Company: Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company
Skills: Geologist
Other Skills: Main thing Geosteerer/Operation Geologist
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Location: Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Job Title & GC: Geosteerer/ Operation Geologist

Functional Job Title: Geosteerer/ Operation Geologist

Position Description:

We are seeking a Geoscientist with extensive Geosteering experience to join the Geosteering Operation Center. Capable of handling all geological responsibilities associated with drilling operations with minimal supervision.

The Geosteering Center Mission and Vision is to Navigate and Direct Drilling for Maximum Reservoir Contact and deliver the best possible production for field development by utilizing Reservoir Characterization Geological Model to navigate the drilling bit in to the targeted zones by highly qualified Geoscientists using the latest Real Time technologies. To be the leading Geosteering Center in the world. To ensure 100% Max reservoir Contact for the complicated and challenging Oil and Gas fields. To optimize the reservoir contact using the latest Technology available and to make The Geosteering center the world leading operation center to sustain the place as the leading Geosteering center in the world utilizing cutting edge technology.


  • The candidate should hold a minimum of Bachelor Degree in Geology from a recognized and approved program.
  • Minimum of ten years of experience in Geosteering and well planning in field developments for Oil and Gas.
  • Well planning: Creates well targets data with reservoir and drilling engineers, and hence, generates well trajectories and loading the directional data in OpenWorks,
  • Clear understanding of operational drilling activities and their implications.
  • Have a good background in Utilizing the Openworks Software preferably DSG software.
  • OpenWorks data management: Creates well headers, loading well data, and prepares well lists, etc.
  • Good spoken and written English


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Monitors and Geo-steers all types of wells both in office or onsite when needed.
  2. Adhere to all GOC Standards, reporting protocols and workflows.
  3. Utilize DSG Software for interpretations and viewing of the maps, cross-sections and correlations.
  4. Clarity and well understanding when communicating with other parties involved in the drilling activities.
  5. Updates grids/maps in light of the new drilling information obtained from active wells to help optimizing wells objectives using DSG software.
  6. Have full understanding of the different drilling activities/terminologies to anticipate upcoming jobs.
  7. Assigned to a specific team to work on shift rotation and perform certain obligation for each shift.
  8. Contribute and share knowledge to enhance the center's mission and vision towards operational excellence.