Company: ETOS
Skills: Electrical Engineering, QA / QC / Inspection
Other Skills: Electrical Inspector, Electrical Regulations
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Location: Libya, Libya

1.Job Description

The applicant will be responsible in monitoring and inspecting the safety and quality of electrical works in a project. Must be knowledgeable and familiar with various electrical codes and standards, regulations, best and recommended practices for electrical installation in oil and gas fields. Must be capable of preparing comprehensive inspection report.


2. Basic functions

  • Responsible for evaluating the quality of electrical works and shall notify superiors or contractor for defects in the electrical installations and for any unsafe conditions.
  • Must be responsible for ensuring that proper test and commissioning procedures are applied to various electrical equipment, cables, etc.
  • Ensures that all electrical work conforms to electrical codes and standards as installed. Shall ensure that materials installed meet the required specifications.
  • Maintain a detailed diary of the day's work activities, issues, work approved or rejected, hours of operation, labour and equipment used, etc.
  • Must be able to monitor progress of electrical works against the project schedule.
  • Performs tests on equipment and materials as directed. Must be able to use various electrical test instruments, i.e., Megger, relay tester, hi-pot tester, etc.
  • Inspects all work upon completion and signs permit giving final approval that the work is safe to operate and for personnel.
  • Coordinates with other inspectors regarding project requirements.
  • Perform all other duties that may be requested by the team/project leaders. Reports to the site construction supervisor, superintendent and manager.


3. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the methods and practices involved in constructing, installing and operating a variety of electrical installations, equipment, and standard electrical testing devices.
  • Knowledge of possible defects and faults in electrical wirings and installations and initiate effective corrective measures.
  • Knowledge of the regulations governing electrical installations, equipment, and appliances.
  • Ability to read and interpret diagrams and specifications for electrical installations.
  • Ability to diagnose defects and hazards in old and new electrical installations, equipment, and enforce specifications and regulations firmly, tactfully and impartially.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
  • Ability to keep records and to prepare and submit reports.


4. Requirements

  • Minimum 20 + years combined experience in the power and oil and gas sectors with focus on electrical installation/construction, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical facilities.
  • Must have worked as an Electrical Inspector for an EPC project.
  • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints and construction specifications.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge and experience in power generation such as gas turbine generating packages.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge with overhead and underground power distribution systems for oil and gas facilities.
  • Must have experience in working with substation, switchgears, MCCs, MV power cables, etc.
  • Must be knowledgeable with various electrical codes and standards such as IEC, ANSI/NEMA, etc.
  • Must be physically fit to spend much time in hardhat areas and to travel over long distances.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills in English.


5. Qualifications

  • Must have completed technical course in electrical technology or electrical engineering from reputable universities/ colleges/ technical schools.
  • Must be holder of electrical engineering/ technical course or certification/license in their country.
  • Must have verifiable work certifications from previous employers.
  • Must have a valid driver's license.