Company: QatarEnergy
Skills: Petrophysicist
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Qatar



Primary Purpose of Job
Plan, supervise, coordinate, and control the collection, analysis and evaluation of petrophysical data for well and reservoir studies in order to generate appropriate field development plans and provide Petrophysical support for QatarEnergy operated offshore fields. As member of IS Field Development interdisciplinary reservoir operation / study teams, participate in reservoir management activities. Principal Accountabilities will include: • Plan, supervise the acquisition of IS field logging operations and analyze/interpret Petrophysical/Formation Evaluation data from new appraisal, development and infill wells. Geo-steer horizontal and highly deviated wells to meet target reservoirs. Provide petrophysical input into integrated reservoir/field development studies for subsurface model building and updating. • Develop Petrophysical model to characterize reservoir fluids for 3D geostatic/reservoir simulation modelling and field development planning, ensuring that Petrophysical uncertainty ranges are captured and understood. • Develop, contribute and integrate Petrophysical/Formation Evaluation inputs into the short term (drill/replacement well projects, workover projects and drilling operations), medium term (reservoir voidage management) and long term (field development and asset value optimisation) activities. • Characterize reservoir fluid type, saturation and distribution for identifying and recommending new/replacement drill and workover subsurface targets for producers/injectors/observers to optimize field development. • Integrate both open and cased hole logs as well as core routine and SCAL data to better characterize the reservoir and fluid properties. • QA/QC Petrophysical data and maintain Petrophysical databases including real time data links.

Minimum of a BSc in Engineering/Geosciences/Applied Physics/Applied Electronics

Experience & Skills
• Prefer 10 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, with at least 6 years • experiences doing Petrophysical studies/operations. Must have a thorough • understanding of open hole (both wire line and LWD), cased hole and production • logging tools. • Experience in carbonate reservoirs. • Experience in statistical and pattern recognition techniques (Neural networks, • fuzzy logic and multidimensional histograms) techniques. • Must have strong teamwork skills. Experience working in a • multicultural environment is a plus. • Must be able to communicate effectively with peers, less experienced staff, field staff, and management • Experience of CCAL and SCAL techniques. • Experience working in integrated asset team environment. • Knowledge of geostatistics and experience assisting geoscientists to build 3D geological and property models (deterministic and stochastic). • Experience of horizontal well technology and geo-steering • Wireline and LWD contracts administration and new tender document preparation and evaluation. • Geoframe and IP software • • Petroworks - Openworks - Zmap+ • • Emeraude • • Techlog • • @Risk/Crystal Ball • • Petrel -RMS