Company: SLB
Skills: CAD / CAM, Project Engineer
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree/Diploma
Location: TAUBATÉ, Brazil

Attend or support projects that meet the requirements of the contract and applicable standards, as well as guide the team in the execution of drawings, calculations and procedures for manufacturing the product.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the work of the team, guiding them when necessary, so that the project is in accordance with the required specifications.
  • Approve projects, analyzing whether all specifications are correct according to the customer's PO, so that they are sent to production.
  • Monitor and provide support to the manufacturing processes, tests and field assembly, verifying that the execution is in accordance with the project.
  • Analyze, modify or develop drawings of components of certain projects, observing the applicable standards.
  • Create calculation logs to ensure the quality of the equipment and store them in the system for future reference.
  • Verify and approve procedures, assembly and test instructions and operation and installation manuals.
  • Develop materials, where necessary, to aid in the manufacture and improvement of equipment.
  • Carry out research projects, to develop new projects, aiming at the continuous improvement of products.
  • Analyze or approve RNC (Non-Compliance Report), EWR (Engineering Work Request), RS (Replacement Request), FPR (Field Performance Report), CPAR (Corrective, Preventive Action Report) documents.
  • Provide technical assistance, when requested by the sales team, operations or even customers, to clarify doubts.
  • Maintain project histories and records to ensure verification of documents in order to meet the requirements of the quality system, with a view to formalizing processes for future consultations.
  • Monitor and ensure the schedule of project activities is updated.
  • Participate and invite other members of the team or outside it to participate in technical meetings.
  • Be aware of all technical information, becoming the link between the project team and the other sectors.
  • Coordinate the internal meetings of Critical Analysis and Design (Design Review), with the client or with the technical assistance, to verify the existence of a problem in the project and to follow up the actions.
  • Monitor the approval of the drawings with the client, coordinating the requests for elaboration and justifications presented.
  • Complete and approve the checklist of project documents.
  • Ensure that the designed product is within what was considered in the contract for cost purposes, and when necessary, generate engineering MOCs according to the work instruction.
  • Perform other related tasks, as needed or at the discretion of your superior.
  • Participate in the Quality System, valuing its policies and keeping it adequate to its work department.
  • Strictly observe the rules and procedures for Safety, Health and the Environment, in accordance with the programs and training received from the Company.


Minimum Job Qualifications



  • Complete higher education in Engineering with at least 5 years of experience in product development.
  • Knowledge in CAD systems (AutoCad, Inventor or Vault)
  • Knowledge in Reading and Interpreting Drawings
  • Advanced English
  • Office Package
  • Desirable experience in the oil and gas area and intervention systems