Problem solving mindset with the courage to ensure professional financial rigor is applied to commercial decision-making process and risk management bringing analytics and insights to the table.
  • Project management skills and flexibility given the support across multiple activities/assets.
  • Ability to rapidly understand the specific business or function context for which activities in the pool concept are linked to.

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