Company: Shell
Skills: Financial Analyst
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Istanbul, Türkiye

  • Prepares the daily Cash Flow forecasting and determining the daily O/N balance, based on which manages the daily relationship with the main relationship banks to make sure the daily cash balance of Shell Company of Turkey LTD is close to zero - with the aim of achieving Zero Unplanned Overdraft and Zero Unplanned Cash Surplus.
  • Responsible of daily correspondence with banks - delivering bank instructions and following up completion of the orders.
  • Manages the cash balances Shell Company of Turkey LTD bank accounts daily and makes the end of the day adjustments in case the cash projection on mid-day significantly differs from the realizations at the end of the day.
  • Carries tenders for Bank Guarantee Letters across the relationship banks with the purpose of securing the best possible rates in securing Bank Guarantee Letters that should be issued as part of the Turkish regulatory framework and tracks the cost of Bank Guarantee Letters and report to the Turkey Financing Committee.
  • Maintains SCTL Loan Books daily and calculates the Interest Accrual as per of period-end activities, provides explanation and documentation on the movement of Cash Balances on SCTL Balance Sheets Takes part in the frequent FX purchase tenders and reports back on the competitiveness of FX quotations to Turkey Financing Committee.
  • Coordinates the daily clearance activities for certain transactions that are not in scope of Finance Operations
  • Coordinates the Independent External Audit process of STAS (Shell & Turcas A.S) and SCTL (Shell Company of Turkey LTD), provides guidance to SPAS (Shell Petrol AS) and SEAS (Shell Enerji A.S).
  • Coordinates the preparation of CCT Financials Pack and make sure Company-wide results are readily available upon request.
  • Establishes the Service Level Agreements between SEAS, SUT, SPAS, SCTL and STAS Coordinates the completion of regulatory reporting activities know as "Appedix 4" reporting with External Auditors for Shell & Turcas A.S and Shell Company of Turkey LTD.
  • Manages correspondence with Group and Tax Auditors for SCTL - accountable for defending the accounting transactions posted on the basis of Loan Book. Coordinates the correspondence with banks related to Decree No 32 related activities - liaises with Business Focal Points and the Citibank Compliance Team.
  • Follow-us up the due diligence requirements with Banks and makes sure all documentation regarding due diligence tasks with respect to financial institutions are completed and correspondence is properly managed.
  • Acts as the focal point responsible for maintaining and preserving necessary records as part of Group Records Management.