Company: Ensign Energy Services Inc.
Skills: Driller
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Nisku, Alberta, Canada

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Canada

We are currently looking for experienced Drillers reporting to the Rig Manager to support our business in the area of AB, BC and SK.

  • Has adequate knowledge of Ensign Policies, Occupational Health and Safety regulations and EUB regulations.
  • Has a skill level with the rig and drilling operations sufficient to carry out drilling operations in a workmanlike manner using good drilling practices
  • Accepts and actively participates in the Safety and Loss Control Program
  • Ensures the crew and any contractors on location perform their jobs safely and efficiently and within the regulatory requirements of the industry.
  • Is constantly on the lookout for unsafe conditions or acts.
  • Makes sound and safe decisions in areas not covered by policies or regulations
  • Leads, instructs and trains the crew in the optimum safe performance of their duties and of the proper care and maintenance of the drilling rig and related equipment
  • Observes and corrects crew behavior, maintains crew harmony, volunteers information and work methods
  • Ensures all well condition information, equipment status and instructions from the well site supervisor and Rig manager are passed on clearly and completely on tour turnover.
  • Conducts a walk around inspection of the worksite at the beginning of his shift, makes not of any deficiencies or abnormalities to be dealt with as required.
  • Has the authority to hire and fire crewmembers. Normal disciplinary action is a verbal warning followed by a written warning. Discipline may include demotion, suspension, or dismissal. Serious contraventions of policies or work standards that put the worker, the public, or co-workers at risk are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Is in charge of the Operation of the rig and crew during his tour. He operates the top drive, iron roughneck, pipe arm, mud pumps, and other equipment in conjunction with the Assistant Driller. His duty station is normally the rig floor and doghouse drillers' console, which includes all controls and gauges. By watching the various instruments and gauges closely he can make adjustments, as conditions require, ensuring that operations in the well bore are operating normally. When they are not, he reports the condition to the supervisors and takes corrective action to remedy the problem.
  • Monitors the drill bit signs of failure and alerts the well site supervisor and rig manager
  • Monitors the rig equipment to ensure there is no malfunctions and when problems occur will take appropriate corrective action
  • Ensures crown saver is properly set and all protection devices (guards, lockout, etc) are used and operational
  • Ensures all reports are correctly filled in and complete. This includes the tour report, safety meetings, rig inspections, trip sheets, new hire orientation, job observation and intervention cards, accident investigation cards, accident investigation reports, motor logbooks, monthly safety committee meetings, work permits and JSA creation and editing
  • Assigns the crew tasks and responsibilities based on his evaluation of the knowledge and capabilities of the worker.
  • Must be aware of which employees can do which task unsupervised and which employees are able to supervise and teach certain tasks to new employees.
  • Ensures the crew members have all required tickets
  • Ensures lockouts are used at the appropriate times and identifies job hazards, informs Rig manager and crew
  • Reviews memos and bulleting with crew
  • Runs required drills
  • Maintains rig housekeeping, delegates the responsibility to his crew members on a competent basis
  • Conducts a thorough hand off with crew change and with relief
  • Keep parts inventory stocked
  • Maintains discipline in camp on camp jobs.
  • Be prepared to work on a rotating shift schedule that operates twenty-four hours a day.
  • Be well-coordinated
  • Be able to work safely and quickly, and think ahead to the next procedure.
  • Be in good physical condition (strength and agility are necessary)
  • Enjoy working as a member of a team.
  • Understand that some operations involve work at remote locations involving camps.

Required Certification:

  • Other Accountabilities
    • Business Ethics - Understands fully Ensign's ethics policy and its application in all business dealings including contractual agreements and contract negotiations
    • Business Policies - Understands and agrees to follow all of Ensign's Policy and Directives and procedures as set forth in the Ensign Company Policy and Basic Directives Handbook for Employees
    • Certifications - Maintains technical and safety certifications required by company or government agencies; remains current on all OSHA, EUSD and other required training
    • Drug-free workplace - Conforms to a drug-free workplace, not be under the influence of mind-altering prescription or non-prescription drugs, including alcohol and other drugs of abuse.
    • Occupational Health and Safety - Understands fully the Ensign Health and Safety policy and self-responsibility for own health and safety at work; Demonstrates responsibility to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others through any act or omission
    • Uses the correct protective clothing and equipment as provided by Ensign and guards against misuse or damage to such equipment
    • Reports any hazardous situations arising in the workplace that cannot be self-corrected, or injury incurred during the course of work, no matter how minor
    • Avoids injury resulting from manual handling tasks, by use of risk assessment, correct mechanical handling equipment and correct manual handling techniques


    • $250 Bonus - 5 Day Work
    • $750 Bonus - 30 Days Work (Must be 100% complete orientations to receive payment) Immediate enrollment in dental/medical benefits - Life/Disability is after 500 hours.
    • Enroll in company savings plan after 3 months w/Ensign.
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