Company: QatarEnergy
Skills: Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Engineering
Experience: 3 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Qatar

Drilling & Completions


Primary Purpose of Job
To plan, initiate, develop, evaluate, schedule, and execute all the tasks required to process the pre-tendering, tendering, contracting, variations and closing-out of Service Contracts, Call-off Agreement (COA) and Direct Orders/Minor Work Contracts for all departments in the VU directorate. To manage, administer, and monitor all such contracts and agreements after the award to ensure smooth running of operations for both offshore and onshore fields. 1. Initiate the tendering process by preparing the Scope of Work, templates, and the Schedule of Prices for all the services, equipment, and materials required for the continuous operations of QP's Oil and Gas Fields. 2. Initiate, develop, evaluate, and execute all the tasks required to process the Request for Proposal (RFP) based on Awarded Contracts (MSA & Subsurface Studies) & Technical Service Agreements with International Oil Companies (IOC's). Initiate and prepare variations if and when required. 3. Prepare the Corporation Estimate with the Bill of Quantities for each tender covering the estimated cost of all the line items listed in the scope of services. Provide an analysis and justification whenever the variance is lower or higher than + 10%. 4. Prepare Tender Bulletins in response to technical/financial queries and clarifications submitted or requested by the Bidder(s) and advise Contract Engineers to amend the tender documents accordingly. 5. Organize and participate in the technical and commercial evaluations of the bids and sets criteria for bid evolution as per pre-determined guidelines, specifications and procedures. Issue the technical clarifications as deemed necessary to clarify and ambiguity/missing information/data of any bid to assure clear/verified responses from bidders. 6. Arrange and lead technical/commercial contract kick-off meetings with users, the Contract Department, and the successful bidder(s) immediately after award of the contracts to ensure the timely commencement of the required services and provision of the equipment/materials. Highlight/clarify any additions/deletions made to the scope of work and/or rates during the technical and commercial evaluations. 7. Carry out regular technical/commercial analysis of each contract, prepare regular reports, and recommend actions as necessary to ensure smooth operations and to avoid operation interruption due to the unavailability of equipment or services. Develop the best contractual strategies for the contracts in the subsurface development and exploration directorate through extensive investigation/analysis of current technical & operational practices & requirements, existing contracts, and the QP Business Plan. Initiate new tenders taking into account the financial, legal, and environmental impact in he required technical scope and operational needs. 8. Keep live tracking of contractors'/suppliers' daily activities to measure their operational progress. Monitor expenditure to avoid any interruptions to the daily operational activities due to lack of funds and/or shortage of materials and equipment. Liaise with operations of the drilling & completions department & other departments to identify and troubleshoot unclear or disputed contractual issues to improve them in future tenders. 9. Adhere to QHSE polices and environmental protection standards, and check compliance with legislative requirements as well as ISO requirements through the continuous improvement of contracting techniques and cost optimization. 10. Act as the technical/commercial liaison between QP drilling (End-user) and the professionals in Supply Chain Management and Finance for contractual; issues including tenders, management of existing contracts, and contract-related audits.

1. B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering or related engineering discipline. 2. In-depth knowledge and experience in drilling, completion, stimulation, well integrity and well testing & workover operations in both Rig/Rigless operations.

Experience & Skills
3. At least 10 years experience in Drilling Operations/ Petroleum Engineering including min. 3 years experience on the well site and 7 years in Engineering, tendering/contracting and financial systems and procedures. 4. In-depth knowledge of complete tendering/contracting process starting from the initial preparation to final award, and follow-up until final close out. 5. Cost and performance monitoring techniques and knowledge of operational activities from spud to final handover of well. 6. Negotiation skills to negotiate with contractors along with QP Tender Committees/Sub-committees. 7. In-depth knowledge of oil industry pricing structures and standards in order to incorporate best pricing structure in the Contracts to achieve maximum savings for QP. 8. Excellent communication skills and computer literacy. Proficiency in using MS Windows, MS Office software, internet access and SAP Modules for contracts and materials.