Company: Schlumberger
Skills: IT - Software Development, Research & Development
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Clamart, France

Interpretation Development Engineer Work environment
The Interpretation Development Engineer develops, maintains and tests new or improved interpretation methods, algorithms, workflows and products using a mix of applied mathematics expertise, software expertise and most importantly, petrotechnical expertise. He or she works in close collaboration with the physics development team and contributes to the validation of new measurements, their quality controls and development of answer products using a combined set of petrotechnical and software expertise, while providing support for the corresponding software applications and platforms in development.

The Interpretation department develops Answer Products taking as input Schlumberger well logs (measurements from various physical sensors) and produce as outputs: processed data and information on the sub-surface (geology, petrophysics, well properties...) to help Schlumberger customers (Energy companies) in their decision-making process. Such Answer Products combine physical principles and models with applied maths techniques and are integrated as software products within Techlog or are run as microservices on the web.

In the Interpretation Department, the engineer will participate in the development of Processing and Interpretation answer products as Techlog plugins and/or web services on the Cloud. He or she will participate in construction/coding and testing and validation. He or she will work in close cooperation with domain experts and physicists ; this requires good communication skills within a multidisciplinary scientific and technical environment, mostly in English.

Direct Supervisor: Project manager
Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
- Participate to the scoping of new interpretation products or new measurements and their associated quality controls: contribute in particular to the definition of algorithms, workflows and software requirements. Evaluate feasibility of new or improved interpretation methods, algorithms and products. Participate to the specification of the corresponding software product. Participate in the documentation effort for the corresponding measurements and answer products. Estimate the corresponding development, validation and documentation effort in cooperation with the Project Manager

- Provide a thorough interpretation analysis for new measurements, new interpretation methods; measurements validation in new software implementations.
-Specify, develop, validate and maintain interpretation methods, measurement algorithms, quality controls, workflows and products as per project plan and technical objectives. Build prototypes, products and systems suitable to validate the applicability, robustness and performance of given interpretation methods, measurement algorithms, workflows and products. Participate to the implementation, testing and sustaining of the corresponding commercial software
-Define testing procedures for interpretation methods, measurement algorithms, workflows and products. Develop automatic unit tests for the methods. Carry out tests as per testing procedure and document test results and/or coordinate with others to perform tests.
-Contribute technical content for inclusion in the interpretation product documentation and training material
-Provides advanced methodology and algorithmic support for commercial products and services, in particular as InTouch SME
-Provide timely corrective actions on all assigned defects and issues
-Participate to the creation and timely update of the project documentation as per guidelines
-Investigate and propose new development areas in the Interpretation Engineering domains - for instance new or alternative techniques for data analysis, data visualization or inversion; for instance: use of emerging computer technology, optimization techniques... Identify and keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets
-Participate in the relevant technical reviews and audits of projects
-Share expertise via Eureka and SIGs and expand his/her informal network throughout the organization: field, research, engineering, other domains. May mentor others regarding technical matters
-Learn new skills and adopt new practices in order to develop excellent products that maintain Schlumberger technical leadership position
-Organize internal seminars, participates in industry forums, conferences and associations related to applied mathematics, advanced software and petrotechnical domains. May author/co-author technical reports, papers, articles and presentations. May present solutions to clients
-Contribute to the innovation activities and university relationships of the Technology center. May author/co-author technical reports, patent and trade secret memos
Previous Experience and Competencies:
- MS in Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Engineering or equivalent, with software experience or education.

- Programming languages C, C++, Python, Matlab, Fortran is a plus

- Knowledge of industry development environments and frameworks: Angular, Node.js
- Product development & build process & tools: Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, Google Test, Git, Azure DevOps
- Windows and Linux
- GoogleTest

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.