Company: Saudi Aramco (ASC)
Skills: Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: PhD/Doctorate
Location: Saudi Arabia

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Aramco occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. We are the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer.

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We are seeking a senior research scientist or engineer, especially in PDC cutter R&D to join the Advanced Drilling Tools (ADT) team in Drilling Technology Division, under the EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC). This is an excellent opportunity to play an integral role in developing game-changing drilling technologies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The candidate should take a strong R&D role in Advanced Drilling Tools domain for the company. The candidate will be working in a very dynamic environment touching every aspect of our business. Bring expertise in PDC cutter R&D, materials, testing or quality (or similar) engineering from a technical or product design and become the vital link that continuously improves our product's performance, durability, and reliability. The candidate should have the responsibilities to provide advanced drilling tools testing methodology and engineering designs experience for our PDC Cutter and related drill bit Research and Development. This role also requires an investigative approach to lab testing designs, UHPHT manufacturing device designs and testing as well as material failures including diamond, carbide, and steel. Conduct seminars, prepare manuals, and train and develop young engineers and technicians in the area of his expertise. Originate novel ideas to address stakeholder challenges leading to the development of intellectual property. Propose improvements to current technologies in portfolio, conduct lab and field trials, analyze results and recommend new or changed procedures and / or facilities required. The candidate should also act as a task force leader to solve major problems in the area of his expertise. Prepare technical papers for international professional societies and technical groups, and represent Saudi Aramco on industry committees or specialized groups as appropriate. Conducts day to day researching of R&D projects within Advanced Drilling Tools domain.

Key Responsibilities

The candidate is expected to be able to perform the following:

Primary duty is to conduct research in to provide next generation drilling tools technologies, especially PDC cutter manufacturing and testing technologies and solutions to the challenges faced by Saudi Aramco D&WO stakeholders. This position the research is related to the focus area of Advanced Drilling Tools.

Originate ideas for new inventions in the field resulting in Saudi Aramco assigned IP.

Specify design criteria and relevant operating parameters for development of new projects within his area of expertise.

Participate in project technical reviews and reviews proposals for new or changed operating procedures on his area of expertise to ensure efficient and economic operations.

Acts as Task Force Leader as assigned to solve special problems in his area of expertise.

Develop a basis for required lab and field testing, analyses of results and recommends new or changed procedures and/or design.

Publishes research findings in high ranking publications including scientific journals.

Recommends, designs and oversees suitable outside investigations to resolve problems which exceed current engineering knowledge in his specialty.

Makes presentations to various Shareholder Technical Meetings, as appropriate.

Conducts seminars, prepares manuals and trains and develops Aramco engineers and technicians in his area of expertise.

Participates in technical societies and technical groups in his area of expertise.

Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the focal area leader to which he reports.

Minimum Requirements

The successful candidate should hold a Ph. D degree in petroleum, mechanical or industrial engineering/science, from recognized universities or colleagues. Strong skills in FEA, welding, grinding, and machining is desirable.

Must have a strong research capability and experience in good diversity that covers such as drilling tools, PDC cutter, rock mechanics, etc. Fewer years of research experience will be looked into if candidate has strong background or experience in PDC cutter sensing (designing and implementing).

Should have a background in drilling engineering related to onshore or offshore drilling, deep gas drilling, smart completion, expandable, down-hole drilling tools, rig equipment, etc.

Should possess outstanding analytical abilities. Problem solving skills related to PDC cutter manufacturing, testing, and failure analysis.

Outstanding technical capabilities as shown by publications (SPE, IADC, OTC, or IPTC, etc.), patents and IPs.

Should have strong commitment to OHSE.

Must have demonstrated ability to communicate ideas clearly to work effectively with others, and to utilize his technical knowledge to achieve practical results.

Working environment

Our high-performing employees are drawn by the challenging and rewarding professional, technical and industrial opportunities we offer, and are remunerated accordingly.

At Aramco, our people work on truly world-scale projects, supported by investment in capital and technology that is second to none. And because, as a global energy company, we are faced with addressing some of the world's biggest technical, logistical and environmental challenges, we invest heavily in talent development.

We have a proud history of educating and training our workforce over many decades. Employees at all levels are encouraged to improve their sector-specific knowledge and competencies through our workforce development programs - one of the largest in the world.