Company: Shell
Skills: Business Analyst, Legal, Risk Management
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Beijing, China

Position Definition
1. Support SR to fulfill the accountability for optimizing the value from Shell's investment in line with Mobility China strategy and with the Shell Control Framework
2. Overall manage the post deal integration to ensure the compliance with investment commitment and no value leakage during the transition period
3. Ethic & Compliance and assurance focals for JVs governance and management

1. Support SR and work closely with Venture management office team (JV board management team) to continuously improve the JV governance, including stakeholder value and relationship, risk management, strategy, planning and performance appraisal and compliance and assurance in compliance with requirements of Shell Control Framework; As daily works, ensure the TMSLA and Shell brand are well managed and executed properly.
2. As a core team member, involve the transaction in early phases to seek the E2E value of the deal through the excellent deal structure designing; work closely with the deal team, finance, legal/ECO, IT and operation team to ensure the post deal process fully deliver commitments of the investment proposal to protect the shareholder value and control the risk in the deal transition period; as a coordinator to enhance the process management in transition period, including IT migration, finance control takeover, physical handover and etc.

1. Support the SR as the focal dealing with the JV governance issue of 7 sizable Mobility China NOVs which is on top of the enterprise list in the local market.
2. Work closely with senior management including the JV board directors, JV GM and CFO to ensure the risk based internal control and IP, branding and E&C related requirements were adopted properly and group service fee was paid correctly and timely
3. Play a strong role in the process of inorganic deal integration and make material and strategic impacts for the shareholder value protection and risk controls.

Special Challenges
1) Multi-stakeholders' engagement and cross-functions and business communication.
2) Dealing with complicated M&A and operation issues in daily work.
3) Decision made in the limited information and the uncertainty environment.
4) Diversified and inclusive working environment among the MNCs COE, NOVs and WOFE.

Experience and Qualifications required
1) Well understand the corporate governance and management
2) Proficient in finance control and the compliance and assurance management
3) Strong M&A and post deal management background.
4) Strong project management skill and process management
5) Resilience and strong leadership with Fluent English