Company: Atlas Professionals
Skills: Cementing
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico


Are you looking for the next frontier in Drilling & Well Services; Offshore Marine? We are recruiting for the position of Fluid Operator right now. Upload your CV for the recruiters in Houston, United States to review.


The FCS role involves all aspects of well planning & design of Fluids, Cementing and solids control engineering, execution and closeout of Company managed drilling operations in the most cost effective and safe manner under the direction of the ETL.

During the operation phase, the position involves supporting the in-country operation team, the ETL and DS in managing the various daily interfaces.

FCS will be responsible for supervising the Drilling Fluids Service Coordinator and Cementing Service Coordinator.


Planning Phase:

• Tendering duties:

o Prepare detailed Scope of Works for all services related to mud, cement, solids control etc.

o Complete technical evaluation.

o Assist on commercial evaluation.

o Prepare award recommendation.

o Act as contract holder:

? Candidate will be assigned several contracts and candidate will be fully responsible of them.

? Ensure contract terms are as per the agreed terms during the tender phase.

? Prepare SAP contract structure in order to improve cost certification efficiency.

? Issue SAP purchase orders.

? Ensure QAQC process for both purchase and rental equipment follows QAQC regulations.

? Follow up material delivery as per PO terms and conditions.

• To assist in preparation / review / comments to Basis of Design documents for Drilling Fluids and Cementing services.

• To review Contractor prepared technical proposals for Drilling Fluids and Cementing engineering and services

o Review the proposals

o Make comments / suggestions / revisions based on project goals.

o Communicate those comments to the Drilling Team for consideration.

o Review subsequent Contractor iterations of the revised proposals.


• To take part in Peer Assists, Peer Reviews and Technical Review of project plans - Basis of Design, Well Integrity, Casing Design, Well Containment etc.

• Provide specialist technical input and QA/QC on cement slurry formulations tailored to well conditions.

• Provide the Contractors with KPI spreadsheet to track Contractor performance during well operations.

• To assist the Drilling Team with other requests, as applicable, for support than those mentioned above.

o Completion Fluids selection.

o Mitigating Formation Damage.

o Fluid Displacement and Wellbore Cleanout procedures.

o Lost Circulation Decision Tree and strategy plans suitable for project requirements.

o Evaluate Solids Control Equipment to ensure it is suitable for the operations planned and make recommendations on minimum needed.

o Evaluate rig capabilities - drilling fluids and cementing to ensure it will fulfil needed operational capabilities.

o Auditing of drilling fluids and/or cementing Contractor facilities/labs to ensure they comply with minimum requirements for the project.

Contractor Interaction:

• Communication with Contractors on technical issues such as fluids testing, compatibility testing, product quantities needed, equipment needed, personnel selection, lead times for ordering chemicals, and fluid specifications.

o Provide Contractor with clear instructions on the following for Drilling Fluids:

? Drilling Fluid Properties that must be adhered to during the operations.

? Any specialized fluid to be used to drill the Production/Reservoir Interval and the properties to be adhered to.

? Any specialized testing requirements.

• To work directly with the Contractors to ensure any and all such issue(s) are corrected and closed prior to the start of the project/operations as allowed by the Drilling Team.

• Provide a final report to the Drilling Team.

Execution / Operations Phase:

• Ultimately, act as the main technical focal point for Drilling Fluids and Cementing Engineering.

• Ensure that the drilling fluids and cementing operations conform to the project objectives / goals in a safe, efficient and environmentally (HSE) friendly manner.

• To enforce quality standards/expectations with Contractors during the course of the project.

• Review the following items on a daily basis:

o Review Daily Drilling Reports from the rig site.

o Review Daily Mud Reports, Solids Control Equipment and Waste Management reports from the rig site.

o QAQC Cementing Programs for upcoming Cementing Jobs, adhere to the project requirements.

o Validating all Cementing Programs submitted prior to cement jobs, with emphasis on ensuring that conform to Standards and Project Requirements:

? Cement Testing Analysis,

? Casing Standoff,

? Top of Cement heights etc.

? Losses control strategies in potential losses intervals.

? Salt saturation verifications for the cement jobs across salt intervals.

o Ensure the timely delivery of the final Cement Program to the rig site.

o Ensure that sufficient back up materials are on location for a second job.

o Ensure that the following contingency slurries are tested and available for immediate use (but not limited to):

? Cement plugs in case of encountering shallow gas / influx

? Cement plugs across potential losses interval

? Kick Off Plugs

? Squeeze Slurry

? Thixotropic Slurry

? Any slurry that may be deemed necessary for any special requirements.

o Review Cementing job reports when a cement job is performed at rig site.

• Communicate with the Drilling Team during the well operations with suggestions, changes and advice about on-going drilling fluids and cementing operations.

• Work and communicate with drilling fluids and cementing Contractors as required and requested by the Drilling Team during well operations.

• Assist Drilling Team for operational performance tracking (actual vs. planned) and providing recommendations for improvement.

• Assist the Cost Controller and Operations Engineers for the tracking fluids costs, and well planned vs actual schedule on a daily basis.

• Provide required assistance for writing dispensations and non-conformances if and when necessary, following Company process and procedures.

• Continually keep track of and follow-up of the assigned actions in the Well Risk Register. Ensure that all the actions assigned to the drilling fluids, cementing, solids control and wastes management Contractor personnel are implemented.

• Review the Daily Lookahead and assist in planning ahead for the logistical requirements.

• Assist the Drilling Team in preparations of all Plan of Actions (Work Instructions) prior to execution.

• Provide troubleshooting and problem solving advice during drilling difficulties (stuck pipe, lost circulation, borehole instability, etc.)

• Assist in any accident / incident investigations, as required.

• Provide required assistance for the preparation of any Management of Change (MoC) documents and participate in any required risk assessments.

• Recommend the Cost Saving alternatives considering the risks assessment

• Responsible for the Contracts Management for the Drilling Fluids, Cementing, Solids Control and Wastes Management Contracts and provide technical support for resolution of the outstanding disputes/invoices.

• Review that all relevant Non Productive Time is accurately captured in a high level of detail and any required supporting documentation is delivered and documented in a timely manner.

• Ensure all relevant lessons learned are accurately captured in a high level of detail for implementation on subsequent projects.

• Prepare P&A Program.

Contract holder:

o Manage assigned contracts in such a way that contract terms are always met.

o Ensure all items delivered to the rig are QAQC.

o Follow up material delivery from and to contractor's base in order to minimize the stand by costs.

o Complete daily cost certification.

o Perform monthly cost certification recap and release SES accordingly.

o Work closely with cost controller and ensure service companies are getting paid in due time.

Post Well / Project Close-out Phase:

• Provide the following support at the end of the project:

o Review End of Well Reports submitted by Drilling Fluid Contractors for accuracy, and to ensure that all the information is well detailed, documented correctly.

o Review End of Well Reports by Cementing Contractors for accuracy, and to ensure that all the information is well detailed, documented correctly.

o Any other support requested by the Drilling Team.

• Responsible for the close out of all outstanding field tickets and invoices from the Drilling Fluids, Cementing, Solids Control and Wastes Management Contractors.

• Assist the Drilling Team in conducting all the Service Quality Meetings (SQM's) / Performance Review Meetings (PRM's) and ensure that all relevant technical input are documented and captured correctly and that all relevant lessons learned are covered and addressed in the EOWR.