Company: Shell
Skills: Accounting
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Beijing, BJ, China

Shell's story in China dates back more than 100 years. At Shell China we will make sure that your ideas will travel. All of Shell's core businesses are now represented in China. We need world-class candidates to continue our drive to innovate and answer the world's energy needs in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

If you want to play a role in China's energy transition, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Where you fit in

The Mobility Digital Finance Manager (WOFE - Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) is the most senior finance officer in the digital arm of the company, with the mission to grow and sustain digital-driven value as strategic and vital success factor to China Mobility business.
  • Markets and governance: The mobility business is widely spread and organized by a few non-operating joint ventures and wholly owned markets governed by strong corporate standards.
  • The business is operated with strong business and financial control framework addressing legal and fiscal requirements.
  • Strong digital and business commercial culture to win competition with effective investments and returns.

The role will acquire personal developments in the following areas:
  • Visible finance leadership and value to the core mobility business leadership team
  • A significant contribution to the advancement of Mobility China's business and digital growth journey
  • Robust experience fitful to career development to more senior finance roles.

What is the role?

The role is expected to work independently with most senior business stakeholders in Mobility China:
  • Accountable to make value and risk balanced financial investment decisions to sustain and grow the digital asset's inherent financial value. Drive and navigate realization of the value promises of digital assets
  • Guardian of Shell Control Framework and business and financial process and controls to the digital assets
  • Accountable to build financially sound and commercially viable pricing and cost framework of a digital business, navigate opportunity and challenges through the complexity
  • Interface with most senior stakeholders of Mobility China and drive high quality investment and financial performance review
  • Accountable to manage Statutory/Tax/Financing complexity and efficiency, leverage Shell China Tax/Treasury SMEs and represent the company as primary interface to Tax authority/ treasury operations. Set-up effectively relationship with external tax, fiscal and treasury interfaces
  • Oversee financial accounting and reporting process thru collaboration with dedicated FO support teams

What we need from you?

The Mobility Digital Finance Manager is expected to equip with following level of skills and competences:
  • Mastery in investment policies and financial value and risk assessment framework and skilful application to the new digital business model
  • Mastery in Control Framework and its application to rapid and continued pace of change
  • Mastery in developing business strategy, chartering roadmap and support new operating models and new businesses for Shell
  • Mastery in stakeholder management both internally with senior internal and external stakeholders
  • Mastery in financial elements in commercial/ pricing decision-making and finance' roles in sales contract management and procurement
  • Strong leadership skills to team up and focus on value and risk focused collaboration with business working groups and finance operations
  • Work proactively and effectively, with strong skills in leveraging limited resourcing for maximized outcome and step changes
  • Strong personal leadership with integrity, sufficient maturity, resilient with multiple setbacks and failures,
  • Deep appreciation and skilful application of learner mindset and behaviour in unchartered water

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