Company: Sofomation
Skills: Fire Protection
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Some College
Location: Kuwait, Kuwait


Certification (or Equivalent)
Firefighter II (Advanced Exterior,
Interior Structural)
Driver/Operator - Pumper, Aerial,
Mobile Water Supply
Minimum experience: 5 years
as Fire Equipment Operator
Oil & Gas experience is
Meet minimum physical fitness
abilities as per NFPA 1582
Job Responsibilities
a) Operates (on assigned shift) all types of heavy and light vehicles, appliances, trucks and
trailers to fires/standby locations or any disaster area. Serves as a member of firefighting,
salvage, rescue and standby crew, day and night; and performs routine maintenance; cleans
and helps in servicing these appliances and their associated pumps/equipment as necessary.
Fights fire conducts salvage and rescue operations in and outside company areas.
b) Should possess the competencies required for the Job Description of fireman.
c) Use hand tools, recognize system problems, and correct any deficiency noted according
to policies and procedures set out by the truck manufacturers.
d) Use tools and equipment and complete all related departmental forms.
e) Operate passenger restraint devices; maintain safe following distances; maintain control of
the vehicle while accelerating, decelerating, and turning, given road, weather, and traffic
conditions; operate under adverse environmental or driving surface conditions; and use
automotive gauges and controls.
f) Use mirrors and judge vehicle clearance.
g) Deploy, energize, and monitor the system or equipment and to recognize and correct system
h) Operate fire department communications equipment, relay information, and record
j) Operate radio equipment and discriminate between routine and emergency traffic.
k) Activate emergency procedures in accordance with the department's SOPs.
Apparatus Equipped with Fire Pump
l) Use safety equipment, deploy traffic and scene control devices, dismount apparatus, establish
and operate in the protected work areas as directed.
m) To hand lay a supply hose, connect and place hard suction hose for drafting operations,
n) Deploy portable water tanks as well as the equipment necessary to transfer water between
and draft from them, make hydrant to-pumper hose connections for forward and reverse lays,
connect supply hose to a hydrant, and fully open and close the hydrant.
o) Position a fire department pumper to operate at a fire hydrant and at a static water source,
power transfer from vehicle engine to pump, draft, operate pumper pressure control systems,
operate the volume/pressure transfer valve (multistage pumps only), operate auxiliary cooling
systems, make the transition between internal and external water sources, and assemble hose
lines, nozzles, valves, and appliances.
p) Operate foam proportioning equipment and connect foam stream equipment.
Equipped with an Aerial Device
q) Determine a correct position for the apparatus, manoeuvre apparatus into that position, and
avoid obstacles to operations.
r) Transfer power from the vehicle's engine to the hydraulic system and operate vehicle
stabilization devices.
s) Raise, rotate, extend, and position to a specified location, as well as lock, unlock, retract,
lower, and bed the aerial device.
t) Rotate and position to centre, unlock, retract, lower, and bed the aerial device using the
emergency operating system.
u) Deploy and operate an elevated master stream so that nozzle reaction, range of operation,
and weight limitations are managed to provide an effective operation.
Mobile Water Supply Apparatus
v) Determine a correct position for the apparatus, manoeuvre apparatus into that position,
avoid obstacles to operations and operate the fire pump or rapid water dump system.
w) Deploy portable water tanks, connect and operate water transfer equipment, and
connect a strainer and suction hose to the fire pump.