Company: NES Fircroft
Skills: Maintenance Engineer
Education: Masters Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Cergy, France

The Operations Maintenance Services Line Manager ensures the compliance of operations and maintenance activities with the professional sector's specific standards as well as making sure that customer requirements and the Group's internal procedures are observed.
He or she provides Business Units with commercial, technical, contract and marketing support with the backing of his or her team.
Mission 1: Comply with and ensure compliance with QHSE rules, instructions and procedures in force.
He or she:
    • Must be and must remain well informed of rules, instructions and procedures regarding QHSE.
    • Implements and ensures implementation of QHSE rules, instructions and procedures.
    • Makes proposals for the continuous improvement of QHSE provisions.
    • Draws up noncompliance and/or observation reports when noting any malfunction or risk situation and transmits them to the corporate QHSE department.
    • Immediately alerts any person who caused a risk situation, on noting the occurrence of any such situation.
    • Adopts an eco-approach at all times in the exercise of his/her duties.
    • Alerts the line management when encountering any professional situation that does not comply with the principles and rules governing the carrying out of the Group activities (Ethics Alert).
    • Has authority, within his or her team, to disseminate the Group's QHSE message in the professional fields under his or her responsibility.
    • Implements and ensures implementation of the provisions specified in the service line's general organisation procedure and in related procedures and standards.
Mission 2: Provide the various Business Units with the technical support necessary for the good performance of operations and/or maintenance contracts.
He or she:
    • Provide the technical support necessary for the performance of business activities within his or her scope.
Consolidates technical information.
    • Ensures the consolidation of know-how for contracts (of GMC, GMOC types).
    • Perform technical monitoring.
    • Follows up the proper performance of maintenance-related contracts (by means of audits, contract review and negotiations).
Mission 3: Support HR and competency management services line
He or she:
    • Assist in the sourcing and interview of new key people
    • Identify and maintain relation with the main key people of the maintenance organisation
    • Support the nationalisation plan of maintenance contract (methodology and tools)
    • Assist in the setup of large sourcing (mobilisation) and competency assessment program (nationalisation)
    • Maintain updated and share the knowledge database

Mission 4: Provide support for complex and strategic calls for tender.

He or she:
    • Present the O&M solutions in support of the Business Developers during pre-sales
    • Carries out risk analyses (technical, legal, HR, etc.) in collaboration with the Bids Manager
    • Provide technical input in the call for tender
    • Ensures the updating of tools and methods specifically used for calls for tenders.
    • Takes part in the assessment, choice and management of partners and subcontractors participating in contracts.
    • Participates in Annual / Other business reviews with designated key clients  
    • Presents the technical finalisation file.

Mission 5: Carry out reporting and contribute to the continuous improvement of his/her service line's business activity.
He or she:
    • Transmits all bottom-up and top-down information to his or her team.
    • Draws up a monthly report on support activity for BUs, development and improvement proposals, the follow-up of development studies and the management of the commercial action plan.
    • Prepares his or her department's annual management budgets.
    • Proposes, to his or her line management, the investments required for the optimal operation of his/her department.
    • Contributes to the enriching of the electronic document management system.
    • Ensures the quality and updating of available documents (best practices, etc.) and of document structure.
    • Contributes to the creation of professional standards within the scope of his/her responsibility (manual, contract, etc.).
    • Participates in the internal/external dissemination of information by means of articles in the trade press.
4 -  SKILLS REQUIRED  Knowledge  General engineer training
Knowledge in the operation of teams / projects
Occupational English indispensable Know-how Operational experience in maintenance in the oil and gas sector
Understanding of market laws (offer and demand, etc.)
Manage a team, encouraging a sense of responsibility
Perform technological monitoring
Management meetings Personal qualities
  Natural curiosity
Sense of service
Good relationship-building qualities
Knowing how to delegate and have confidence in his/her team
Readiness to be easily available and to listen
International vision
Entrepreneurial spirit
Ability to manage and co-ordinate

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