Company: Shell
Skills: Commercial Management
Experience: 7 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

JOB TITLE: Digital Commercial Advisor

Where you fit
  • Shell has invested in developing differentiated Digital products where an alternative does not exist on the commercial market or is not sufficiently mature to serve a Shell business need
  • Many of these products remain differentiated compared to the broader market offerings, where competition even exists
  • Creating new business models and new revenue streams from Digital is a key strand of Shell's Digital Strategy. Commercialization of Shell's Digital products and IP can be a key enabler of this objective
  • The Digital Innovation team will manage and lead the development of the capability that commercializes Shell Digital products and services, in line with mandates, governance processes and business goals and targets
  • The team will include core members in Digital who will own the maturation of the process that enables this to happen
  • The team will be responsible for internally liaising with Technology and Business managers to select and prioritize Digital products for commercialization based on Shell's competitive advantage, solution readiness, and Shell's business strategy in the solution domain - assuring that Shell Digital products deliver value for Shell first and foremost
  • The team will be responsible for understanding 3rd party, JV or Non-Incorporated Company customer needs and addressable markets, selecting the right business models to commercialize with, building partnerships and delivery models, finding the right channels to exploit, and supporting deal-making with prospective customers - whilst managing all associated risks (IP management, brand & reputation protection, conformance with software licensing standards, patent & design infringement etc)
  • The team will interface with other key enabling teams in Shell (e.g. PTX Technology Licensing, IT, Legal, Finance) to bring commercial deals, partnerships and Shell approvals over the line

What's the role?
  • The Digital Licensing Advisor will set the strategy and objectives for the Digital Innovation team, and have accountability for delivery against these, and management of associated risks within the technology licensing governance process
  • The Digital Licensing Advisor will advise and often lead on all elements of deal-making with customers, partners and internal stakeholders
  • The Digital Licensing Advisor will partner with the team of commercialisation SMEs, partner liaisons, business analysts and customer engineering teams
  • The Digital Licensing Advisor will work with PTX/M and the natural team of functional advisors and commercial leads for specific deals, in line with the Develop Agreement commercial process and Sales Review Board governance structures
  • The Digital Licensing Advisor will assure that any contractual liabilities are economic, risk-managed and have Shell internal support and approval (e.g. 3rd line support for digital products)

What we need from you
  • Minimum Masters in STEM, Computer Science, Mathematics or related field with 7-10 years minimum experience. Digital commercial experience preferred.
  • Hard skills - non-negotiable skills and specific experience required, in order of importance;
  • Deep understanding of digital product development process
  • Deep understanding of digital product catalogue (at functional, architectural and platform level) and experience working with strategic Digital, commercial partners and key accounts
  • Proven experience developing digital business models and digital offers
  • Proven knowledge of business strategy and market entry frameworks
  • Deep understanding of commercial and technology licensing process including "Develop Agreement/or equivalent commercialisation process" and Sales Review processes, Shell's Salesforce deal mgmt. solution, and proven contracting strategy and negotiation skills (Deal-accreditation is a plus).
  • Experience with commercialization enablers: IP strategy and mgmt., OSS licensing, patent mgmt. (inc. disclosure), principles of anti-trust or competition law, Shell financial control framework, economic valuation and market analysis
  • Experience developing, measuring and owning digital product customer KPIs
  • Soft skills;
  • Proven ability to form and lead natural teams with multiple skill profiles, Job Groups, and areas of expertise, based on a mature network across the Digital, Licensing, Finance, Legal and CP domains
  • Proven ability to take confident, considered and risk-managed decisions in ambiguous and fast-moving commercial contexts, involving their company and 3rd parties
  • Proven ability to "start something" in his/her career - bring the energy to build a business vision, communicate it and achieve it
  • Ability to transform complexity into simple and clear communications and roadmaps, to compel customers, enhance trust and understanding in partners and sponsors, and explain difficult commercial and technical contexts
  • Skills and confidence to market and sell complex digital products, within the terms of a clear mandate.