Company: SLB
Skills: Sales, Planner / Scheduler
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Romania

OVERALL PURPOSE: Production orders planning on short term.

Activity areas:
- Short term production planning
- Release into production the work orders
- Health, Safety and Environment
- Quality
- Continuous improvement & 6S
- Code of Conduct & Employee Handbook

Responsibilities for each activity area:
- Elaborate the monthly production program using the orders promised to the customers by the master scheduling;
- Analyze in detail this program from the materials and equipment loading points of view in SAP;
- Daily mark and actualize the critical problems as well as the realizations of the production program;
- Communicate to the master scheduling all the risks that appear and that can modify the confirmed delivery term for the client and establish together the new delivery term, and communicate this change to the customer service representative;
- Participate to all production analyses that request information from the planning department;
- Participate with all team to the weekly meeting for monthly program analyze.

- Follow up in to the system the purchasing proposals and emit the "Purchase Requisition";
- Follow up the machining proposals into the system and release in the production the orders which have available the materials;
- Print and hand over the documentation for the orders release to the production manager or supervisor;
- Analyze the possible replacements of the materials for the machining operations and emit the notification requests to the process engineer for approval;
- Follow up permanently the usage of the unallocated materials from SMI.


- Ensure the effective implementation of the HSE Policy and the HSE Management System requirements within their activity;
- Know the potential significant HSE aspects, high risk activities and impacts of their job on the environment;
- Comply with all HSE and Fire Prevention rules and regulations applicable at the workplace;

- Attend periodical HSE and Emergency Response trainings established for his position held;

- Participate at the HSE monthly inspection programs;
- Participate at employees' behavior evaluation program, using "Behavior Base Safety Process";

- Create and entered in the system HSE observation cards;

- Immediate notify direct supervisor about any incident, accident or environmental pollution occurred and take immediate actions to avoid or limit the consequences;
- Promote mutual respect, keep workplace clean and safe and participate to safety programs;

- Wear and use the PPE specific to each working area;

- Responsible for the security and safety of self and others.

- Apply and respect all quality activities and processes related to position, according to customer requirements and Cameron Quality Management system ;
- Propose updates to procedures and work instructions, when appropriate;
- Ensure the corrective actions implementations established after system audits, for which they are responsible, within specified deadlines.

- Participate in Kaizen events, Lean Six Sigma training sessions and submit suggestions for improvement related to its own work place and events that may affect product quality;
- Utilize the Lean Six Sigma tools to help the improvement processes in support of business objectives;

- Ensure a continuous improvement within his area of concern;
- Develop and implement improvement projects by following the 3C philosophy;
- Follow the 6S principles related to the workplace (sorting, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain, safety).

- Comply with the Cameron Code of Conduct & Employee Handbook.

Minimum Job Qualifications
Experience in Machining Work center utilization

Load leveling concepts

Knowledge of Production System

Knowledge of Inventory Control

Experience in Warehousing - ADVANTAGE


Computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook))

Strong attention to detail and decision making ability

Technical/ economical/ law Degree

English language

Experience working with ERP/MRP systems - SAP ADVANTAGE