Company: Petroplan
Skills: Geologist
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Build and evaluate a range of 3D static geological models in support of reservoir characterization and dynamic reservoir simulation studies, leading to an understanding of the reserves distribution and an optimum field development strategy for the development projects.
  • Principal role to build discrete static models utilizing multiple subsurface scenarios capturing structural, stratigraphic and petrophysical uncertainties, for reserves assessment, history matching, production optimization and development strategy. This requires experience in geomodelling using seismic data to help constrain geological model facies and knowledge of analogue data to constrain property distributions within the modeled facies.
  • Review near field exploration and appraisal opportunities which may prove to be economic as part of a larger development.
  • Prepare detailed reports on model construction and support the reporting of hydrocarbons-in-place calculations as well as update and prepare field development plans.
  • Assist team review of potential appraisal and development well locations and trajectories, and preparing well proposals

  • Establish reservoir characterization of the Malaysia oil and gas fields that incorporates sufficient facies analysis, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and dynamic data (reservoir pressure, well deliverability) that meet both project objectives and milestones.
  • Provide technically accurate and geologically sound reservoir descriptions for Oil and Gas Fields that incorporate sufficient detail to meet COMPANY and JV Partners' requirements
  • Independently perform geological modelling (several projects and in complex geological and structural setting) by using the industry software (preferred Petrel) , starting from designing what to be modelled, input data checking and preparation for structural framework, 3D grid design, well data analysis and re-scaling, facies and petrophysical modelling, volumetric analysis etc.
  • Calibrate static models with dynamic production data where possible (in association with reservoir engineers and G&G specialists).
  • Conduct resource assessments to SPE/PETRONAS guidelines for all oil and gas fields and provide technical inputs into ARPR submissions.
  • Study the subsurface uncertainties by building multiple scenarios (as well as stochastic realizations) to quantify volumetric
  • Perform geological risk analysis in sufficient subsurface data, and provide suggestion and advise as per the outcome of the analysis
  • Provide geological input to drilling programs for appraisal and development wells (geological cross sections, maps, correlations and facies models).
  • Optimize appraisal/development well locations in conjunction with the geophysicist(s) and reservoir engineer(s) using Petrel as the common work platform.
  • Prepare and present technical data to partners during all stages of project evaluation, well proposals, Field Development Plan's and project implementations, to achieve endorsements and approvals for proposed work activities.
  • Work closely with drilling engineers, operations geologists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers on all aspects of well planning and implementation.


As provided/assigned by General Manager, Petroleum Development, Manager and/or Equity Team Leader.

  • Works closely with other members of the team to assure the detail at which the models are built is appropriate for resource assessment, reservoir simulation and well planning.
  • Liaise and work with all disciplines of the Petroleum Exploration and Development Team, Production and Drilling departments.

  • Degree / Masters in Geology or Earth Sciences.
  • Proficient in the use and application of industry standard computer mapping techniques and 3D geological modeling software (preferably Petrel software).
  • Minimum of 10 years of working experience in an exploration and production or service-related company on field developments is essential.
  • Familiarity with reservoir parameter analysis (porosity, permeability etc).
  • Proven experience building fault and 3D geo-cellular models using the Petrel software essential, including geological correlations, facies analysis and well planning.
  • Proven experience in "QC"ing models so that they integrate sufficient geological and dynamic data to meet project objectives.
  • Previous exposure to a broad range of geoscience skills essential. (i.e. reservoir geological modelling (2D & 3D), reservoir property mapping, net pay calculations, well planning, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and petrophysics).
  • Proven experience in the use of an industry standard mapping software (e.g. Petrel, PetroSys, CPS3, ZMAP, etc.) is an advantage.
  • Work effectively within the team.
  • Self-motivated with a proven record of achieving targets.
  • Proven communication and presentation skills.
  • Fluent in English-written and spoken.

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