Company: Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company
Skills: Geophysicist
Other Skills: Geological & Geophysical Specialist
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Location: Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Bachelor's degree in Geology, Geophysics or a related science as appropriate to the required discipline. Graduate study or extensive formal training in specialty field is desirable.

Minimum of ten (10) years direct experience, including at least five (5) years as a specialist in the required discipline(s)

a. Regional subsurface mapping.

b. Interpretation of analyzed geological data.

c. Such other services as SAUDI ARAMCO may require relating to geosteering and geological analysis including, but not limited to, development of related computer models.

d. Short term investigations that may or may not lead to on-going work.

e. Subject to any applicable confidentiality restrictions, technology transfer projects (including training).

f. Special Geophysical studies.

g. Seismic legacy data Quality Control (QC), loading and completeness checking.

h. 2D/3D seismic master projects loading and management and database management.

i. Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) and synthetics data modeling, index and inventory.

j. Pre- and Post-stack amplitude inversion including Amplitude Verses Offset (AVO) analysis. Seismic generation, integration of borehole data and support to Exploration & Field Development.

k. Imaging and Depthing Services such as conventional depthing , Pre- and Post-Stack Depth migration including estimation and update of velocity macromodel.

m. 2D/3D seismic data processing & analysis including programming a UNIX/LINUX environment.