Company: Weatherford
Skills: Executive
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Moscow


Higher education

Managerial, economic, technical, legal or linguistic education

Administrative experience ( Experience of personal assistant to a top manager)

The employee must know:

basic organization principles of general and administrative support to the company's management;

must be fluent in English;

workflow procedure (registration, endorsement, signing, approval etc);

the requirements of standards for records management , should be guided by the provisions of the Civil Code and Labour Code, the employee shall be guided by the internal code of labour conduct and the basic policies and procedures in the company;

code of business etiquette, phone conversation, business correspondence in Russian and in English;

The employee must be an experienced user of PC and office equipment.

Stress tolerance, diligence, punctuality. Positive outlook on things, thoroughness in work. Must be diplomatic. Be psychologically competent: capability of being empathetic and impartial. Be willing to cooperate. Ability to keep commercial secrets and personal secrets of the organization's leader. Ability to accurately follow instructions of the leader.


Executes Country Director's business and personal assignments.

Provides full range of admin and technical support of Country Director;

Handles incoming/outgoing calls; monitors and coordinates incoming and outgoing correspondence for Country Director;

Plans, coordinates and maintains Country Director 's business schedule: organizes out-of-office and internal meetings, audio- and videoconferences/negotiations; updates Country Director Business Calendar;
Organizes regional meetings, corporate events, offsite meetings, prepares agendas;
Performs preparations to the meetings: collects and compiles reports, print-out materials, takes minutes with subsequent control of the assignments;
Coordinates with other departments preparation, structuring and submission of information necessary for Country Director.
Prepares, edits and translates orders, announcements, letters and other internal documents; distributes them over the region; maintains distributions database;
Makes translations of e-mails, correspondence, articles, industry news and other information on Country Director 's request;
Collects, makes translation and submits the documents for Country Director 's signing and approval;
Arranges business trips (Agenda, visas, tickets, hotels, transportation);